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Story A Day Late and a Dollar Short
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    A Day Late and a Dollar Short

    A new one one hope you enjoy. Set in the Twos Clan world from a different perspective. Comments are appreciated!

    The call from his old friend had come as a complete shock to, Jeremiah James Stokley better known to his friends and foes as Double J. The call had come from one of his best friends from the softball world, the biggest man he had ever known Blake Gilreath. Blake had called to tell him that their mutual friend Twos had told him to tell the group “Time to go to Work”. That in itself was enough to make a man sick on his stomach.

    Blake had said, that they were heading to the lease along with Phil, Woods and himself. Blake also said, “Bring your brother in crime Jeff “Been There Done That” Saunders. You should leave Mississippi right now, as the roads might be check pointed or closed altogether soon.”

    Double J swallowed hard and said, “We can't leave till tomorrow. Final punch list, check off on this project we have been working on in Picayune, MS for the last two years. We have bonuses due to us after the sign off of over a quarter million for me and one hundred thousand for Jeff. Does he think it is really that bad?”

    Blake had said, “Well, Twos is in the hospital right now in surgery from the gunshot wounds from the Muslim Terrorist that tried to attack the high school where Ruth and the kids go. Twos went so far as to send his wife away to get loaded up on groceries and stuff and Woods is gone to get ammo and guns. I am waiting on her right now at the checkout line. So yes, I would say he thinks it is serious.”

    Jeff just said, “Wow,” after hearing the long explanation of why they were looking on Craig's list and all the local add papers for any pistols and or revolvers for sale.

    Double J had got caught up in a deal where some of the people who worked for him on a government contract had stolen the Cooper out of a building to be demolished under his contract. Double J being the Program Manager of the Contract was charged as an accessory to the crime. Some bad information from his Lawyer and a District Attorney at the Federal level ended up giving him three years of probation on a Misdemeanor charge.

    Double J hadn't fought the charge because his Lawyer had advised him that if he paid the restitution and pled No Contest he would get a suspended sentence of six months. The American Legal system had just gotten another conviction of white collar crime that was being pushed by the Obungo administration. The Federal judge had handed down the maximum sentence and fine to Double J and the guys who had done the actual crime got the suspended sentence and skated the crime.

    Because of his good standing in the community he had been given a great Probation Officer who recommended him for the most lenient type of Probation and all Double J needed to do was fill out a report on line once a month. The bad part was part of his sentence disallowed him to have firearm of any type. It had been almost three years and he would be through in late October less than a month's time. Double J told Jeff, “It is better to be judged by twelve than carried by six, so we are going to buy us some weapons if possible. I have the money but I am not able to pass the background check at this time, twenty-two more days and I would have been able, just not today.”

    The pair got in Double J's Ford F-550 Super Duty 4X4 four door with the ambulance / camper body. The truck was highly customized by him and his friend Blake. A new 7.3L turbo charged engine with an air cooler and Scat back exhausts and a nice BullyDawg chip for starters. The Dually tires had been replaced by twelve-inch singles on twenties. On their way to Wal-Mart Jeff scanned the papers and found a listing for a Taurus Model 99 in nine-millimeter and asked Double J about the pistol as he wasn't familiar with the weapon and had heard bad things about Taurus's in general.

    Double J answered, “That model is a very good pistol. It is the adjustable sights version of the Model 92. Which is the same pistol as the Beretta 92 that our government uses for regular soldiers. It is even made on Beretta machinery at an old Beretta plant in Brazil. What do they want for it?”

    Jeff answered, “Three hundred dollars with two extra Taurus magazines and a case. They also will throw in a Kydex holster. It says home made on the holster.”

    “Does it have a number to call? If it does see if we can meet them this afternoon or tonight. Tell them we have the cash,” said Double J.

    They were pulling into the madhouse that was the local Wally World when Jeff got the owner of the pistol on the phone who agreed to meet them at a local hamburger joint at six thirty tonight. Jeff said, “We will be the inconspicuous one in the big Army green Ford F-550,” and hung up as they got out of the truck and walked with the masses into the madhouse that was a Wal-Mart earlier that day.

    As Double J started through the front entrance door to Wal-Mart at the Pharmacy side of the building, he was almost run over by two guys pushing a cart being followed by one of the store managers hollering stop. As the two would be thieves continued into the parking lot Double J looked at his best friend and said, “I guess old Twos had it figured out before anyone else, like usual. We got the information only a couple of hours ago and this place is already a madhouse. let's get in and see if there is anything left on the shelves that may help us get home besides a weapon. You go to sporting goods and get started on buying us a rifle or two of some sort. I will grab a cart and follow in behind and hopefully we can get some freeze-dried food hopefully Mountain House that stuff is pretty good.”

    Grabbing a cart Double J headed towards the back of the building where he knew he would find the sporting goods aisle and hopefully some lightweight and filling Mountain House meals. Rushing with his friend towards the back in his peripheral vision he was noticing the odd and chaotic behavior of the people trying to get the things to get them through this crisis. The behavior could only be described one of two ways in his mind. The ways were Animalistic or Primal. Either way a wrong move could be a bad day or worse. As he entered the sporting goods area he was glad to see his friend Jeff at the counter talking with a young lady. Maybe they would get lucky and he continued his way towards the camping section of sporting goods.

    Jeff talking with the Assistant Manager over the Sporting Goods department found out they were limiting sales of long guns to one per customer and they had to pay cash. The decision was, did they go with the Savage Model 11 with the 26-inch heavy barrel in 300 Win Mag caliber or the Remington Model 700 SPS 20-inch barrel in .308 caliber. Double J he thought had told him to get a twenty-six-inch barrel if possible so the Savage it would be he told the Lady and five boxes of 165 grain ballistic tip bullets. He would also need a high-quality sling and bullet cuff for the buttstock. He politely told the lady he didn't need a scope. He would purchase one at the Optics store across from the mall.

    As the lady was ringing up the rifle and accessories Double J had hit the jackpot. He found the double serving portions of Beef Stew, Beef Stroganoff with noodles, Chicken and Dumplings for the main meal. Double J picked up all they had on the shelf eighteen portions of Beef Stew his favorite, twenty-three portions of Beef Stroganoff, and twenty-seven of Chicken and Dumplings. Breakfast portions he was able to get thirty-two of his least favorite Granola with milk and blueberries, seventeen Biscuits and gravy and thirty-six of a mixed variety of Breakfast skillets.
    Last but not least he picketed up two dozen Apple Crisp double serving desert packs. For an extra bonus, he picked up six of the ER Emergency Ration 3600 calorie bars. Double J also picked up a couple of Sil-nylon tarps and two pretty good minus twenty degrees sleeping bags in the double person size, along with two 3L- Camel-bak bladders and some eating spork like doodads by CRKT and a couple of sleep pads. His buggy overflowing, he went to find Jeff after throwing some strike anywhere matches and a hand full of Strike Force Firestarter’s in the buggy on his way out of the area.

    Thirty-five minutes later the duo was headed for Academy Sports and the Optic store near the mall for some more shopping in the big Ford truck. Pulling up to the Optics Plus store they went inside and Double J went right to the Store manager and said, “I need a Bushnell Elite 6500 in 2.5 X 16 50mm, an EOTech HHS-II Holographic Sight II w/EXPS2-2 Red Dot, a FLIR Systems Scout III 640 thermal Night Vision, the FLIR Systems 640X480 Riflescope, and a couple pairs of Vortex Razor HD 12X50 Roof Prism Binoculars and hurry.”

    The Store Manager with a great big smile on his face said, “You guys must be going on Safari. I will have this order together in just a few minutes, will that be cash, or credit?”

    Double J said, “American Express never leave home without it. One might need to do some shopping.”

    About ten minutes later after making sure they had the correct chargeable batteries and a pair of rollup solar charging systems, Double J and Jeff were rolling across and down the street to Academy Sports. Double J already had plenty of camping gear stored in his truck but he wanted some more freeze-dried food, a couple of pairs of Carhartt pants and another rifle if they could get one. This time maybe an AR pistol and an extra collapsible stock for his other rifle.

    As Double J grabbed a cart and went to the camping section he grabbed about a dozen of the small propane tanks and two large ones for the truck and cooking. he picked up the pants in his regular size of 38X32 he had been getting 40X32 lately but he figured he was about to be more active on a major scale. The big man also threw a dozen new pair of Thorlo socks and some Under Armor 9-inch legged jockey shorts for him and Jeff in the cart as he headed towards the food section.

    Arriving at the counter and standing two deep the length of the counter in patrons looking for weapons, Jeff decide to just take a chance and ease to the front of what looked like the line to fill out the paperwork. Jeff had gotten the name of what looked like the laziest sales person on the staff off of his name tag. Jeff walked up and said, “The heavy-set person over there name of Jimmy I think told me to come over here and get my paperwork filled out. A Form 4473 I think he told me, not sure,” and kinda pointed in the guy’s general direction.

    The Manager already about ready to fire one Jimmy for doing one person to the others three said, “What type of gun, rifle or pistol, there Slick, and we will get you fixed up shortly,” in a south Mississippi accent that was thick as ticks on a hound’s belly?

    Jeff replied, “One of those SIG PMCX PSB with the 11.5-inch barrels and the Stabilizing Brace. One of those Gas piston rifle types. I think they are classified as other weapons not a pistol and not a rifle.”

    The Manger replied, “I think we only have one of those left and not any other 5.56mm weapons except the Ruger Mini-14 and one of those polymer framed jobs that nobody usually wants and we put on sale every year on Black Thursday as a loss leader.”

    Jeff said, “Yeah partner, I know what you mean. While you get it from the back I am going to pick up a few magazines, a single point sling, some ammo, and could you get me the throw lever mounts for an EOTech halo sight.”

    The manager chalking up another big sale said, “Will do, but we are out of ammunition on the floor in 5.56mm except for by the half or whole case when you buy a weapon. We only have the 62 grain PMX X-Tac full metal jacket high dollar stuff left, everybody made a run on the Wolf and cheap stuff earlier today. What will it be half case?”

    Jeff said, “Give me the whole case never know when I might be able to get some more and could you hurry. I am afraid that they might put on a curfew or something heard someone say something about Obungo was going to speak at 6:00 pm tonight.”

    As the Manager went back towards the stock room looking for that last AR type weapon they had in stock and the ammunition, Jeff took off to find a dozen or better PMAGS and a sling and a collapsible stock to slide onto the weapon once the world got as weird as Blake and Twos thought it was going to over the next few days.

    A little while later as Double J started the truck after they put their hauls in the back. He asked his friend what he was able to get and with great pride, Jeff said, “The last AR type rifle they had. It was a SIG 11.5-inch barreled gas piston shorty with stabilizing brace on it and folding stock and a thousand rounds of that M855 you wanted.”

    Double J let out a wolf whistle and fist bumped his friend saying, “You are the man, I bow in your presence. That went even better than we thought, did you manage to get us a suppressor without a permit too.”

    “No but I did get us the throw lever mounts for the EOTech sight we bought at the Optic place and a bunch of magazines and a battle belt that was on sale for each of us and some pouches to hang on it for magazines and other stuff. What about you, did you get any good stuff” said Jeff with a big smile on his face baiting his friend.
    Double J replied, “As a matter of fact I did, my friend. I was able to find us two of those Condor double bit hatchets we like so much with the long handles… Wait for it I also picked us up two of those cool CRKT Hissatsu blades. They were even on sale so I got the high dollar ones. Yeah, I see you drooling already. Now where is that place, we need to meet the guy with the Taurus. I hope he brought something else for us to buy. The great thing is I haven't spent a penny of my cash yet. So even if he wants to act a fool we ought to be able to get at least the Taurus 99.”

    Riding towards the local Hamburger joint that they were supposed to meet the guy with the pistol, Double J said, “Do you want to get something at the place or get something somewhere else?”

    Jeff replied, “Friend, you know me I am always up for a good greasy double chilly Cheeseburger or two, fries, onion rings and maybe a Milk shake if they have them.”

    Double J just shook his head and thought, if I ate half as much as Jeff I would be the size of a refrigerator or maybe a cow. Jeff ate like a horse or really more like a cow, lots and often. His weight though was constant at 6' 4” and a skinny two hundred and twenty-five pounds of muscle was a real mystery to most who knew him. Four plates of food at a buffet and then dessert was not uncommon. Double J was always about one hot dog away from being bad over weight. Always a large man that was strong as an Ox and in great shape. Double J always was kinda on the verge of being just chubby and had to try and eat right and watch the sweets completely.

    Double J said, “Yeah, we might as well splurge if Twos and Blake are correct might be a long time before we get a big juicy burger and fries. I think I will have me a double chilly burger with mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato and onion. Might as well get the whole effect. Maybe even one of those Milk Shakes you were talking about.”

    Pulling into the parking lot just about two minutes before the time to meet the guy with the pistol. Jeff said, “Look there is the white Ford Escort with the red fender just as he described the piece of crap,” and pointed to the car that was setting just a few parking places from the front door right where it was in view of anyone in the restaurant.

