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Help Natural source for testosterone
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    Jun 2001
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    Natural source for testosterone

    Son in laws number are so low the NP advises him to start a therapy. Cream,shots or pellet injections and he is worried about side effects. He does not take medications of any kind. We are wanting to review natural options.

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    Jul 2001
    "outside the box"
    How old is he? Is he overweight?

    For most males- a keto diet/weight lifting/zinc/short burst, intense aerobic exercise.

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    Yep, zinc, vit D and boron. Also need copper along with zinc.

    But if it's low enough, injections, pellets or cream are a very sound solution.
    Low T is easily corrected.

    Prayers up.
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    Id also have him look into intermittent fasting. youtube has lot of info on it boosting T.

    Also "velvet beans" whch include fava beans, but here is a true velvet bean from africa that is bonkers in T.
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    DH was taking weekly injections and within three weeks he was an angry, raging beast. He continued getting the shots for about 8 weeks, and by that time I was ready to move out. If he continued we'd be divorced by now. He returned to his old self within two weeks of stopping the injections.

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    Is he eating enough fat? All hormones are made from cholesterol. If he is on a vegan/vegetarian/ very low fat diet, he may not have enough fat to make testosterone.

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    OC was on T for awhile. He went off because he didn't see any effects. From my standpoint there were affects it turned him into a petulant teenager with a surly attitude. So yes I was happy when he decided it wasn't for him anymore.
    People are quick to confuse and despise confidence as arrogance but that is common amongst those who have never accomplished anything in their lives and who have always played it safe not willing to risk failure.

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    I have male friends who weight lift on a regular basis and their testosterone is on overdrive. He may want to look into bio identical hormones. They can be either injected (size of a grain of rice) or used as a cream. The dosage can be calculated so it is just right for his chemistry. What side effects is he worried about? Better to be getting a dosage that is calculated specifically for him than to use something "natural" and be guessing.
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