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Prep Genrl Weekly Prep Thread: November 5 ~ 11, 2017
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    Weekly Prep Thread: November 5 ~ 11, 2017

    Good Morning, All!!

    I am well caffeinated this morning, thanks to a 5 year old who thinks turning the clock back was a wonderful idea, and who woke me up by crawling in bed with me at 0430 - carrying an half eaten apple and wanting French toast for breakfast He's already helped Papaw carry out the compost and wash one of those low square pans that are commonly used under washing machines in case of leaks - it had been stored in the shed so was grubby. He's also dug a couple of holes, put out peanuts for the chipmunk and birds, gone through an entire bottle of bubble liquid blowing bubbles, taken a bath r/t having a goodly portion of said bubble liquid all over himself, and is currently wearing his third set of clothing for the day while running maniacally around the living room with two Samurai swords stuck down the back of his shirt, arrows stuck down one leg of his pants, a trident down the other leg, bow in one hand and swinging a mace with the other - all plastic, thank goodness!!

    The 6 year old is busy with Minecraft and the teen just crawled out of bed and is slumped on the couch - thank goodness for balance

    We won our football game yesterday 50-35; it was well worth the 2 hour drive, fog turning to mist, cold/wet bleachers and the damp fanny I ended up with when the wind blew my trash bag away when I was jumping up and down and yelling during our touchdown run on the first play

    I took the 3 kids to WM after the game to pick out their items for the Christmas tree tags through my employer - still need one pair of pjs but will take the little one shopping for those on Monday as he gets out of school early that day.

    I have to have the kids home by 10-10:30 this morning, so if it is not pouring rain by the time I drop them off, I will stop by the store to pick up a few cases of the 4/$1 veggies - I will at least stop by long enough to run in to grab my Sunday paper plus make a stop to scan my card at CVS.

    Guess that means I'd better change out of my pjs

    Take care all; have a blessed week!

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    Luv ya, Renee, but every time I read your weekly prep thread posts, I'm so exhausted I need a nap!!!

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    Dare7, I was flat out on the couch taking a nap right after lunch lol!! Didn't wake up til the storms came through around 2pm

    I snagged a case of canned soup that Hubby likes at the store for $1.50/can and NO coupons - some times ya just have to spoil them fellas a little bit I also picked up one case of the 4/$1 veggies - 6 cans each of cream style and whole kernel corn, which will be used making scalloped corn cassarole. One recipe uses one can of each, and makes enough for a cassarole to bake for supper + lunches, and another to put in the freezer for later, so this purchase is enough to provide one corn cassarole of at least 8 servings per month for a year.

    I didn't go by CVS because I'd snagged Hubby's keys off the table instead of mine and his CVS card is so battered that the machine won't read it! I have to go to town tomorrow for a work thing, so will scan my card then (assuming I find MY keys by then...)

    Saw a friend post on Facebook that they were low on AA batteries so flipped through my ads - Walgreen's has their brand of AA 16 ct 2/$12, CVS has Duracell Coppertop 16 ct or Quantum 12 ct AA for $11.99, and Menard's has Energizer Max 20 ct AA's for $10.99 with a $3 mail in rebate (Menards also has 8 ct C or D, or 4 ct 9V for the sale price/deal) We are probably okay on batteries but could add a few with Christmas coming up, so will probably take advantage of the Menard's deal tomorrow. They also have 24" fake pine wreaths for $6.98 so I will snag 2 to decorate for the cemetery; plus 5 shelf, 36x72x18 resin shelf sets on sale for $22.99 - I have a half dozen like this in my mid term pantry so will pick up a couple more while I am there (I knew that extra 3.6 hours of work I got in by staying late/missing lunches last pay period would come in handy!)

    Other ads that looked interesting:

    Dollar General's Libby's brand canned veggie sale - regular price 80 cents; sale is buy one get one free so 40 cents each. I'll probably try to snag a case or two of French cut green beans as I didn't get as many regular green/wax beans canned this year as I would like. They also have their brand of condensed soup - ad shows chicken noodle and cream of mushroom soup - at 2/$1. Wal-Mart has their brand of cream of mushroom and chicken soups on sale at 2/$1 as well. CVS has continued the buy 4/get $10 ECB Boost deal, with the Boost being on sale buy one get one 50% off - I have the $10 ECB from last week I can use on a deal plus a $6 off $30 purchase scanner coupon, and some $3/1 Boost coupons as well so will run that deal tomorrow. Hubby rotated some of the Boost we have in the pantry by their use-by date, so I will have another half dozen cartons to take to my Uncle later this week, and will put the new cartons in the pantry.