    Double J pulled the big Ford Diesel up a couple of parking places down from the Escort and wished he had of let Jeff load a couple of the magazines and placed one in the SIG like he wanted too. No guts no glory he thought and shut down the big 7.3 L Diesel and got out pocketing his keys and checking to make sure his trusty CRKT M-21 was in his right back pocket as it had been for years. He motioned for Jeff to follow and they walked towards the automobile where hopefully the Taurus was waiting for them to take ownership.

    As they walked up to the Ford three of the four doors opened and two guys and a gal got out of the car like it was on fire. Just as Double J was about to holler for Jeff to run the Lady said, “Are you the guys about the pistol. If so we brought two more they were my Fathers and I just inherited them a couple of days ago and I am afraid of guns. We also really need the money to buy groceries and pay the rent. They are in the trunk along with the bullets.” Finished talking she motioned for the driver to come around and open the trunk. He walked around and opened the trunk and the Lady just pointed at them like they were snakes or something that would bite you.

    The driver said, “They are not loaded, my friend came over and checked them for us. He told me they were worth about five hundred dollars for all of them. According to Google it should be more I think. The only one I could get a real price on was the Taurus at about three hundred dollars for the works, including the 9mm ammunition. There is like four hundred bullets.”

    Double J and Jeff looked into the back of the trunk while trying to keep an eye on the three weapons dealers / paupers. He turned to the Lady and said, “May I pick them up and look at the three weapons laying in the trunk?” She nodded her head as if afraid to speak and the Driver answered, “Yeah, just don't load them.”

    Jeff picked up what he thought was a Smith & Wesson M10-5 revolver from the early 1960's. On closer review, it was a M10-6 as it said on the barrel. the original grips had been replaced with some Pachmayr grips. The weapon looked like it had been a weapon that a Policeman had carried. The revolver had a little wear on the cylinder and a touch on the barrel. The bore was pristine and the cylinders the same. Checking the lockup and the trigger it was smooth as glass and tight. There were two speed loaders and a cross draw leather holster and a couple dozen loose rounds of plus P ammunition.

    While Jeff was looking at the Smith, Double J tore apart the Taurus and it was in good shape and had been cleaned since it was last fired. There were a few fingerprints on the gun from the handling by the new owners he was sure. Double J wiped off the finger prints and he laid the weapon back down on the case and picked up what he thought was a Browning Hi-Power. The weapon on further review was a Hungarian FEG P35 clone of the Browning Hi-Power with one extra magazine. The gun was in pretty good shape but definitely had been shot more than the Taurus and carried a lot more due to the noticeable wear on the slide.

    Double J stood up and looked at his friend who nodded at him imperceptible to anyone but old friends and turned to the eagerly awaiting trio and said, “I will give you ten one-hundred-dollar bills for the lot, all in and I will not negotiate anymore.”

    “The offer is fare and with it comes this information, use the money to buy food, water and some heavy winter clothes and boots. Also, it wouldn't hurt to buy some type of device to cook on like a small charcoal or propane grill. Bad times are coming and they will be here in no longer than two days. You need to get to the grocery store tonight if possible. Also, fill up your car with gas tonight. Do not wait. Do we have a deal?”

    In lieu of an answer the woman ran and jumped into the big fellow who had just been an answer to her prayers arms saying, “Thank you and God bless you. Thank you.”

    Double J put the Lady down gently and handed her the ten, one hundred-dollar bills and then counted off four more and said, “Do what I told ya. That information is worth more than the money and don't tell a soul about the food or share with anyone. We have to go, but first can we buy the three of you, supper,” as he started picking up the gun cases that held the three weapons.

    The lady said, “No you are right we need to get to the Food Lion and the QT right now and get started. Thank the two of you again. My name is Paula and you will be in my Prayers,” as the tears began to flow full force down her cheeks.

    The trio got back into the Escort as Jeff and Double J put the weapons into the big F-550 Ford truck. Jeff said, “I saw you add the extra one hundred-dollar bills. Are you going soft on me in your old age?” As he loaded the M10 Smith with six of the plus P 38 Special rounds and tucked the revolver into his Carhartt inner jacket pocket.

    Double J laughed at his partner and said, “No, as a matter of fact. I would have given them the whole wad for the three weapons and ammunition. I don't think from what we saw it will be worth much by this time tomorrow. We are going by the QT ourselves on the way back to the Hampton Inn and fill up the truck and the extra fuel tank tonight. Probably need to get a couple of gallons of oil and transmission fluid, maybe some brake fluid and some antifreeze while we are there.”

    Jeff said, “I believe you are probably correct and you can have both of the pistols. I am much better with a revolver and I will have the SIG anyway. That gives me a lot more firepower than the Savage bolt action.”

    The two friends went inside the burger joint and enjoyed a great greasy super and fellowship after Double J slipped the Yaqui slide holster for the FEG onto his belt. Choosing to place the FEG Hi-Power clone in the holster with the lone extra magazine in his coat pocket. Jeff did manage to eat almost all of the two double Chilly Cheeseburgers and the Strawberry shake, with fries and onion rings he had ordered. The waitress thought he was ordering for someone else and didn't question the order till she came around to refill their tea glasses the second time and Jeff was eating the second burger. The waitress in amazement exclaimed, “Oh my goodness, it never occurred to me that you were ordering two doubles for yourself.”

    Jeff just smiled wiped the grease from his lips with his napkin winked at the nice waitress and said, “Ma’am, I am growing boy got to keep up on my feed. Might have to dance a little later and will need my strength.”

    The waitress started to walk off and turned back to the table and wrote her name number on the ticket with a million-dollar smile and said, “I dance pretty good myself, so if you need a partner for the dance give me a call growing boy.”

    Jeff wolfed down the rest of his food threw three twenties on the table and said, “It's time to go my friend. I think my big mouth has written a check my little butt can't cash.”

    With that statement he was gone out the door of the greasy spoon before Double J could even process the rapidly given information. As he was about to get up he picked at the bill and looked to make sure Jeff had covered the bill and gave the lady a nice tip, he had as usual. Lying the bill back down on the table he pulled a few more dollars out of his pocket and laid them on the twenties.

    As he was doing that the waitress walked up and said, “Please tell your friend, I didn't mean to run him off. The two of you just seemed like a little better clientele than normally comes in this joint and a girl has to take a chance every once in a while. Maybe she gets lucky and finds herself a man that will be good to her and work for a living.”

    Double J politely answered, “Tommie, you definitely picked a good one in my friend Jeff. You writing that number on the bill probably took five years off his life expectancy though. Tammie things are about to get really bad around this country. I hope you have a family or somewhere you can go and stay with friends. Pulling out his billfold Double J gave her three one hundred-dollar bills and continued, use that to get you some groceries and get in your car fill it up with fuel and go to that place with friends and keep your head down for a few weeks then take a look and see.”

    Looking like she was going to cry, Tommie said, “No family. I was an only child and my parents were killed in a car accident the end of my Senior year in high school. I have been on me on ever since. I work so much to keep my little house up and groceries on the table that I don't really have any friends, except Joe the cook in the back. Joe has a wife and kids he barely keeps fed and lives in an apartment that is like this place on the wrong side of the tracks.”

    Double J made a decision and he hoped Jeff wouldn't shoot him over the results of that decision. Double J pulled out one of his business cards and said, “If you need a place to run. Jeff and I will be finishing up our business by ten o'clock in the morning at the address on the back of my card. We are heading back to South Carolina to a safe place with good friends. I am not trying to abduct you but if you want to come pack light and plenty of underwear and warm clothes and boots, hiking or work type not dancing boots. If not, Ms. Tommie I wish you the best and it has been a real honor to meet such a fine Lady as yourself.”

    Standing and tipping his Fedora Double J headed for the door and his truck where he found Jeff standing with his hands in his pockets, his head down, mumbling and working on a good mad at his large friend.

    Double J knowing it was going to be a long ride and maybe even longer night just walked around to his side of the truck unlocked the doors with his key and got in, starting the big truck after letting the glow plugs warm for a few seconds. Putting the big truck in reverse and looking in the mirror to back out of the parking place, Double J was interrupted by Jeff. Jeff in a voice that was about one notch from a holler said, “What were you talking to Tommie about?”

    Double J couldn't help himself, “So Tommie, huh. Interesting, very interesting my friend. I have but one question before your tirade continues how do you know that our waitresses name is Tommie? I will give you a minute to form your answer.”

    Double J had to look away from his friend to keep from showing his face. He continued backing the big truck out of the parking place to keep from busting out laughing at his friend who looked like his head may explode at any second.

    Finally, as Double J pulled out of the restaurant parking lot and merged into traffic heading back towards the Hampton Inn, Jeff spoke, “Well for your information big and dumb it was on her nametag on her blouse. It was there for anyone who was paying attention to see. Being the observant person, I am, I noticed and read the tag. End of story.”

    Still trying not to laugh at his friend, Double J said, “I see,” it was a phrase he used when he wanted to get a rise out of his friend. Double J knew it would wind Jeff up tighter than a Swiss watch. It was a game that Double J loved to play with his high-strung friend. He always wondered if one-day Jeff was just going to completely lose it and beat him to death or something.

    Jeff asked, “You see, what. Why do you always say that? It means and says nothing. I have no idea why anyone would choose those words to answer someone's perfectly good explanation of the facts. What do you have to say now?”

    In as much of a monotone as he could get from his voice, Double J said, “Very interesting that you try to change the subject, to me, instead of Tommie our waitress. What does that mean, I ask?” and continued to head towards the hotel enjoying the game to no end and wondering how much longer he could keep up the charade and torment of his best friend.

    Thirty minutes later the duo was back in their adjoining suites at the Hampton Inn and Tommie was leaving the restaurant after talking with the Cook and on her way home. She was in turmoil and wanted to get home and check the news and Internet to see if what the big man had told her was even possible much less happening at this moment. She did stop on her way home at the QT and fill her Honda CRV all-wheel drive with gasoline.

    The gasoline had been a little over two dollars a gallon that morning when she passed the station. The same station it was now three and a quarter and she could only get twenty gallons and the payment terms were cash only and pay inside before you pump. She was lucky on two counts her car was great on gas and only needed about ten gallons and the big man had given her a large amount of cash, more than she usually made in a week on tips.

    Pulling out of the station after filling up she saw a truck push another vehicle away from the pump with his bumper and thought maybe it is going to get weird, like he told me. Heading home as fast as the speed limit allowed, Tommie saw lots of Police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances zooming here and there and thought there must be a big wreck somewhere.

    At the Hampton Inn Double J was mounting the Bushnell scope onto his Savage 111 Long Range Hunter with a 26-inch heavy barrel and an HS Precision stock. Jeff had gotten really lucky getting this particular Model it was the exact one he would have wanted the only addition he would have made was to have the detachable box magazine installed.

    Well, he thought if I have to shoot this thing more than three times in a row we are in trouble anyway. Double J continued his care of the rifle setting the scope and bore sighting the system. It would have to do. He had cleaned and lubed the rifle before mounting the scope. Adding the sling and the buttstock ammo keeper he completed the last step, loading the three rounds of 300 Win Mag 165 grain ballistic tips into the weapon.

    Setting the safety on the action he lay the weapon on the couch near the bed. Then he went through each of the pistols cleaning them and checking them for any possible problems by reassembling and dry firing the weapons. The procedure was completed after he loaded all his magazines and mounted the two weapons to the combat belt that Jeff had purchased. To the belt he added a few pouches and one of his favorite blades a Condor Hudson Bay that he had replaced the wood scales with a blue jean and canvas Micarta and re-profiled the blade at the end a little. He had made a custom Kydex sheathe for the customized Hudson Bay adding a place for a fire starter and outside pocket that held a Leatherman MUT Military EOD Stainless Steel Multi-Tool. The tool with a Black Oxide Coating and Molle Brown Sheath + 42 Piece Bit Kit + Black Bit Extender + Mut Multi-Tool Wrench and a Cold Steel Bird and Game 7.25-inch knife.

    After placing all of the pouches and magazines for his pistols on the combat belt he tried it on and adjusted it to his specs for comfortable and snug wear and closed his eyes and felt for the location of each of his pouches. He memorized what was in the pouch and where each piece was located. Across the way from Double J his best friend Jeff Saunders was doing the same thing to the SIG and his Smith M-10-6.
    Jeff had finally realized that his big friend was messing with him so he punched him in the upper arm hard enough to bruise but not hard enough to make the big guy mad and said, “After all these years you would think I would catch on to your silliness. You get me every time,” and the friends had a good laugh with Double J heading to his room and keeping the Tommie conversation to his self-till morning. The pair had agreed to meet at the breakfast buffet at 0800 hours and be ready to check out after eating and head over to the job site and final inspection and check off.

