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USA Secessionism is not just for states any more
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    Secessionism is not just for states any more

    Wednesday, August 9, 2017
    Secessionism is not just for states any more

    By Donald Sensing
    What is secessionism at its basic level? It is the withdrawal from the greater community to form a community of difference. It is the fragmentation of a larger society into smaller ones.

    We think of secessionist movements as political: The South's secession from the Union in 1861, California's active secession movement today. But secession has been going on in this country for many years now, social and linguistic, academic and financial, rather than boundaries-concerned political. And it is accelerating like this:

    There is a friend of mine who is liberal, but I always chalked up as a sort of moderate lefty. We could talk about politics, and disagree on most everything, but drink beers and bullshit anyway. No rancor. We both acknowledged that we were trying to solve the same problems in different ways. Mostly, I could understand him, and he could understand me.

    But now, I feel like I can’t reach him anymore. He’s drifted off too far. Oh, he mouths the same words as before. But they are empty. Like he doesn’t really believe them anymore. And I’ve come to realize it is the same for me.

    We don’t live in the same country, the same culture. I like him still, but he is a foreigner to me, now. I may as well be talking to someone from Norway or France. His issues aren’t my issues, his world isn’t my world. We’ve nothing left in common. When I talk to him, it’s just going through the motions, now. I see on his wall how much he hates Trump and thinks his supporters are racists and such. He won’t say as much to me, of course, but… it’s there. And we both know that.

    It is difficult to explain, but for me this is a major turning point. I used to be able to reach the other side. Oh, it was rare that I would change their minds. But they would listen, and nod, and understand. We could communicate. Make sense to one another.

    And we can’t anymore. It’s not even the same language.

    I have experienced the same thing. As a full-time ordained minister of The United Methodist Church I have many friends and acquaintances on both the left and the right. I will say that we use the same words but not with the same meaning. An examples: "justice," clearly a concern of the ancient prophets of the Jewish Scriptures. To the Left, justice always means redistribution of wealth by taking from the wealthy, by force if necessary, to give to the poor. That is, "justice" is fundamentally financial/economic in nature with force of law to define what it is and with (ill-defined) outcomes that must be achieved.

    To the Right, justice is process and moral far more than outcomes and legal. Justice is not equality of outcomes, but equality of possibilities. The Right does not claim that justice can be perfectly achieved because human beings are not perfectible in this life. But justice can be structured so that all people enjoy the same opportunities as others, just that we cannot reach 100 percent level because of human fallibility, human ignorance and human sin. The Left demands that 100 percent be reached and that all human deficiencies can be overcome or at least suppressed provided the correct laws and requirements are in place.

    To the Left, justice is the enforced regulation of private lives by government mandate for economic, racial, gender and ethnic equality. To the Right, justice is the moral commitment of the people to honesty, fairness, equal standing before the law, equal enjoyment of rights with as little government mandatum as necessary. To the Right, justice is a moral commitment and goal, to the Left justice is an economic policy of law.

    So those of us on the religious Right and Left simply can't have a conversation that makes sense. We are not using the terms the same way to mean the same thing. Of course, my left-wing friends will insist that I have not described their vocabulary or concepts accurately. But I insist I do. And that is just another manifestation of the reason we are both seceding from one another rapidly. We do not share a common culture or common understanding of concepts and there almost always seems to be no point*in trying to converse with one another.

    Bill Whittle also gets to this point. Watch the whole thing.
    Published on Jul 24, 2017 R/T 06:57
    In his latest FIREWALL, Bill Whittle talks about the cruelties and consequences of a world where nothing matters except HOW YOU FEEL.

    After the Civil War, America was able to put the pieces back together because there was enough of a common culture of common ideals, aspirations and values to make it work, even though it often worked poorly. I think that commonality is gone now. Halting the ultimate dissolution of an American nation that can be called the Union is not possible any more.


    Supporter Of California Secession Movement: ‘Our Values Are Different’ Than The United States.

    “This is California. We’re not the United States. Our values are different,” said Shankar Singram, vice president of the California Freedom Coalition. “We’re fundamentally different in how we act and speak and think about the world globally. Whether it has to do with war, the climate, the environment. We’re just a different state.”

    There is no “right” and “wrong” there; there is only “good” and “evil:”

    The problem with Identity Liberalism is not that it seeks to create workplaces that are fair to men and women both, and to people of all races, and so forth. We all want that, or ought to. The problem is only partly that it’s criteria for judging the fairness of a workplace are contradictory and unfair, as Dr. Miller points out above. The core of the problem is that identity liberalism construes disagreement as heresy, and viciously punishes heretics.

    And from earlier this month here at SoE: Goodbye to all that - "How Left Idiocies Drove Me to Flee," a short series of former Leftists explaining why they ran away from it.

    By Donald Sensing
    Categories: Culture, Leftism, Secessionism, United States
    The wonder of our time isnt how angry we are at politics and politicians; its how little weve done about it. - Fran Porretto

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    US will collapse and break up, Russian analyst predicts

    By Tom Leonard in New York Nov 25, 2008

    The United States will collapse under the burden of its financial crisis and fracture into six parts, a Russian political analyst has predicted.

    Igor Panarin, a professor at the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian foreign affairs ministry, said the economic turmoil in the US had confirmed his long-held belief that the country was heading for extinction in its present form.

    In an interview with the Russian newspaper Izvestia, he outlined how the US would divide along ethnic and cultural lines.

    They are: the Pacific coast with its growing Chinese population; the increasingly Hispanic South; independence-minded Texas; the Atlantic Coast; a central state with a large Native American population; and the northern states where he maintains Canadian influence is strong.

    Alaska could be claimed by Russia, he said, claiming that the region was "only granted on lease, after all".

    He said the country's break-up would be accelerated by rising unemployment and Americans losing their savings.

    "The dollar isn't secured by anything. The country's foreign debt has grown like an avalanche; this is a pyramid, which has to collapse," said Prof Panarin.

    Public dissatisfaction was growing and was held back only by the election and the hope that Barack Obama "can work miracles", he said. "But when spring comes, it will be clear that there are no miracles."

    Prof Panarin, who has written several books about "information warfare", also forecast that America would no longer be "the world's financial regulator", instead replaced by China and Russia.

    Globalist, or communist when you strip away their facade, have been working for the destruction of America for decades. America is the only country that has been effectively resisting their goal of a global government and a one world economy.

    They have many traitors entrenched in the U.S. Government but they have so far failed to win the minds of the people. We can see their efforts all around us but they were handed a huge setback when Donald Trump was elected President.

    Now, the globalists are trying to overthrow the elected President by subversion and the country by civil disobedience.

    America only will survive this crisis only if true patriots rise up and together with Christians humble themselves and get on their knees and ask God to deliver our country from the evil that threatens to destroy this nation.


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