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FOOD Vacuum sealing hard cheeses
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    Vacuum sealing hard cheeses

    Has anyone used this method?

    Were you using processed cheesed from the local supermarket?

    Can it be done using processed cheese from a supermarket?

    Some places I have read that it lasts 1 year if refrigerated?

    Anything you can add to the process, other that when opening the package it needs 2-3 hours in the air.


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    I don't have time to look for links right now, but cheese dipped in wax can last 25 years. That's how some of the Amish families stored it. It was cheaper than vac sealing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meemur View Post
    I don't have time to look for links right now, but cheese dipped in wax can last 25 years. That's how some of the Amish families stored it. It was cheaper than vac sealing.
    You have to turn it every so often, I've never waxed cheese but I was looking at doing it.

    I do vacuum seal cheese, and I've froze it but some cheese thaws and becomes crumbles. I've had some vacuum sealed cheese for a long time in the fridge with no mold but I can't testify it was a full year or more.

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    I have vacuum sealed our farm made Cheddar in 4 pound rounds. After three years there was occasionally some mold around the edges but after cleaning with a cloth dipped in vinegar, the cheese was absolutely fine. We stored it in a cheese cave at an average temperature of 39 degrees F.
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    I vacuum seal and freeze cheddar cheese from Sam's. I package it in thick slices. When it thaws it usually crumbles but crumbled or shredded is how I use it, so not a problem for me.

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    I buy large blocks of (good) cheddar, cut it into smaller pieces and vacuum seal it. I have kept it over a year and when I opened it the cheese had aged to perfection and was delicious.

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    We usually get Tillamook 2 pound blocks. If unopened, we've had them last over 1 yr in the fridge, without doing anything extra to them but I wipe the plastic off with white vinegar after purchasing, before putting in fridge.
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    I've cut the Tillamook 2lb blocks in half and vac sealed half, good after a month or so, but that's as long as I've stored them before needing them. Vac sealed the big wedges of Manchego from Costco after cutting in half, again they're good for a month or so. You can freeze some cheeses like bries and they thaw just fine, look like you just brought them home. We buy bunches when there's a good sale, probably got 4lbs in the freezer now.

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    Don't forget to buy the. CHeaper. Fresher MILD cheddar because the longer you refrigerate (age) it, the SHARPER the. CHesse becomes!!

    You can also wrap cheeses in a piece of clean cloth soaked in coloidal silver and then wrung out so it is just damp and then Ziplock that wrapped cheese and refrigerate it.
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    ahh don't be LIGHT WEIGHTS dear friends . . . cheese vac sealed and stored properly lasts YEARS and YEARS. we have a fridge in the canning kitchen - the two produce drawers are reserved JUST for aging cheese. that cheese is reserved for special occasions, people and friends and enjoyed with good wine homemade bread and other goodies. opened a few blocks last week for some people who came to visit from Italy: white and yellow cheddar - dated 12.12 - 4.5 yrs old EXCELLENT; what's left of 2 blocks of pecorino and parmesan that Raggedyann brought back from Italy dated 10.08 - 9 + yrs old (at the time it was first sealed) and INCREDIBLY good, but the real prize - a small piece of sharp provolone from Rulli Bros in Youngstown, Ohio - dated 10.06 - 10.5 yrs old and the last of that batch left. next time we'll have to settle for provolone that's only dated 2010.

    haven't had cheese mold in vac sealed pkgs - worst that happens is that it may loose a little water or oil and become HARDER and DRYER (i.e. 'flaky") but it is wonderful if you are a sharp cheese freak like we are.

    when the package of cheese is opened we cut what we are going to consume at that time - reseal it in the SAME vac bag and re date the smaller package maintaining the ORIGINAL date it was purchased and initially sealed.

    so sharp cheese freaks - try REALLY aging your cheese - you'll love it
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    I have done the waxing..cheese is real good after a couple of can buy the sheets of cheese wax...well worth the investment..I still have some left over and will be doing more cheese...

    At one time it was floating around to use wide mouth canning jars and can cheese...I did this and after a couple of years the cheese went really dry..

    The wax if the power went down would be your best bet..not that much of a cost about the same as vacuum sealing, except you don't have to refrigerate it
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    ive vac sealed then froze cheese for years. works pretty good.
    i agree tho that when it comes to cheddar, get the mild or med cause it does get sharper as it ages. i do alot of mozzarella, parm and cheddar. i usually use it up by 2yrs or so. i just cut it in chunks, vac seal it, date and toss in freezer. the parm i stocked up on a couple yrs back and am still using the older ones up. no problem with them at all. the cheddar and mozz gets crumbly after a year or so but stiull melts good and tastes good..
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    The Ultimate Guide to Waxing Cheese...
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    Quote Originally Posted by energy_wave View Post
    The Ultimate Guide to Waxing Cheese...
    Fantastic site thanks.
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    For short term storage, wrap in aluminium foil, it won't mold in the fridge.
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    Biggest thing I remember on the sharp cheddar was that freezing it would mean it usually crumbled once you thawed it out.

    As mentioned already, not that big a deal depending on how you plan to use it.

    I can't keep cheese around long enough to worry about storing it long term.
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