    At 0600 as he had done for years Double J rolled out of bed did a few stretches brushed his teeth, showered and got dressed. Double J put on his daily workout clothes a pair Nike Compression shorts and a pair of Dri-fit pants by Russell a dri-fit tee shirt and a Russell 3XL sweatshirt he had cut the sleeves out of and the neck to give him room to work. He then grabbed his room key and headed for the gym to get in a quick forty-five minutes of weights and fifteen minutes on the stationary bike or the tread mill whichever one his knees and back felt the most able to stand. Exactly an hour and five minutes later he was back in his room and pulling off his sweat soaked clothes throwing them in his laundry bag and getting in the hot shower, again.

    A few hours later after a large breakfast, checking out of a hotel that the duo had spent the better part of sixteen months and a drive to the job site. The pair had met with the Project Manager and Engineer of the client and had gotten signed off on the punch list as completed and ready for acceptance and payment.

    The owner of the company that Double J and Jeff was there and true to his word. The owner had brought their payments for the completed Project one that had come in three weeks ahead of schedule and sixteen percent below the cost that had been put in the bid. The owner brought each of them a box with the appropriate amount of Gold and Silver coins, they had agreed and the rest would be deposited into their bank accounts. Each man also had a surprise that there were two extra Gold one-ounce Eagles in the box and a bundle of one hundred one hundred-dollar bills as a Thank you for a job well done. The owner wanted to take them to lunch as he had flown in and didn't have to fly out till after seven o'clock that night.

    Double J said, “Boss we will have to take a rain check. Seems the world is going to crap and we want to get home before it completely falls apart. You might go and see if you can get an earlier flight yourself. Home would be a better place to be than on the road I think.”

    As they parted ways Double J looked at his Seiko Kinetic and it was about one minute after ten o'clock and said, “I am going to hit the Port-o-let and we will be out of here, my friend South Carolina bound. As fast as that Ford Diesel will go,” and turned and headed towards the john.

    A few short minutes later he came out hoping that Ms. Tommie would have shown. No dice. Double J said, “Let's ride my friend, we have elsewhere to be,” and they got in the big Ford and headed towards home with Double J hoping for the best for the waitress named Tommie.

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    Great start; looking forward to more - please and thank-you

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    I agree with Renee! You've got me hooked!

    Now, continue with MOAR!!

    Thanks for another great one!
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    Ok, ya got me already...Next?

    Thank you.
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    Thank you for another story.

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    Hope you're going to continue with this story!
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    I've read these elsewhere but it is joy to read them again here!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimbopithecus View Post
    I've read these elsewhere but it is joy to read them again here!
    Yes, my work was on the board that shall not be named, this one however has not been completed as of yet. Really glad you have enjoyed the work and thanks for reading!!

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    A Day late and a Dollar Short - Chapter 2

    A pre-weekend meal for the MOAR Hounds hope you enjoy!

    The big Ford truck eased onto Canal Street like it owned the road heading towards Interstate-59. The duo had decided to head north up I-59 to Highway 45 both had decided that the Interstate might be trouble especially in Hattiesburg and Meridian and the back roads would only add a few miles to the trip. As they began to go under the Interstate to take the north ramp a Honda CRV came flying by and cut them off at the entrance to the on ramp. Double J was about to send the careless driver the universal highway salute to stupidity the middle finger, when the Honda stopped in front of them on the entrance ramp and Jeff said, “I think that is Tommie from the restaurant last night. Don't run over her car.”

    As Jeff was speaking Tommie jumped out of her Honda waving at the big Ford truck and running back to the two somewhat stupefied dudes in the F-550. Running to the driver's side of the truck as Double J hit the down switch on the power windows. Sticking her head in the window after jumping up on the step, she said, “Double J, sorry I am late my car didn't want to cooperate this morning and then my nosey neighbor wanted to know why I was packing my car and where I was going. I am going to pull over to the side of the road and bring my stuff. Jeff can you help me I have two big duffel bags of clothes and stuff,”

    Jeff jumped out of the passenger door of the truck and the pair raced to her Honda CRV where she jumped in and pulled the car all the way to the side of the pavement with the passenger tires in the grass. Popping the latch on the back door she motioned and hollered, “Jeff the bags are in the back.”

    Tommie put the car in park and set the parking break out of habit. She jumped out grabbing her large black purse that resembled a Maxexpedition Monsoon Gearslinger only in a dark charcoal and ran around to the back to grab one of the duffel bags with her stuff. When she arrived all that was left to do was close the hatch and head towards the massive Ford truck.

    Jeff had grabbed each one of the hundred-pound bags, one in each hand and took off to the truck at a fast walk. He sat on down and opened the back-passenger door and threw in the first bag followed by the second. By the time he chunked the second bag in the back-seat Tommie had arrived and jumped into the back seat and pushed the two heavy bags out of her way.

    Jeff said, “You're welcome. What are you doing here?” As he shut the back door and jumped back in the front passenger seat of the idling truck.

    To avoid any problems Double J hit the accelerator on the big truck not even having put the gear shift in neutral just pushing in the clutch and holding the breaks the whole time. Double J said, “Jeff before you stick your foot in your mouth and say something stupid. I invited her last night. It was evident she needed a hand and you were to blind or stubborn to see the chemistry between you two.”

    As they merged onto the Interstate, traffic was thick as molasses in the winter. The pedestrians were moving at much less than the posted seventy miles per hour speed limit probably more like fifty-six or seven. Double J thought, like usual Twos and Blake were right we should have left yesterday when we heard the call of ‘Time to Go to Work’. Nothing ever changes most of my life I have been ‘A Day Late and A Dollar Short’ as he drove in silence. Jeff had yet to respond and Tommie was digging through her belongings looking for something. As she had been since she got in the truck and closed the door.

    After about twenty minutes of digging in her duffle bags Tommie finally said, “Got it,” holding up her laptop computer charging cord. Double J had to laugh and in doing so his best friends mad had broken at the pure absurdity of it all.

    The two of them were running home to fend off the end of the world as they knew it and Tommie was worrying about a computer charger. She probably needed to get on Face Book or Twitter or some form of social media. The two of them together were relics neither had any Social media accounts of any kind and they both had flip phones and didn't even text, except on rare occasions to answer the Boss.

    They were both fluent on many types of Computer software's. Anything that made their jobs and projects run much easier. Despite the fact they didn't believe in Social media they did use daily their Computers and the Internet to make their work efficient. Double J was a true Microsoft Word, Program Manager and Excel spread sheet guru and used them daily to track, expedite and create his work.

    Tommie finally said, “I am trying to get us some maps made. I heard on the radio that the bombs that the Swords of Allah had promised to set off at 0900 hours this morning actually went off all over the country. I guess that is why we have so much traffic people trying to get out of big cities like New Orleans.”

    Double J held up a well-worn copy of the full states of America Michelin Road atlas and dog-eared copies of Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and the Carolinas road maps. “Little Lady we are old and I guess old school as we do everything by map like we have for the better part of the last twenty-five years together. When we first started running the roads chasing the remediation and construction business there wasn't any GPS or Internet for that matter to tell you how to get to places just these tools and an internal compass, backed up by a real one,” said Double J with Jeff nodding his agreement to everything his best friend had spoken.

    Jeff added, “By the way check your Computer because we are taking the Highway 45 exit. It is about ten more miles up the road and hopefully that will help us on the time and get us out of this traffic, probably the traffic will be on that road too. We have to try, if the nukes did go off people are going to get weird very quickly.”

    “We have what we call get home bags with food and stuff in them. We didn't even bring our regular bags, we boxed them up and sent them home Fed Ex. We have been doing it for years. If you have some more earth colored and hiking or camping out clothing and footwear you might want to change into the other stuff just in case somebody decides they want this big truck more than us. We may have to abandon this rig in a bad situation. Those red jeans and white sweater are a very nice look for you, complements your complexion. The problem with this ensemble is someone could see them a mile away in the woods.”

    As Jeff was making his speech the traffic was beginning to noticeably slow. They were still steadily moving forward only now instead of fifty-five miles per hour, Double J noticed he was down to the low forties, maybe forty-two if they were lucky. Not three more miles down the road they were doing thirty miles an hour.

    The trio finally saw the sign for Poplarville and Lucedale Highway 26 off ramp. Double J's Seiko told him it had taken almost forty minutes to make the twenty miles from Picayune to the exit. Double J started making some calculations and what was an almost twelve-hour trip home was now twenty-four and they had probably added an hour at least taking the back roads so maybe thirty hours to home.

    As they took the turn for the exit and Lucedale it was evident that they weren't the only ones who could read a map. The good news thought Double J was that they were almost back up to the speed limit of fifty-five miles per hour maybe forty-five. The fifteen miles to Wiggins were uneventful at best and as they came upon the City Limits the local policeman were stopping each car and checking them out somewhat, no one seemed to be being pulled to the side so Double J and Jeff decided to go through their first check point of what would be many.

    As they pulled up to the two officers one on either side both with Remington 870 Police riot guns in their hands, Double J hit the electric window and said, “How can I help you officer, just trying to get home to South Carolina. Been doing that big Mall development over in Picayune for the last year or so and we finally finished. Is there a problem?” with a great sincerity and a big smile.

    The officer returned the smile at the southern charm of Double J and said, “Well, my wife will be glad to hear that. I know she can't wait. Yeah, we have had a lot of problems with Terrorist attacking towns, schools and hospitals all over the country this morning. You haven't heard, they also set off a bunch of suitcase Nuclear devices in a bunch of major cities including a couple in DC and New York City.”

    “Oh my,” said Double J, “that is awful. Officer do you know anything about Birmingham and Atlanta they are both right along our travel route?” asked Double J honestly wanting to know the intelligence on the cities.

    Jeff chirped in yeah, “Officer that is horrible. Is there anything else you can tell us that might help us get home, in one piece?”

    “Yeah, take Highway 45 out of Lucedale North and then don't go anywhere near Meridian as the Mooslimes are wrecking that place right now. The Governor has tried to call out the National Guard but they have been slow in response and not many are showing up. You can cut east and North on Highway 84 in Waynesboro and it will take you to the Interstate over in Alabama. Interstate 20 is supposed to be good to Tuscaloosa or maybe passed there. Now get on out of here and keep your powder dry,” said the Officer having seen the FEG laying in the side pocket of the driver's door, but never feeling threatened by his fellow good ole boys.

    As they pulled through the check point Tommie asked, “What are we going to do? It seems that what I heard was true. Will the radiation get us from those Nuclear bombs? Will we have Nuclear winter, like those old guys, what were their names Rather and Shaffer or something like that told us about on Sixty Minutes?” All said at the speed of light, without a breath.

    Jeff said, “No they were suitcase Nuclear devices, probably fairly clean on nuclear isotopes and small in payloads. Not even as big as the ones in World War II. So Nuclear winter is a definite no and isotope poisoning probably not. Double J and I both have some Iodine pills to protect our Thyroids if needed we will be glad to share. I carry a NUKALERT keychain and so does Double J all the time and neither has chirped so we are good for now.”

    Tommie looked eat the two guys like they were growing third eyes, and said, “How do you two know so much about this type of thing or you like from the government or something? Also, quite frankly am I safe with you. Are you two killers for the government or some kind of serial killers or what? I saw you get those guns from those people in the parking lot. I saw spies do that on a movie one time. I think it was like a Jason Bourne movie and his guy brought him weapons and had them in the trunk of his car.”

    Double J and Jeff both had a good laugh at her expense and finally Double J said, “We know a lot about this because we have studied and tried to prepare for this possible scenario and many others. We are what is called a Prepper, sometimes confused with the term Survivalists. Two totally different sets of people type’s and parameters. We did buy a couple of pistols and a revolver from those people and paid them a more than fair price with a tip much like I gave you last night and the same advice on what to do with the money. I did not offer them a ride to what might be safety. I think it will be a long time before anybody is really safe in America or anywhere else in the world for a long time.”

    Jeff said, “Yeah, if we had of been smart we would have left yesterday after getting our supplies like our friend told us to do. We had to be wise guys and get our money for the project before we left. If we had of left yesterday, we would be at the Lease by now and as safe as one could get in these times. The joke is on us for being greedy, I am afraid.”

    Double J said, “Hey it looks like we got a wreck up in front of us. Might ought to be ready. It may just be the time that someone thinks they need this truck more than us.”

    Looking back over his shoulder into the back seat he continued, “Do you have a weapon Tommie and if you don't do you know how to use one?” As he began to slow the big truck to a crawl and get ready to maneuver if needed.

    She shook her head no, to answer both questions saying, “I have only shot a rifle once a long time ago at Girl Scout Camp. I was pretty good though I hit the target every time. Some girls never hit the target once during the whole time. We may have gotten to shoot the rifle twenty times I guess.”

    Jeff said, “We will take that as a no,” and smiled at their fair lady.