    We needed to rotate out some packaged mixes from the pantry, so supper was a packaged stroganoff mix made with home canned beef/broth; we have leftovers from that but tomorrow I'll either use a packaged cheesy broccoli rice mix, some cream of chicken soup, and home canned chicken to make a cassarole, or add some chicken/smoked sausage to a package of dirty rice mix; that way we'll have stuff to carry in our work lunches on Tuesday and Wednesday. No matter which of those two meals I fix, cornbread will be one of the sides as I have been craving it all day but it was warm and muggy before the rain came so I didn't want to turn on the oven - with the drop in temperature, I'm sure it will be welcome warmth tomorrow!

    Darn, not even 6:30pm and it's pitch dark - and I'm ready to crawl back into bed! Guess I'd better at least go finish up the laundry first - including a full load of towels since I swear that young'un gets more water on the floor than I put in the tub in the first place! -

    Have a great week, all!

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    Join Date
    Apr 2009
    in the bunker
    Ice is flowing in the river. Winter won't be long now. I put fresh 5 weight oil in the atv for the cold season.

    I have been cleaning house and doing honey dos. I cleaned and organized the mud room. The wood stove pipe and ashes are cleaned and removed. I ran the rug cleaner on the carpets, looks good too. The water was black coming out.

    All my guiding business gear is cleaned, serviced and stored. We had record breaking year.

    I am cutting wood as time and weather permits but the rain and mud have slowed that work. It has been a rainy fall.

    Sold several parts from atv parts collection, made almost 300.

    Anyway..keeping busy

    And I got my holiday cards ready to mail ( a big task, former clients and family)

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    Ivan, your posts are so interesting; thanks for sharing with us!

    I did stock up on batteries at Menard's on Monday, but only managed to buy one set of shelves as the rest were on shelving that was out of my reach and I wasn't able to find anyone to help. Also hit CVS to grab 4 - 6pks of Boost for $4 and change out of pocket; received a $10 ECB. While I was at CVS, I worked on another spend $30/get $10 deal with Planter's peanuts in 16 oz cans (exp 2019) but the store only had 6 of the 12 cans I needed.

    I had to work Tue/Wed/Thu so got very little done on those days - between getting up at 0430 and getting off work late every evening, I wasn't up to much more than reading a bit, then dragging myself upstairs to bed after I got home. Why, I haven't even taken a look at the mid-week ads as yet!

    It was 23*F when I got up this morning; had a light frost on Wednesday and a heavier one on Thursday as well. I had to spend this morning at the dentist - and remembered why I hate going up to the city (and it wasn't just because I had to go to the dentist ) Stopped to visit with a friend on the way home; then did some required reading for work in between doing a couple of loads of laundry and getting the bird feeders cleaned up and filled. The tag came off the bird feed bag as I opened it; when I picked it up, I glanced at it and again resolved to keep at least one bag ahead of the birds through the winter - there are grains in the bird feed bag that could be planted to provide food for humans in an emergency situation - milo, wheat, millet, sorghum, sunflower, corn.... And looking at the areas under my bird feeders, I will tell you - Yes, they will sprout!!

    Tomorrow is the quarterfinal game for our football team - it's a 2+ hour drive each way to the game, but at least they've taken the rain out of the forecast and upped the temp a bit - so I am grateful for that! I will stop at CVS and pick up the rest of the Planter's peanuts needed to complete the deal I started either on the way to or from the game - between the 6 stores on my 100 mile plus route to/from the game, I should be able to get the 6 cans I need! I will take granddaughter out to supper on the way home from the game as the rest of the family is going to the theater while we are at the game. Then it will be back to work on Sunday...

    I'm hoping that the predicted temperature rise for tomorrow and the next few days isn't our 'Indian Summer' for the year; if so, it's a pretty late one. We've had very few of those stinky Asian ladybugs come in the house so far this fall, and I don't want warm (high 40's/low 50's) to bring the blasted things back out!

    Off to see if the water I carried in from the outside tank has warmed up enough to use to water the house plants...

    Take care all; have a safe and blessed weekend!


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