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GOV/MIL The UniParty Congressional Swamp’s Meaningless Political FBI/NSA Hearing…
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    2 The UniParty Congressional Swamp’s Meaningless Political FBI/NSA Hearing…

    Fair use.

    The UniParty Congressional Swamp’s Meaningless Political FBI/NSA Hearing…

    Posted on March 20, 2017 by sundance

    The Congressional Intelligence Committee hearing today was everything we anticipated it would be. Which is to say it was: insufferable political posturing, pandering and circular parseltongue swirling the drain of non-intellectual gobbledygook.

    These types of congressional hearings are perfect feed pellets for media pundits to blather endlessly, wax philosophically, and engage in long-winded academic esoteric analyses contrasting the implied meanings of stop signs. However, they are ridiculous for all other purposes.

    That said, against the backdrop of the espoused intention, and with full acceptance of the historic UniParty Benghazi hearings driven intentionally into the pit of nothingness, prayerfully I’m not the only person who noted that not a single congressional panelist asked Director James Comey or NSA Mike Rogers if they personally were the person who unmasked the identity of General Mike Flynn in the “intelligence intercepts”.

    Yes, that’s correct. There is only ONE KNOWN Factual and CRIMINAL activity currently identified: the unmasking and leaking of Mike Flynn’s name to the media.

    Yet not a single congressional intelligence committee member would ask Rogers or Comey -under oath- if they were the source of: A) “The Unmasking”, and/or B) “The Leaking”.

    Stop for a moment and think about that glaring an intentional non inquiry against the expressed intention of the purpose of the committee.



    The Deep State doesn’t exist they say. Skynet is not self-aware they say. Malware is only harmful if the Russians have it they say. Pay no attention to the embed data code on your gadgets…

    FBI Director Comey states his organization is “investigating”. Fair enough, however – not a single congresscritter asked HIM if he’s the source of the unmasking or leaks.

    How can a congressional committee conduct an investigation if they don’t know if the primary witness, the lead investigator, is the source of the leaks?

    ♦ Wouldn’t the very first step, the actual basis of the foundation for the investigation itself, be to ensure the person conducting the investigation did not participate in the illegality of the conduct being investigated?


    Avoid the shiny things.

    Why wouldn’t congress ask this simple question?

    Admiral Mike Rogers answers that approximately 10-20 people within his NSA organization had the potential to unmask and/or leak to the media. Fair enough.

    Wouldn’t the first question as follow-up be to ask Admiral Mike Rogers if he is one of those numbered possibilities?

    ♦ Wouldn’t the second follow-up question, in an authentic inquiry, be to ask Mike Rogers if he is one of the possibilities with access to that information, then was he actually the person who unmasked or leaked?

    If both Mike Rogers and James Comey admit they are in charge of two of the possible source organizations for activity that is expressly admitted to have engaged in illegal behavior,… then what affirmative confidence has either person expressed to congress to ensure the inquiring body that they personally were not the originating source?


    There is NO PEA in this shell game of distraction. Pay no attention to the google van driving down your neighborhood taking pictures. It has emoji faces and stuff… and they won’t give that stuff to the NSA types. Promise. Swear.

    Now, oh yeah… the shiny things:

    YOUTUBE: Comey: Obama Political Appointees Had Ability To “Unmask” American Citizens
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    Wouldn’t the first question as follow-up be to ask Admiral Mike Rogers if he is one of those numbered possibilities?

    No, the first follow-up question would be, "Do you know who leaked the information?"


    Once again - the purpose of Congressional hearings is to COVER UP information, not reveal it.
    The wonder of our time isn’t how angry we are at politics and politicians; it’s how little we’ve done about it. - Fran Porretto

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    See, this hearing looks real serious to the sheeple out there. What a sham and should have never happened.
    Under a Texas starry night sky sat a cowboy, a Muslim and an Indian. The Indian said, “Once we were
    many. But now we are few.” The Muslim grinned and said, “Once we were few. But now we are many!” The Texas cowboy spat into the fire and said, “That's cuz we ain't played cowboys and moslems yet!”

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    All the real traitors were in one place, why didn't someone just bomb the joint and be done with it?
    Rusty in NC
    Don't tread on me!
    sic semper evello mortem tyrannis
    Wickr tiger133

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    CYA in the FUSA ON A MONDAY....

    Fix was in for the turds with D & R behind their names....

    Comey to the rescue and Rogers to a lesser degree. Remember Sessions defines what is criminal and not Comey....

    Good news is they were rattled and scared enough by Trump to put on this display and backpedal big time their Russia Trump narrative, though pride did not allow them to abandon it altogether.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dozdoats View Post
    Wouldn’t the first question as follow-up be to ask Admiral Mike Rogers if he is one of those numbered possibilities?

    No, the first follow-up question would be, "Do you know who leaked the information?"


    Once again - the purpose of Congressional hearings is to COVER UP information, not reveal it.
    "Adversity makes you stronger. Don't give in. Don't back down. And never stop doing what you know is right."

    - President Donald J. Trump, US Coast Guard Academy commencement address, May 17 2017

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    Timeline of Hillary accusations against Trump.
    RT if you think that this lying woman must be jailed together with Obama.

    shōu xìnyòngkă ma?

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    It's the UNIPARTY show!

    With your hosts: Rowdy Poody (Paul Ryan) and Shuckie Doomer (Chuck Shumer)

    This disgraceful display is brought to you by governmental lobbyists and high-dollar governmental donors.

    Annnnnnd on the tightrope walk is our guest James Comey- whose performances in talking out of both sides of his mouth are legendary.

    Special guest stars are the embarrassing "representatives" of the American Corporation of America.

    The humiliatingly operatic crap show will be covered by the microphone-waving networks of Disinformation and Uniparty Propaganda (DUPs)

    Joe and Jane America not welcome. Nor are they represented.

    Thank you for watching and we'll see you next performance - um, important hearings.
    “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't—you're right.” ― Henry Ford

    “The whole secret of a successful life is to find out what is one's destiny to do, and then do it.” ― Henry Ford


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