    Reaching down into his boot he pulled out a Bond derringer in .357 caliber that he kept loaded with .38 Special semi jacketed hollow points. Handing her the hand full of derringer he said, “When and if the time comes just point at their belly and pull the trigger. The weapon will do the rest; it is only good out to about ten feet. Please, choose your target wisely.” She nodded her head in agreement as he handed her the leather holster for the piece and pointed to the belt loop on the back.

    As the big truck pulled up to the very recent three car wreckages, well in all reality it was a small car, minivan and a Chevrolet 1500 Silverado. Jeff looking at the tangle of metal asked, “What happened here? Did the idiot in that Mazda RX-8 try to squeeze itself past that truck and in front of the oncoming minivan. If they did what were they thinking?”

    Double J somberly replied, “I think they had ‘The Little Train That Could’, attitude. I think I can, I think I can and they couldn't. Being afraid makes people do stupid stuff,”

    Turning to the back seat and looking straight into Tommie's eyes, Double J asked, “Can you drive a stick? If you can, get up here and get ready to follow my instructions. I am going to use the winch to try and remove some of this mess from each other. I might need you to help and before you ask Jeff is going to be covering our very exposed rear ends.”

    Double J and Jeff got out of the truck and Tommie crawled through the console area and got in the driver seat and moved the seat up all the way to the front. She then barely could depress the clutch all the way, reach the accelerator pedal and brakes. As she adjusted the seat and got ready to drive, Double J walked towards the smashed and tangled vehicles after removing a five-and-a-half-foot demolition bar from his side panel on the bed of his truck.

    The perfect instrument for opening jammed doors. As Double J had been getting his universal door opener as he liked to call the big bar, Jeff had walked to the front and set the big Warn Zeon 12 Platinum winch clutch to free spooling with the remote he had removed from the door pocket. Walking around to the front he grabbed the hook and started following his big friend towards the mess while still holding the SIG and watching their six.

    Double J disregarded the Mazda that was now a hood ornament for the minivan and went straight to the Silverado 1500 truck. It stood the best chance of anyone surviving the crash. When he got to the truck and looking in it was evident that the driver had not been wearing a seat belt. The big dude was to say the least, mangled and had body parts heading in directions that were physically impossible under regular circumstances. Double J then returned to the van, hand signaling for his friend that the driver was dead and for his friend to hook the cable to the truck.

    After walking to the minivan, he took the bar and pried open the front driver’s door with the big bar, so he could get to the lady driver who was still breathing and obviously bleeding from the head and face. As he reached in to check on the woman her eyes opened and she said, “Thank you, Lord for sending your Angel. Check on my babies in the back, please.”

    Double J said, “Be right back,” and went to the other side of the van as he could get to the driver side back door due to the 1500 front end that was stuck into the side. Jerking open the door of the minivan it was evident that the child seat on that side was buried under the side panels of the van and the truck front end. The baby nearest him was well and grinning at him a beautiful sight.

    As he started to remove the toddler from its car seat, he was startled as a woman reached for the child, startling him. Double J said, “You should be in the truck, Tommie.”

    The large cowboy dressed Lady said, “I don't know any Tommie's but this dog runs with the big dogs and doesn't lay on the porch, fine sir.”

    Turning to get a better look, Double J replied, “Begging the ladies pardon, Ma'am no offense meant, I thought you were someone else.”

    “Cowboy, we are good now get over there and get that lady out. I think it is all superficial except for the broken hands from the airbag, so be gentle, her name is Wanda,” said the Cowgirl and smiled at Double J a brilliant smile.

    Very confused Double J said, “Whose name is Wanda?”

    “The lady driving this van and this little tub of lard is Jacob. That was his twin Ruth,” the Cowgirl said with a touch of real sadness in her voice. “We go to Church together over in Benndale. I have no idea why she was coming this way she lives on the other side of town from here,” replied the Cowgirl whose name was Jessica and she owned a cattle ranch in the area Double J would find out a little later.

    Jeff hooked up the Silverado and was ready to snatch it out of the minivan as soon as Double J removed the hurt lady. Jeff went back to the truck and removed a couple of the Swiss Army wool blankets that Double J kept in an outside compartment on the truck. They were stored in vacuum sealed bags to minimize the space they required and keep them fresh and clean.

    Double J finally got the Wanda's seatbelt undone by cutting it with his pocket knife. The Lady was a little dazed and looked a mess but like the Cowgirl had said, her injuries were minor except for the hands that were broken and slightly burnt from the airbag. As he got her out Jeff and the cowgirl who was holding the toddler Jacob and had his car seat setting beside her were there to help him with Wanda.

    Jessica said, “Don't lay her down get her to my truck. There won't be any ambulance service way out here with the Terrorist attacking everywhere. Heck, it's hard to get them out here on a rainy night, during normal times. Put her in the backseat of my truck and as soon as we get this mess passable I will take them to Lucedale to the George Regional Medical Center only one close.”

    Continuing she said, “I will call my husband on the CB, he is a county Sheriff and he will come deal with the bodies and all, so you fine people can be on your way. If you will just get a path through this mess for traffic.”

    Thirty minutes or so later of hard back breaking labor that required Double J to pull out his demo saw, got the cars apart and pulled to the side of the road. Jessica had left ten minutes earlier carrying the toddler and his Mother to the hospital. Sure, to her word Jessica's husband the Sheriff showed up just as they were about to load up and leave the scene.

    The backed-up traffic was again flowing and after saying his and the counties thanks the bald headed by choice Sheriff Sergeant stepped out and stopped the traffic and let the big F-550 Ford Diesel be on its way with Double J back under the wheel. Looking at his watch and wondering why he was hungry Double J noted the time as almost 1500 hours and they had yet to make fifty miles in five plus hours. Time to re-evaluate their travel plans yet again.

    Double J said, “I think we better plan on getting some fuel at Lucedale and maybe something to eat if anything is open.”

    Jeff said, “Sounds like a plan. How about you Tommie?”

    Tommie said, “I have been looking at this Atlas thing and I think we should go ahead and take Highway 56 out of Stateline instead of Highway 45 and go ahead and get into Alabama and then take Highway 43 North towards Birmingham. They are the same type roads only looks like less towns on Highway 43. As to your question, yes and maybe a Wal-Mart or somewhere so I can buy some food I still have my money. Did you know that I tried one of my own banks ATM's and it wouldn't work this morning?”

    Jeff said, “A sporting goods or camping place might be better. A lot more options and better quality than Wal-Mart.”

    Tommie said, “Yeah, I understand but there is nothing like that in Lucedale or at least nothing that shows up on an Internet search. There is a Wal-Mart and it is right on our way.”

    Thirty minutes later the trio was pulling into the Wal-Mart parking lot. Double J said, “Same as before I will take Tommie to the camping section and you stop at the guns and ammo counter. I know we need some 9mm and 38 specials. A Ruger 10/22 with a scope and a brick of 22 LR would be sweet, probably a pipe dream. Never hurts to ask and see. We might get lucky.”

    Jeff said, “Looks like that Burger King is open. We will stop there on our way out and get some Whoppers and fries for the ride.”

    Parking deep in the parking lot the Wal-Mart it was evident that things were different today than most days. Walking up to the front they were pointed towards a double line by what appeared to be newly deputized police officers with a couple of regulars leading the way. Getting in line one of the new guys, since he didn't have a uniform just a badge came up and said, “You guys ain't from around here are you.”
    Slick talking negotiator Double J stepped to the young man and replied, “You are quite astute, my friend. I can see why the local Police Chief would want a man such as yourself on his augmented staff. Have you been having trouble with the Mosslime Terrorist here in the fine town of Lucedale, sir?”

    Not knowing what to say and a little flustered he went to his bully routine, “No sir, we ain't and I am of a mind to show you how we treat your kind here in Lucedale.”
    As he raised the butt of his Winchester 30- 30 deer rifle to butt stroke Double J, one of the regulars ran up saying, “Hold on now JimBob, we can work this out without any violence. Now you go on over to the tent and get you some coffee. I will handle this situation myself. Thanks for being diligent.”

    “How can I be of help to you people this afternoon? Sorry for JimBob, he is nephew of the Police Chief and a little over zealous some times,” said the Officer, as if he had used the line about JimBobs actions before.

    Double J said, “Just wanting to pick up some food, possibly a few clothing items and a rifle and ammunition for these hard times if possible. To help us make it home to South Carolina. We are the ones who helped with the wreck back some ways and rescued the boy and his mother from the minivan,” hoping it had come over the radio to these guys.

    “Well by all means. We will get you fine folks to the head of the line. Only problem is, do you have cash. The store is not taking cards that is the reason for the problem. I guess the government stopped all payments on the EBT cards this morning sometime and the locals have not taken it well,” said the Lucedale Officer.
    Jeff pulled out a few hundred dollars in cash and so did Tommie. This satisfied the Officer and he escorted them into the Wal-Mart ahead of about sixty people or so explaining that they were the ones who helped Wanda and Jacob out of the wreck down the road. This explanation seemed to settle down the people waiting in line to the intrusion and the trio walked into the store lead by the Officer.

    Double J grabbed a cart and handed one to Jeff and said, “Officer thanks, I know you have plenty to do. We thank you for your help. We can take it from here,” reaching out to shake the man's hand in a show of appreciation.

    Arriving at the camping goods section, the only freeze-dried food they found were three of the three-day SOS ration bars and two double serving packs of beef and macaroni that evidently someone had dropped. They were able to find Tommie a Wal-Mart brand lightweight backpack that looked pretty good. The contents were a CRKT eating tool, a sil-nylon tarp, a stainless-steel cup and a three-piece frying and plate and cover, along with some strike anywhere matches and a fire steel. They picked up a 30-degree sleeping bag in dark blue only one that didn’t have action figures, and a closed cell foam mat for sleeping.

    Double J said, “Follow me and stay close we have to get you some other stuff.”
    The duo raced to the bed linen where he looked for a wool blanket, finally finding an 80 % wool and microfiber blend he grabbed two and they headed for the grocery department. As they passed the Ziploc bags he grabbed a couple of large boxes of the one-gallon size freezer bags. Rushing up and down the aisles of the store that had been picked pretty bare. Double J threw in five large pouches of Salman and another half-dozen of tuna, packed in oil.

    He picked up a large container of peanut butter and a couple of boxes of Ritz crackers he saw. The last thing on his mind was rice and beans and when he passed them, Tommie asked, “How about these?”

    Pointing to some dried Lima Beans and a few packs of mixed dried beans and two five-pound bags of black beans that people had missed or didn't want. He just nodded his head and started throwing them all into the cart. They manage to get two five-pound bags of brown rice, a two-pound bag of jasmine rice and three two-pound bags of white rice and some Wesson Oil to add to their haul as they headed towards the front of the building.

    As they passed the electronics section Double J swerved into the section and said, “Look for some walkie talkies.” They were able to find some two-meter ham radios a base station for the truck and four handhelds, they grabbed them all with all the supporting gear they could find and headed back to sporting goods to find Jeff.
    Thirty minutes later they were filling up the truck with Diesel from the Wal-Mart station and getting ready to head towards Burger King and some needed food. Jeff had not been as lucky this time all he was able to get were two boxes of .38 specials wadcutters and two boxes of 115 grain 9mm +P cartridges and had to pay premium prices for the bottom line .38 specials and over premium for the nines. Double J and Tommie did better with a good haul on the food and Tommie though about getting a couple of big bottled of ham, chicken and beef bouillon cubes and a big canister of onion salt and another of garlic powder.

    Pulling up to the drive through Double J said, “I want six double whoppers hold the ketchup and extra tomato, no we do not want cheese, four large fries, so four are large combos so we want four large sweet teas and two apple pies. Hold one, I have another order,” he turned and asked, “Tommie what can we get you?”

    Tommie said, “I thought you were ordering for me. I want a double whopper with cheese, hold the ketchup and a large fry and tea.”

    Double J said, “Add two more double whoppers add cheese hold the ketchup and two large fries and two large ice teas and an apple pie.”

    Continued on next page

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    A Day late and a Dollar Short - Chapter 2 Segment 2

    Chapter 2 - continued

    The lady inside the Burger king said, “You want six double whoppers, no cheese, hold the ketchup add tomato, and two double whoppers with cheese hold the ketchup. Six large fries and six large ice teas and three apple pies will that be all. Your total is $48.71 please drive around to the window.”

    Jeff said, “She got it right. I got, ten dollars versus a dog turd, the order it ain't right in the bag, any takers. I didn't think so.”

    Double J said, “That was fools bet with less than three to one odds then maybe,” and the two old friends had a good laugh at the expense of fast food workers all over the world.

    Double J pulled out a fifty-dollar bill as they drove up behind the only other car in the food line and waited their turn to pick up a late lunch or early supper.
    About an hour later the trio was passing a turn off to the right that the sign said, Leakeville Highway 63. Tommie asked, “About how far have we made it today. It will be getting dark soon, are we going to drive through the night or what?”

    Double J said, “That was a run on question, I think Ms. Tommie. To answer maybe sixty-five to seventy-five miles. We did however rescue a lady and stop for shopping, fuel, potty and lunch. I think we need to get to somewhere around Miltri, Alabama.”
    “I would really like to get somewhere near the Butler area another fifty miles if our luck holds and we can make thirty to forty miles per hour before we call it a night. That is about one hundred or so more miles. My guess is there will be road blocks and stuff by in the morning. We will sleep in and get a start after trying to get some information off the Internet or local radio. Maybe even these hams that we got at Wal-Mart.”

    Jeff and Tommie agreed to push on and Jeff agreed to drive if Double J got tired and needed to take a break from behind the wheel. The trio ate as they drove and were making small talk some hour or so later when they started to pass Yawn Avenue in Chatom, Alabama they heard their first sounds of violence.

    Off to their left was a big gang of people maybe twenty in the Dollar General store parking lot and it looked like they were trying to break into the store. The owners of the Dollar General were not agreeable to these methods. The owners were defending their property with the use of deadly force or so it seemed as they drove on down the road. As they drove passed someone in the general direction of the melee took a shot at the big Ford Diesel as witnessed by the round sparking the hood of the truck as it made contact and flew on harmlessly across the road.

    Jeff exclaimed, “Did you see that?”

    The big Ford Diesel’s turbo began to spool up and whistle and the exhaust rolled coal. The large truck due to its custom features came to life and was gaining speed at a rate most people would have never guessed for the over ten-thousand-pound vehicle.

    Tommie said, “Wow, this truck will move. I guess by his pushing down of the accelerator at almost the same time as your question Double J saw whatever you saw and decided it was time to get on down the road.”

    After merging onto Highway 17 and driving four or five miles out of town, Double J said, “We need to stop and let me check out the truck, that may have not been the only incoming that we received. It is almost dark and I will be able to see better than with a flashlight. Tommie again can you take the wheel and Jeff you watch out for us with that SIG SBR. I see that the brace has been removed in favor of the folding stock.”

    Jeff said, “Yeah and I would give a Gold Guinea for a couple of those SureFire sixty round magazines and a suppressor for this puppy. That is if I had a Gold Guinea,” and laughed at his own joke. As the big truck pulled slightly and effortlessly off the road and came to a stop.

    Double J was the first out grabbing his Fenix PD35 TAC 1000 lumen CREE XP-L LED Tactical flashlight from the door pocket in case he needed to see something in a better light on the vehicle. Looking over the front fender and hood first the only thing he saw was a skid mark of removed paint and possible a little metal on the hood.

    Walking towards the back of the truck Double J noticed a couple of marks around the back-tire area. Looking closer and turning on the light it was obvious that someone had been shooting at the tires on the truck. It wouldn't have helped the tires and rims had been replaced on the truck with custom rims and tires. The rims and tires were replaced with19.5 X 8.25 rims with 9-inch-wide tires on front and 19.5 X 10.25 singles instead of duals on the back with 11.8-inch-wide tires on back. Both sets of tires were run flats with inner liner tires. The tire choice not only improved the handling of the big truck it improved the fuel mileage. Checking all around the tire sidewalls and the rim he could see nor feel where anything had made contact.

    After running the same quality checks on the other side. Double J said, “Jeff, let's ride I think the big girl is fine and dandy, just like new.” As Jeff got in the truck Tommie was scrambling into the back seat and Double J was buckling his seat belt and putting the big Ford monster into gear.

    Tommie asked, “Were there any other bullet holes,” she had been watching Double J in the mirror as he inspected the area around the back tires.

    Double J said, “There was evidence that someone had shot at our back tires. We need to have better situational awareness. Tommie, I want you to switch sides to be behind me and watch out this side like Jeff does out his. I need to watch the front and the mirrors, so I can't watch the side of the road as we go down the road.”
    Tommie just said, “Makes perfect sense to me,” and started moving her duffels to the other side and moving in behind Double J. She thought she had a better view of Jeff from this side anyway and gave him a little smile.

    Double J had the truck moving towards Millry at a little faster pace than before. The new found feeling of urgency welling up inside of him and almost sheer panic at the thoughts of having to fire his weapons in response to an attack against him or his friends. The reality of having to fire first to save the day was new criteria that he had to come to grips. Having read about this type behavior and the stark reality that sometime in the near future it would not be an abstract thought had Double J pressing harder on the accelerator by the second.

    As the big truck continued to accelerate pass the sixty miles per hour mark on the secondary road with no sign of slowing down, Jeff asked, “Hey big fella how about slowing this big freight train down a little in this low light.”

    Double J being brought back to reality by his friend looked at the speedometer and replied, “Yeah, my fight-or-flight response kicked in big time and I guess I picked flight, in a big way. Thanks for keeping me in check, Jeff.”

    “The thoughts of having to shoot someone is not just a classroom exercise now. When we took those self-defense and weapons training, the shooting the shoot or no shoot targets were one thing. I am afraid that we are going to have to use that training that Twos had suggested we take. Being unable to be part of the gun world for the last couple of years, has had an effect on me for sure. Will ya, keep me straight?”

    “We will be coming up on Millry in an about ten minutes so let's be ready. Tommie do you want one of the 9mm that I have to help defend yourself and us or do you feel that you have your limit right now with the Derringer,” Double J asked.

    “After what we just saw and experienced, maybe having one of those guns would make me feel better,” Tommie answered honestly.

    Double J pulled the FEG from under his leg and handed the pistol holster and spare magazine to Jeff and said, “Better go over the safe handling rules and show her how this weapon is a single-action semi-automatic and needs to be carried cocked and locked, as opposed to a double action pistol.”

    About fifteen minutes later as they began to see the outskirts of the little Town of Millry, the trio could see fires burning in many places and it looked like one of those B grade war movie scenes, the roads and streets were void of any people. The exception was a dead body here and there and wrecked cars and trucks. Passing the Dollar General on the right the doors looked like they had been torn off the hinges and the place looted, with debris, goods, and carts strewn across the parking lot.
    Jeff said, “I think it is time for us all to be cocked and locked.”

    Then Jeff proceeded to check his SIG to make sure it was ready to fire. Double J pulled his Taurus from his holster and placed it under his leg like the FEG had been riding earlier and removed one his two-extra magazine from its carrier on his belt for quick access just like the pistol.

    The trio didn't have long to wait as they passed a bank building that was burning on their right, Jeff said, “I think I have movement off to the left behind the burning building. I will inform you if anything changes.”

    Double J hit his electric window and rolled his window down so he could fire out of the truck window if needed. Seeing Double J roll his window down Jeff and Tommie did the same. The buzz of the electric windows rolling down was the only sound in an around the town of Millry that and the sounds of fires cracking. Approaching the middle of the town and Highway 34 exiting to the left at a major intersection it was blocked by the temporary plastic jersey barriers that are filled with water and two local Police cars that looked like they had been in a hail storm except they were riddled with bullet holes instead of hail dents.

    Double J asked, “Tommie is there any way around this on the Atlas or the map?”
    Quickly Tommie replied, “Not really we can do a one eighty and take Highway 34 back the other direction about ten or so miles back towards Mississippi and then take it back north and we will have lost twenty miles or so after traveling twenty miles in the wrong direction.”

    Jeff said, “We can just pull those barriers and if we let the water out at the same time we will be out of here in like a flat minute. What I saw a while back ended up being dogs so watch out for them. If they have tasted human flesh they will not be afraid.”

    Double J started easing up to the barricades and the cop cars and said, “Same routine as before. Tommie up under the wheel and ready to go, Jeff guard duty and I will open the stopcocks on the barriers and check for anyone living in the police cars or any goods that we might could use.”

    Double J before getting out of the truck he placed the Taurus and his extra magazine back in their carriers and holster. Retrieving his wrecker bar, he made his way towards the orange and white barriers and opened the valves to release the water on both barriers. He then stepped over the barriers and started checking the scene of what had been a one-sided battle.

    Six dead cops were laying in and around the cars and barriers in various states of ill repair. All their equipment was missing and one cop’s shoes and socks were gone, stripped from his body by someone. Carrying on he looked inside each of the sedans and there was nothing of value left inside the cars. Going to the trunk of the first car he popped it open to find two cases of Capri Suns and a 37mm teargas grenade launcher with a couple of dozen grenades and some dirty gym clothes. Picking up the drinks he walked them back to the truck and handed them in through the window to Tommie saying, “Might come in handy.”

    Turning around he walked to the back of the second car and repeated the opening of the trunk process. This time the haul was a little better a case of MREs and two Pelican cases and one small surplus looking ammo case. Making quick time he took first the Pelican cases and the ammo box under his arm and headed back to the truck. He through the three boxes inside through the back-passenger window and headed back to the car.

    As he started back to the Police car the first of the barriers he noticed was empty so he pushed it out of the way on his way to the car. Grabbing the case of MREs, he heard Jeff say, “Move it J's we have company coming and they look mad.”

    Double J hollered here and tossed the case of MRE's to his friend and headed to the first car where he picked the Grenade launcher broke it open. Loading a 37mm teargas grenade into the breech snapped the weapon shut looked down the crude aiming device and fired at the dozen or so people headed their way just as the first round from a real gun headed towards the truck and Jeff as he got in the Ford.
    Firing three more grenades quickly in succession towards the oncoming crowd Double J took off towards the truck. Jumping into the truck he slammed it in gear and headed at the one barrier that was left and floored the big Diesel. The partially filled barrier was no match for the big truck and the trio made their getaway as the unmistakable smell of Tear gas reached the truck.

    Jeff hollered, “Close your eyes and mouth Tommie and roll up your window,” as he did the same.

    The big truck bounced over the barrier and out of the little town of Millry. Another eight miles or so up the road after watching in the rear-view mirror the whole way for anyone following, Double J found a little pull off into what looked like miles of tree lined road as they came up to what turned out to be called Turkey Creek. Double J backed the big truck into the heavy forest as far as it would go about one hundred meters and shut the big rig down saying, “The Double J motel is now open for travelers,” and he and Jeff both laughed, it was an old joke and you had to be there.

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    Thank you for the chapters - good stuff!

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    Thank you, starting out hot and warming up rapidly.
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    Thank you. Your writing is still up to the high standards you set before. I think events will be moving quickly.

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    Great story! Looking for MOAR!!
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    I am down river from you ,Clarks HILL LAKE. L0ve your stories in some what familar areas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Night Breeze View Post
    I am down river from you ,Clarks HILL LAKE. L0ve your stories in some what familar areas.
    Hope you are enjoying the work! Thanks for commenting. Writing about areas I know and that I think people ought to visit and see and are beautiful to me.


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    I am really glad to see your new story up, a great start!! Having said that....


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    Both of you made me look!! So now I'm wanting MOAR of this great story!!
    "Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.
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    Thank you for the chapters.

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    Darn it!....
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    A Day late and a Dollar Short - Chapter 3

    The next chapter, for the MOAR hounds. Hope you enjoy and comments are appreciated by this would be author!!

    Double J said, “Out little Lady and bring your stuff around to the back. Jeff will get it open and start leveling the truck. After that he will show you your bedroom and where to stow your bags. It might not be the Ritz but I guarantee you it beats sleeping in a tent on the ground.”

    Double J helped her out of the truck and started laying the stuff they had put in the back seat during their ride and adventure today.

    Tommie picked up her duffle bags and headed to the back of the truck where she could hear Jeff already doing something mechanical. As she turned the corner one of the rear doors came flying at her from the shift in the balance of the truck as Jeff leveled the big vehicle with the electric jacks.

    Jeff said, “My bad, I’m not use to having anyone around but Double J and he will be up front for another couple of minutes clearing the passageway to the back of the truck bed. It is his closely guarded secret that he can access the front of the truck from the back and be driving in literally seconds. He thinks he is James Bond or something.”

    Tommie replied, “That’s cool, I have ride back there all day. I definitely looked around as I was pretty bored for the first part of the trip. The second part not so much. I would have never imagined there was any way to get to the back, other than walk around like we just did.”

    Jeff completed the leveling and pulled out the two-fold down steps and said, “After you Ms. Tommie, watch your step. The first one is a little more than regulation and takes a little getting used to especially entering, not so much on the way out and down.”

    The short lady would definitely have a little getting used to that step, she decided it would be easier without the bags. Walking into the back of the truck she was amazed, it looked like a cross between the Houston launch facility with computers and monitors all down the right-hand side after the first few feet. The first three feet or so was a closet from floor to the top of the roof. As she was looking around pretty much in awe from the front came Double J as if by magic.

    Double J said, “What do you think? It is not quite state of the art but a friend of our’s son and his friend did all the computer and camera surveillance setup. After we get a few more things going like getting some food started. Jeff and I will give you the three-dollar tour. To start this area behind me over the roof of the truck will be your new home. The bed is not quite a double but bigger than a single. The other area up there will be your storage area and there is a small screen and DVR to watch movies or what we are seeing on the surveillance screens. You can watch from there, just no control.”

    Double J stepped out of the way and grabbed the bag in her left hand and easily threw it into the loft. Seeing how easy he had taken care of her first bag she handed him the second.

    As he threw it into the loft Tommie asked, “Is there a less dangerous way for me to get up there than you throwing me, big guy?”

    Double J said, “Yeah, but it won't be as thrilling as the Double J express,” and laughed at his new friend’s lack of ability to tell he was joking.

    Jeff coming to the rescue of his friend said, “He thinks he's funny. That was one of his better efforts though, I might add, I almost laughed myself.” Continuing he said, “Those steaks would be great and I doubt they will be any better tomorrow. You think we can do the charcoal outside or should we do the propane inside where we have the scrubbers?”

    Double J answered, “If it is already so bad that we can't grill four steaks and a few potatoes, then we are in for a big problem getting home. I say we do it tonight, but we can't cook any of them well done, it will cause to much smoke and smell. Tommie, how do like your steak. Hopefully no more than medium.”

    Tommie answered, “Medium rare would be just fine and dandy, big guy. I have a question why do you have four steaks, is SHTF and little old me breaking up a big date,” and grinned at the expense of the two guys who had taken her under their wings.

    Jeff said, “No, we just finished a big job and we went and got two big 28-ounce Porter House steaks cut and we were going to eat them both and what was left over would be sandwich for the next day's trip home. It is something we have been doing for about ten years. We always make sure we get the Filet Mignon on the end and have that for our sandwiches. I guess it looks like you get one of the steaks and we have to flip to see who gets the Filet.”

    Looking around Tommie asked, “Where do the two of you sleep and where is this propane grill on the inside?”

    From under the desk area on the right side, Double J pulled down a bed that was up against the wall. Jeff then walked to the other side and pulled down a hanging bed from the ceiling over a work bench type setup. Springing the bed back up, he pushed a button on the work bench and a small sink and a two large-eyed propane stove came to view. Jeff walked to the big closet in the back and opened the door to the bottom half of the closet being refrigerator / freezer and the other half a closet. A pair of rolling heavy duty and very nice desk chairs that could be locked into place while traveling and several gun racks made up the rest of the layout.

    Double J said, “We only have two chairs just always thought that at this time after world went to heck in a hand basket it would just be us two old farts. I guess we will have to find a chair of some kind for you. Maybe a bean bag chair or something would work it would have to be something that would not roll around.”

    She smiled and said, “That would be nice, just not necessary. I do want to know where the restroom is at this fine establishment.”

    The two guys looked at each other and said, “We have a five-gallon bucket with a lid and a plastic bag and a shovel. We usually throw a shovel full of woods debris in to help with any smell and then bury the bag. For number one we just usually find a downwind tree.”

    Tommie smiled and said, “No worries. I have on my big girl pants.” A sigh of relief was noticeable from the two would be men's men.

    Double J said, “Go ahead and get situated and Jeff and I will get out the netting a cover up as much of our trail into the woods as we can in the dark. It will consist of three sets of netting one for the front and one for each side. We don't do anything for the back as it is all painted to match the woods or it will be as soon as I put the camouflage wrap on the back.”

    As Jeff and Double J went outside and started removing the netting from the side doors, Tommie eased out of the back of the truck and went and found that tree the guys had told her about earlier. An hour and a half later the trio were enjoying a fine meal of Porterhouse steaks, a couple of large Idaho baking potatoes and Double J's favorite sautéed onions, mushrooms, and squash in a red wine vinegar and butter sauce with a touch of garlic and red pepper flakes. Jeff had decided years ago that he better like this dish with his steaks and begrudgingly decided it really did set off the steak and potato. The only thing they didn't have was some good Texas toast, they had forgotten to pick it up with the other stuff.

    Double J said, “Tommie we usually have Texas toast with garlic butter, we forgot to pick some up when we got the fixing’s. Hope it is alright, might be the last meal of this type for some time. Might be MRE's or freeze-dried tomorrow. We better enjoy it while we can. I think we will monitor the situation on the Internet and if we can get any TV or local radio and see what is going on. Our battery bank is almost full, just what we have burned today. I think it would be best to move when everything is topped off. Our fuel is good and our water supply will last another few days to a week for drinking we have a sixty-gallon fresh water tank.

    After they finished eating and cleaning up after the meal, Jeff said, “Is anybody as ready to see what is in those Pelican boxes as I am?” and he reached for the smaller on he had sat down beside him earlier.

    Double J said, “Do you think they might be boobie trapped or something?”
    Jeff said, “I think they would have locked the boxes if they were going to that much trouble,” and flipped open the clasp and raised the lid on the box.

    “Oh my,” he exclaimed as he pulled out a pair of night vision goggles. Reading from the label he continued, “Armasight NYX7 Pro GEN 3+ Night Vision Goggles, 64-72 lp/mm Resolution, 0.25m to infinity Range of Focus, these are as close to top of the line as I have ever seen. It looks like everything you need to keep them running, including an extra battery with a solar charger. These will surely come in handy, considering all we have is that FLIR System Scout III and the riflescope sight that we bought for night vision.”

    Double J said, “Yeah we need to learn how to use them tonight, if possible. While I try to find us some news the two of you can try them out. I would say don't burn up over one of the batteries learning. We might need them for something before we can get them charged tomorrow.”

    Tommie said, “Yeah, yeah, that's good when are we going to open the big package. The suspense is killing me. I am like a kid at Christmas,” and pushed the bigger box over to Double J. He took his foot and pushed it back to Tommie saying, “Ladies first, be careful with whatever is in there we might need it and don't want to drop it or something and break it before we get to use it.”

    Tommie reached down and picked up the Pelican case like a child picking up a Christmas gift on Christmas morn. Releasing the clasp on the case she opened the lid. Looking in she said, “I think it is a gun,” and pulled out what appeared to Double J and Jeff to be the stock and receiver end of a Ruger 10/22 Takedown. The stock however was had much different lines than the regular one. Tommie said, “Do you guys know what this is there are a few more parts in the box.”

    Jeff took the receiver end from Tommie and said, “I am pretty sure and I know Double J has identified this as a Ruger 10/22 Takedown on some level. Just not the original one. We need to see the rest.”

    Pulling the rest of the pieces of the rifle out of the box the boys original assumption was almost correct. The rifle was a Ruger 10/22 Takedown clone only better than the original. The rifle was a Ruger /Kidd 10/22 Takedown bull barrel with a 16.2-inch threaded barrel and a Gemtech suppressor. The rifle had quick connected throw lever mounts for the 40mm Vortex scope and an Aimpoint red dot scope. The case also included eight of the original ten round Ruger magazines for the 10/22 rifle loaded with 22 LR subsonic ammunition from Aquila. In the bottom of the Pelican case they also found two, hundred round boxes of CCI-Mini mags and another fifty-round box of the Aquila subsonic ammunition.

    “Sweet,” exclaimed Double J, “this is the perfect rifle for you Tommie. No kick, super accurate, no noise per se, none of the things you told us bothered you on shooting a rifle. Heck, let's assemble this beauty right now and walk outside and let you fire a couple of rounds.”

    Tommie was very hesitant about the idea, the experience of Jeff and Double J convinced her she needed to try. So out the back door of the Big Truck they went, as if they had not a care in the world. Just three friends enjoying a nice bit of barbeque and a little Southern merriment after the fine meal of Steaks, potatoes and mixed vegetables.

    As light from the inside of the truck and the trio exited out the back door they were greeted by a sight and sounds that they did not expect. A voice from outside said, “Stay where you are and raise your hands and like the man says on the TV do it real slow like molasses in the winter. Any sudden moves and this here scatter gun might go off. Do you get my meaning?”

    Double J instantly took over, “Do what the man says we mean him and his no harm.”
    Raising his hands as the others did and trying to get his eyes to get accustomed to the dark outside, Double J closed his dominate right eye completely. An old trick he had learned from an even older hunter in hunting camp. The trick was about trying to see deer at first light in the morning or first dark at night and really worked. Continuing Double J said, “Fellows we mean no harm, what can we do to be of help? If we are parked on your land by mistake we have had a rough day and just decided to pull over in these nice woods to have a little cover and get some rest. If we need to be moving on, we can do that also.”

    The leader said, “We were told on the radio to be on the lookout for a big Ford truck that had Mooslime Terrorist, that killed the local police officer back down the road and shot Chemical weapons at the local populace as they came to the rescue of the Policemen. I have to admit you boys and Lady, excuse me Ma'am don't much fit the profile for Mooslime Terrorist. If I catch my ear, I am guessing the Carolinas maybe South Carolina. A little more country and less twangy than your northern neighbors.”

    Double J jumped on this opportunity like a Hen on a June bug saying, “Why yes sir, you have a good ear. Most can't tell the difference. They think we are all hicks and uneducated trailer trash, especially if they are Carpet Baggers from above the Mason-Dickson. If you catch what I am throwing, fine sir. We were at the town and those Policeman did get shot up probably by like fifty caliber machine guns by the look of the cars. It wasn't us we were just trying to get through the barricade and be on our way. Even though they were dead and all they still had the road blocked with those roadside white and orange barrier things, we needed to move.”

    The Leader said, “My Brother-in-Law told me that he didn't think that you all had done that because he didn't see no machine guns. Heck, he said he didn't see any guns accept that grenade launcher that shot those Tear Gas grenades. They ain't no big chemical weapon like the Sheriff was trying to say. He told me that he would bet a week's pay that the dang tear gas grenades were from the Police cars.”

    Double J leapt back into the conversation saying, “Your Brother-in-Law he is right, I found it in the back of one of the Police cars just like this rifle. I did shoot the tear gas at those people because they were shooting real bullets at me first. We were fixing to let our Lady friend shoot. She ain't never really shot a weapon before and it looks like that might be a lesson that she might need, sooner than later.”

    The Leader said, “Seems as if we have dilemma, friend. I done went and pointed a gun at you people and that ain't really a nice or neighborly thing to do. If I and my boys lower our weapons are we going to regret, it in the near future.”

    Double J answered as fast as possible, “No sir, not from me or anyone in our group. We can be out of here in about ten minutes if possible. If we need to be faster, we might leave a little debris as our netting will probably hang on something as we leave.”

    The Leader said, “No use to tear up your equipment, seems like one will have a hard time replacing stuff in the near future. My name is Dave Cantrell, and these are my boys, Dave Junior and Alex. We own this land you are sitting on and farm about twelve hundred acres here and about. Cows mostly, Dairy and beef but a few pigs and chickens and row vegetables for our own eating. Course we grow Corn, soy beans, millet and wheat to feed the cows.”

    “Well, it is a pleasure to meet you now that those rifles and shotgun are not pointed at us anymore. I am Jeremiah James Stokley everyone calls me Double J and to my left is Jeff Saunders longtime friend and partner in business and the little Lady is Tommie Beechem,” said Double J as he reached out his hand to Dave Cantrell in a show of good will and solidarity.

    As they shook hands Dave asked, “I know how you knew about the shotgun. How did you know my boys had rifles? I was hoping you couldn't even see them in the dark much less that they were toting rifles.”

    Double J went onto explain about the closing of an eye trick and negotiated leaving by about ten o'clock in the morning and refilling their water tank from the next hay field over's water line. Dave had explained that it was good clean water the well was almost six hundred feet deep to get the kind of discharge they needed for irrigation and watering their pastures and hay fields.

    As the Cantrell's left to go home, Double J said, “I think we are going to have to start being more aware of our surroundings and be ready to fight. That is the second time in less than six hours today we have been caught unaware of the possibility of bad guys. The next time we might come out of the encounter alive.”

    Tommie said, “They couldn't see to good looking right into the light either. I had that Derringer that Jeff had given me in my hand all the time till I was able to give it to Jeff. I was wanting to shoot it when we shot the rifle. For that reason, I already had it out.”

    Double J said, “Well, let's go back inside. I will get on the electronics and see what I can find out about the rest of our trip, the two of you need to get to bed. We will shoot the rifle in the morning. That will be better cause we can see where you hit and make corrections.” There were no arguments from the duo and they both were in bed and asleep before Double J had found any information about the general area.

    Double J found numerous comments and programs saying the general consensus around America was that the original suitcase nuclear attacks had probable cause upwards of over fifteen million deaths. These numbers would grow to probably would be well over twenty-five plus million in sixty days or less according to the talking heads of MSM. The taking down of the power grid, the dropping of almost all of the bridges across the Mississippi and all that were over two lanes and anywhere near a major path for delivery of goods would probably cost at least that many over the next year. This is not to mention the damage being done by the Swords of Allah and the people who had decided that the Rule of Law didn't apply anymore. Most of these borderline groups of people and were turning to their dark side. The part of their nature that normally staid hidden when the Rule of Law prevailed in society and the Police or some form of control existed.

    Double J just shook his head and thought, “A Day Late and a Dollar Short”, if we had of phoned in the punch list we may still have gotten our money. We would definitely be back at home and on the Lease with our friends, probably as safe as one could be, today. He decided if him and Jeff could get Tommie up to speed with the Ruger he was getting back his FEG.

    Thinking about their situation, what he would love would be a Stakeout 870 12 gauge or better yet if they made it in the model 1100 from Suarez International for when he was driving. The pair of pistols would have to do till he could get home and get his modified Glock 17 Ls built by his friend Twos. The thoughts of having his brace of Glocks under his arms and the one on his hip brought a big smile to his face in a time of trouble. For now, he would settle for a nice shoulder holster for his pistols. Ah, the little things in life he thought as he drifted off to sleep in his chair. About two hours later a deer crossing in the path of one of the outside cameras caused the verbal alarm to go off on the computer.

    Double J almost flipping himself out of his chair would have made hilarious YouTube video a week or so ago. Today still a few hundred miles from home in Indian Territory it was just a little funny to Jeff. He had heard the commotion and awaken in time to see the big guy almost go butt over tea kettle and almost swear, luckily catching himself on both counts. Double J quickly shutoff the sound on the alarm and looked at the offending deer on the frozen image screen. He quickly checked the surrounding images and cameras and sighed in relief. He had fallen asleep again after the big speech to Jeff and Tommie about situational awareness.

    Jeff got up went to the back door and walked out. Coming back a couple of minutes later saying, “Get some rest Js, we need you to be at your best. We have a long drive ahead of us tomorrow.”

    Double J said, “Thanks Jeff. I made some notes on what is going on in America. Let's just say if it's bad other than the weather someone is making it happen in America right now. That is the Cliff notes version. Don't expect to be home tomorrow either they are bringing out the National Guard in almost all states to guard the Interstates so commerce can get through.”

    “It seems like not all the Local National Guard units can muster though lots staying at home. Some are just showing up to get their weapons and gear and then leaving their post to go back to their families. I'll bet that is where Dave's sons got those M-16A1 they had tonight.”

    “Did you notice they only had the two clips one in the weapon and another in the stock carrier? Might be all they were given for their posting,” with that being spoken Double J walked outside and found a tree before coming back in and going right back to sleep, snoring regularly if not so loud to bother Jeff as he read the notes and checked some of the site and stations Double J had noted on his pad for the others to see.

    A little after sunrise the next morning, Jeff saw one of the Cantrell boys walking towards the truck carrying what looked like a five-gallon milk pail. Checking for any other intruders, Jeff opened the back door just as he was about to knock. Scaring the young man almost to his grave. He righted himself and said, “Man that almost scared the pee right out of me. Mom and Dad said, it wouldn't be right to not send over some of our blessings. Mom sent a dozen eggs, gallon of whole milk, some fresh butter and cheese, a half loaf of fresh baked bread and a half a cured ham from last year that needs to be eaten.”

    “Hope you like country food, she also sent apple butter, fig preserves and grape jelly for the bread all grown here on the farm. Just leave the bucket by the water outlet when you get your water on the way out. Got to go haven't finished the second milking of the morning. Our heard is bigger than our milking shed so we have to do it in stages. Nice meeting yawl,” and with that he was off and gone back towards the direction he had come. Jeff guessed back to the home house and or milking barn.
    Hearing the commotion outside Double J peaked through the back doors and quietly said, “Everything out there alright, my friend.”

    “Fine as frog hair split three, my big ugly friend, fine it is today. We have the makings of a super fresh breakfast, country ham, eggs, cheese and butter with bread and some whole milk. Here take this and we have to remember to leave the bucket when we get water. You are the cook make us some breakfast fit for Southern Royalty and I will go ahead and set up the shower and take down the netting. I think I am going to take a shower since we are going to have access to water” said Jeff and handed the bucket to his friend and was off to work.

    Double J said, “I will make breakfast and a shower does sound good, who knows when we might get the next one, and dig us a big hole for our daily constitutionals to be buried.”

    The two sat to work, Double J to cook and Jeff to take care of the outside stuff. Finally, as Double J was about to call her for breakfast outside on the lawn chairs, Tommie stuck her head out of her cubby hole and said, “What smells so good… Double J you are going to make someone a great husband one day, the way you cook and clean,” and jumped down out of the loft and sauntered over to where the food was setting and started fixing herself a plate.

    As she started to eat Double J smacked her hand and said, “Not yet, we all eat together on this boat, my lady. Jeff will be here in a second. He is changing his clothes and getting dressed,” as he fixed himself and Jeff a plate and poured them some milk.

    Tommie said, “Where is the coffee, Js. I really need about three big cups to get started.”

    Double J laughed and replied, “Columbia, I guess, Jeff nor I touch the stuff. I guess we will have to try and find you some at some point and a coffee pot. No luck today though.”

    After a quick breakfast, the guys took Tommie out to the side of the truck and had her fire a few rounds and then about fifty that were critiqued and corrections made to her form. By the last group of five she had them all in a group about the size of a Silver Dollar maybe a little bigger at about twenty-five yards or so, with one right outside of the circle that most gun folks would have called as a flyer based on her plainly jerking of the trigger. That was with the scope five rounds with Aimpoint were a whole different story and that would require some more work, for right now she was a scope shooter. Double J was able to get his FEG back though it wasn't easy by any means.

    After the shooting lesson Jeff went to prepare the truck for moving out and Double J thought he was going to get a shower. Tommie had other thoughts and sent him packing with his tail between his legs, laughing and saying, “Girl Power.”

    Double J was mumbling something about shoot, shovel and shut up. As Tommie was filling the shower jug with some water she had warmed in a sunny spot while they were practicing her shooting. In preparation of taking a hot or at least warm shower, that thought had her grinning from ear to ear that and the disappointed sad puppy look Double J had given her about the shower. She decided that she would just have to make it up to him today somehow. Just not right now as she slipped out of the heavy Carhartt pants that they had gotten her at Wal-Mart. She had to admit they weren't much for style, they were comfortable and easy to wear.

    About 0930 hours the Ford F-550 custom pulled out of the wood line and made their way to the field where the wellhead was and the required water faucet, to fill up their potable water tank. Double J said, “Now that I have had time to think about it, how did the Cantrell's know we were even on their property,” as he drove the big Ford down the Highway headed north towards the Interstate.

    Jeff after thinking a minute said, “We left the back doors open when we were putting up the netting on the sides and front of the truck and I used my flashlight a couple of times and so did you Double J.”

    “Yeah, they probably heard the roar of that diesel, I put the best mufflers on it I could find and not lose too much power. Maybe I should have thought more about stealth than speed and hauling capacity,” replied Double J with his mind racing trying to figure out how to overcome the noise problem.

    Tommie said, “Maybe next time you can do it with the night vision goggles and not use light and we could put some kind of curtain on the doors and only open the one. What do you guys think?”

    Jeff said, “We have put the netting up in the dark without light before, just practicing. It should be easy with the night vision. We also need to do a check by completely walking around the truck every night and make sure that no light is escaping from the cab or the body.”

    Continued on next page

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    A Day late and a Dollar Short - Chapter 3 continued

    Chapter 3-continued

    The trio stopped and filled up their water tank. They even took time to fill up their 3L water bladders and the four five-gallon water jugs they had used for the shower water and cleaning the dishes. Double J went so far as to fill up the one-gallon tea jug from the refrigerator and place tea bags in it. He set the gallon jug on the dash with the sun coming right through to the picture. Saying, “Sun tea tonight, you have to put your own sugar or whatever, Jeff likes that Splenda mess. Cause I like it without added ingredients myself and it is my jug.”

    Double J grinned at Tommie a gotcha grin as they rolled back out onto Highway 17 heading North towards Silas which the Cantrell's had told them had not had any problems and to use their names to get through if need be. Everyone knew them in Silas because they sold their wares at the Farmers Market there every Wednesday and Saturday, whole milk, Cheese, butter and eggs all the time and whatever else was in season, be it vegetables, strawberries, grapes in the summer. Peanuts, Pecans, Cabbage, Collards, and turnip Greens in the fall and winter.

    The group hoped it was information they never had to share. Double J said, “Tommie will you hand me one of those Capri Suns out of the Wal-Mart Yeti cooler clone I sat in the floor board behind Jeff. For some reason, I am very thirsty this morning.”

    Tommy reached over and opened the cooler saying, “Jeff, I think I am going to have one, also. I think it was that County Ham for me. Do you want one?”

    Jeff said, “What the heck, might as well follow the crowd, if you can't be a trend setter. Grape if we have that flavor.” First opening the drink and putting the straw in it, she handed it to Double J. Repeating the process for Jeff she said, “Looks like you are in luck all I saw was Citrus and Grape and I don't really care for the taste of Grape.”

    By this time, they were entering the outskirts of the small town of Silas and just as quickly as they entered they were leaving the small town. Double J said, “We call a place like Silas in South Carolina a blink town cause if you are traveling through and blink you will miss the whole town.”

    Tommie having never heard this saying thought it was hilarious cause she was sure had they went through at fifty-five miles per hour and she blinked she would have missed the whole town. Trudging along at about forty-five miles per hour it was kind of leery as today they weren't seeing anyone on the roads and even when they went through Silas they had not seen a soul out and about in Town shopping or going to a meeting or whatever usually brought people to town.

    Jeff said, “Looking at the Atlas the next bigger town is Gilberton about ten or twelve more miles. Tommie is there anything on the Internet like a hardware store or something that might have ammunition or something we might could use.”

    Tommie after looking on the net for a couple of minutes said, “Only thing I see is an Ace Farm & Home store, probably a little Mom and Pop place. It might be worth a stop, it is right off the main road we are on. It is probably not more than a quarter mile and maybe less the place is so small.”

    Double J said, “Well, someone needs to be my navigator and this truck is not, a Volkswagen Beatle and can turn around on a postage stamp. Think ten-acre field to get back going in the other direction, a complete 360 degrees in turns,” and handed his empty Capri Sun container to Jeff to take care of, nothing hits the floor was the truck rule. Getting a small trash bag out of the dash and placing the container and his in the bag, then handing bag an all to Tommie for her to mind.

    “We got ya Boss. We don't want to be trapped any more than you do, the way things have been happening the last couple of days,” said Jeff and Tommie though not saying anything was nodding in complete agreement and without realizing reached for her new Ruger rifle and pulled closer.

    Thirty minutes or so later they pulled into Gilberton and turned onto West Main Street at the direction of Tommie with her saying, “Just a little way down on your right, not even a hundred yards or not much more anyway. Big parking lot for trailers and such you ought to be able to find a place to park heading out.”

    Seeing the hardware store Double J took over the close in navigation parking beside the building facing back the way they came from the Highway. Knocking the big truck out of gear and rolling down his window he said, “Jeff, you know I can't buy what we need. Ammunition for sure, always another hundred-pound cylinder for the truck. I also would love a Remington 870 Express if they have one. Definitely any ammo we can get 300 Win Mag, .38 specials, 9mm, 5.56 or 22LR we need all we can muster.”

    Pulling out what looked like an ashtray compartment, he handed Tommie two thousand dollars in fifties and twenties and the same for Jeff. “Get what we need we have more money if we need it, just don't flash the money. Tell the Clerk we can pay cash; he is the only one who needs to know. I will be right here at the truck with it running if anything goes hinky just get out of there we don't have to have anything right now. And you all need to hurry every chance you get,” laughing with Jeff at an old saying of one of their ex-employers.

    About forty-five minutes later Tommie come walking out pushing a shopping cart that was fairly full of what looked like ammunition boxes of various sizes and colors. She also appeared to have a couple of axes in the cart and two thirty-six roll jumbo packs of Scott's toilet tissue.

    As she got close to Double J she said, “Jeff told me you loved a good axe and they had these two that he said, you would like. One is a Husqvarna Multipurpose and the other is a Best Made Company - Hudson Bay. That is far this morning and stealing the shower. The other stuff is on the list ammo and stuff. Jeff is filling out some forms and will be out in a minute with the Remington shotgun with an 18-inch barrel and some ammunition. They only had a couple boxes of that number 4 steel shot your wanted. They had plenty of ought and double ought in the three-inch magnums.”

    At that moment Jeff came out the door pushing a cart with the Remington and the shotgun shells and a couple of bandoliers for the shells. Rolling up to the truck he placed the Remington box and about ten or twelve boxes of ammunition in the back seat. As he was doing that Tommie a Double J were finishing putting her orders in the side boxes of the truck bed.

    Finishing up Double J said, “The two of you did good. let's blow this popsicle stand,” and walked around the front of the truck to get to the driver's door and climbed into the driver's seat and put on his seat belt harness. Throwing the big truck in gear he said, “Everybody ready,” and dumped the clutch and hit the accelerator.

    Jeff said, “What the heck? I thought you said we did good. Now you are about to kill us with your driving.”

    Double J said, “We got company. Blue Silverado four door and the green Mustang GT. Four guys in the truck and maybe two in the Mustang. The guy driving the Mustang definitely carrying either an Ingram, Uzi or one of the many clones of that type weapon in a shoulder sling carry. I don't know if he was wanting me to see it or just careless, either way he has one. We have to assume that the guys in the truck are packing also.”

    Jeff said, “My bad, should have known something was up. The Mustang will probably try and cut us off and the truck block us in. You just going to run him over. That big Indian Cross front bumper and the addition of the roll cage in the front and the bumper having back support tied into the cage and the beefed-up chassis is going to make him like a rag doll when you hit him with over ten thousand pounds.”

    Tommie in her best ring master voice imitation said, “Let's get ready to Rumble…” and the guys busted out laughing at their co-rider. Jeff got his SIG out and Double J prepared his pistols all the while telling Tommie to take that shotgun out of the box load five rounds of those number 4 steel pellets into the shotgun and hand it to him.


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    You're doing a great job on this story. Always leaving us wanting to read more. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.
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    Thank you!!

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    Yep, is getting warmer. Thank you.
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    Yep, leaving us wanting the next chapter. Thanks!
    Sounds like Tommy will be a good addition to the pair.

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    Everyone is sooooo good at cliffs lol, Thank you.

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    Yeah... 223 has cliffs down to an art.....


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    Thanks for a great story.


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    More please!!!

    Thank you for your stories.

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    A Day late and a Dollar Short - Chapter 4

    Late afternoon MOAR hounds feed hope you enjoy!!

    The trio was busy making ready for the ambushers as they made the turn onto the main Highway riding the big Ford out of town, at a brisk pace. Looking in the side mirror of the Ford F-550 Double J announced, “Looks like we have a third player behind the Silverado looks like a F-350 stake side from my view, standard white farm /work truck.”

    Jeff said, “I got it, bout ten car lengths behind the Chevy,” looking out his passenger side mirror and viewing the same truck as Double J.

    Tommie whined, “Are we going to be shot at or just forced to stop and can I shoot before they have shot at me?”

    Jeff answered, “They do not have enough vehicle to stop us or run us off the road. Our beloved driver Double J used to drive Super Late Model dirt cars and could have done it for a living if not for his wife and son. Double J can out drive these clowns any day of the week.”

    “You have a family Double J, I just didn't think either of you did, the way you act. I guess that is what you get when you assume and you know what they say about assuming, my bad,” said Tommie.

    “It isn't the time but I had a family my five-year-old son died of Leukemia and it literally killed my wife. She couldn't deal with it and started taking pain pills and died of a smack overdose a couple years after our son. I lost them both. God has eased my pain and good friends like Jeff helped me start a new life. It's all good, Tommie, no problem,” replied Double J somewhat to mono toned for Tommie to agree that Double J wasn't still troubled by his loss of his loved ones.

    She said, “Do I shoot first or not, come on guys we are running out of time?”
    Jeff said, “Shoot first and let God sort them out. They shouldn't be so unfriendly…” Just as Jeff was telling her to shoot first the Mustang flew by the driver's side and tried to cut off the big truck. Double J saw the telegraphed move and moved into the Mustang hitting it with his hard steel frame of the bed on his passenger tire and pushing the metal in on the tire.

    Double J said, “He may have run flat tires but that fender will cut even them off the rim in no time. Watch him, they get desperate sometimes when they are crippled.”
    As if on cue the Mustang accelerated forward and toward the front of the truck, with his passenger firing some type of black rifle. The Mustangs cohorts in the Silverado decided to join the party pulling up on the pull over lane on the passenger side of the truck.

    Jeff said, “The Silverado is coming up on the right.”

    “Got him,” replied Double J as he heard the projectiles start to hit the passenger side of the big Ford. The Mustang tried to pull a slide job on the big truck to get in front and block the trucks forward motion. Seeing the move three steps before the Mustang driver pulled it and being a pro instead of slowing down to keep from hitting the Mustang. Double J hammered the accelerator on the F-550 ramming the Mustang full bore and knocking him sideways and the second hit from the big truck sent the Mustang into a high-speed barrel roll down the highway.

    At the same time Jeff and Tommie had opened up on the Silverado that had all four occupants trying to bring weapons to bear on the Ford. Jeff's SIG which now had the brace removed and the folding stock added was sending 5.56mm projectiles at the driver's window and the front of the windshield as the truck moved up alongside him. Jeff looking at the driver from no more than five feet didn't flinch, like the Silverado truck driver did when seeing the ill will for him in the eyes of one Jeff Saunders.

    Jeff poured five quick rounds through the driver's side window, as fast as his trigger finger could pull the trigger on his SIG. The results were devastating to the driver and the front seat occupant of the Silverado. The five rounds four hit the driver in the chest, neck and head area. Killing him even before they exited his body to continue their paths of destruction into the passenger side assailant.

    The rounds impacting and killing the driver of Silverado caused a death spasm that turned the truck right back into the side of the big F-550. The Silverado lost and slowly drifted off the side of the road hitting a storm drainage swell and turning over.
    Jeff said, “I guess the third truck has decided not to join the party they are stopped a half mile back in the road. Do you think we ought to see if they have any weapons and ammunition that might off set what we just expended?”

    “Sounds like a fine idea to me just like before. Tommie, you under the driver's seat and Jeff and I will see what we can salvage. Be careful some of them may still be alive. Shoot them first if you can just in case,” and the two guys exited the truck in such a hurry they didn't notice the slowed movement of Tommie towards the front seat.

    Running towards the Mustang Double J reached the green performance automobile that had raced it last main event. Under other circumstances the destruction of a rebuilt 1970 Mustang would have made Double J sad. Not today, if you can't run with the big dawgs you need to stay on the porch was the thoughts that ran through his head. Reaching the car which amazingly had come to a halt right side up, setting on all four blown out tires. Double J jerked the passenger side door open after looking in and seeing both occupant’s graveyard dead. Double J had also spied a big ammo type box in the back seat and a rifle on a one-point sling attached to the passenger. Unhooking the one-point sling from the dead man he laid the weapon right outside the door and reached in for the box.

    As he pulled the box from the back seat he noticed the revolver laying in the floor board of the car. Pulling the box out and laying it beside the rifle he picked up the Colt four inched barreled revolver. Double J would later be told by Jeff that it was Diamond Back revolver in 22 Long Rifle and from the looks until recently a safe Queen in that beautiful lustrous blue of Colt from years past.

    Sticking the revolver in his waist band he reached across the dead passenger and removed the holster rig from the driver with the auto pistol under one arm and a four-magazine carrier for balance on the other side of the high quality custom leather shoulder holster. That probably cost a week's pay for some folks. On later review, Double J would find out that the weapon was Brugger & Thomet MP9 a Swiss machine pistol and the four-magazine carrier really carried three thirty round magazines and a SureFire Suppressor for the highly modified machine pistol. The trigger, barrel and rate of fire had all been altered on the weapon. The barrel had been replaced with a heavier and one inch longer one. The trigger of the pistol had an over travel stop added and wider trigger face added. Finally, the rate of fire had been reduced from nine hundred rounds per minute to a more controllable six hundred round feed rate and done by a factory professional gunsmith to boot.
    Double J had also found a S&W M&P 9 but no extra magazines in the trunk with another ammunition box. Gathering up his loot as he started back towards the F-550 at a trot, all the while looking off to his left trying to spot Jeff by the Silverado. Getting closer to the truck he noticed that the driver side door to the truck was open and he was almost one hundred percent sure he had slammed the door closed as he had headed towards the Mustang. The F-550 was at a bad angle for him to see anything else. The little voice in the back of his head told him something was wrong. With that he slowed his gate and came to a stop losing his load of salvage as he walked towards the driver's side of his Ford truck.

    Walking he pulled the Taurus from its holster on his right hip and disengaged the safety on the 9mm Beretta clone. Arriving at the door and looking inside his mind ascertained two pieces of disturbing information simultaneously there was blood in the front seat and on the steering wheel of the truck and Tommie was missing.
    Turning toward the back of the vehicle Double J hollered before thinking it out, “Jeff you back there?”

    “Yeah, I am back here big guy. Come on back we got ourselves a situation,” replied Jeff without taking his eyes off the pretty little rich boy holding a high dollar Series 70 Colt Gold Cup National Match to the front of Tommie's face as she was steadily bleeding out from at least two places that Jeff could view.

    Double J coming around the corner of the truck could see the little rich boy his friend Jeff had described to a tee about three to four steps out in front of him. Double J came to a quick and violent solution to the problem of the rich kid holding a pistol near his friend’s throat.

    At less than eight feet or so the 115-grain jacketed round took less than a tenth of a second to cover the distance from the ignition point in the barrel of the Taurus till it entered the forehead of the assailant. The projectile blew rich boys brains out the back side of his skull. Moving forward as he fired and covering the distance in less than a second Double J caught the arm of the dead assailant with his left massive maw and Tommie with his right. After it was all over, Jeff and Junior would recover the Colt Gold Cup 45 caliber pistol and its consecutive serial number twin from the body of the rich kid along with two extra magazines for each in his pockets.

    Jeff asked, “You got her my brother. That other truck has decided to join the party. She needs to have medical aid quickly. She won't make it if we don't get the bleeding stopped quickly.”

    Double J replied, “I got this, holler if you need help,” as he pulled his first aid kit from his battle belt.

    Grabbing his trauma shears he cut open the sleeve on her shirt and then the same with her pants. It was evident that she had two bleeders one in her right arm and the other in her left hip or maybe pelvic area. Doing a quick triage, he could not find any other wounds. The hip was still bleeding profusely so Double J pulled open a package of Quik-Clot and poured it on the entry and parts of the large ragged exit hip wound and applied bandages such as he had a large Tampax absorbent pad cut in half using a half on the entry and the other on the exit wound.

    Using the stretchy type elastic wrap, he used a whole role around her hips holding the pads in place. Going to the arm wounds it had pretty much stopped bleeding on its own he cleaned the wound and applied some anti infection powder to the wounds and applied a bandage just as he heard Jeff holler, “Coming in with friend’s big guy.”
    Double J normally could handle most situations and stay calm as a gentle morning wind. Hearing that Jeff was coming in with friends threw him for a loop. Double J replied angrily, “Okay, I'll play. Just how did you find friends in this God forsaken place where we don't know a soul.”

    “Goof ball this is Dave Jr. and Alex; they were in town trying to buy stuff also. They say we can't take Tommy to the Hospital the kid you just killed by shooting in the head is the richest man in these parts, son and he owns half the town. Besides the Hospital was attacked by the Mooslimes a couple of days and that is why their Mom and Alex's wife are at the farm right now and are our best bet for help,” stoically replied Jeff.
    Double J said, “Well one of you put her in the back and Jeff you stay and retrieve anything of value in that truck. It looks like we will probably have to answer to that kids Dad and we need more firepower. Also, throw that body in the truck and burn both vehicles. That way he will just have to wonder what really happened.”

    Jeff said, “On it. Alex help Js with Tommie. Your brother and I will take care of the rest of this mess as Double J gets you back home and Tommie to some help.”

    Junior said, “I will call Mom on the ham and get her and Janice ready for the trauma wounds Tommie has sustained in the, whatever this was,” even after two tours in Iraq Junior was not ready mentally for the war that had come to America.
    Jeff and Double J said, “Thanks,” and started about their business of getting things done. As quickly and efficiently as if they were running a construction project.

    Double J quickly opened one of the side bins near the front of the truck and removed a couple of heavy duty rags and some citrus type industrial spray cleaner. Spraying the steering wheel, the driver's seat and a couple of places in the middle of the two seats he wiped and cleaned away as much of Tommie's blood as he could in one wipe. He threw the spray bottle and the dirty rags in the bin and jumped into the truck and hollered, “We ready back there Alex?”

    Alex replied, “Ready as we ever will be under these conditions. Let's ride big guy,” Alex had forgotten Double J's name if he had ever actually known it.

    As Double J, Tommie and Alex, reversed their way and headed back towards town in a big hurry. Jeff said, “Thanks for the help. We better get started. Why don't you go get your truck and pull it up here? If we find anything we won't have to carry it so far and I will prepare the Mustang for torching as you do that and start getting stuff out of the Silverado.”

    “Sounds like a plan,” said Junior as the two new allies started towards their part of the jobs that needed to be completed quickly, efficiently, and most of all completely. Hoping that the fires and the removal of the goods will look like they had been attacked and not the other way around. It would turn out to be a good ploy as Daddy would probably never believe his precious son would ever attack anyone. The local Mooslime Mosque almost fifty miles away burned the next night and the Imam was hung from the front gate and set afire while still alive. None of the locals had seen or heard anything and there wasn't any law as most of the County and City Police had abandoned their positions to protect their own families.

    The Silverado was an even bigger treasure throve of goodies. It was evident from the weapons found that these would-be pillagers had found and robbed someone with either expensive taste in weapons or someone very rich, possibly both. The three long guns were all very expensive and hard to find. The first rifle was a Class III firearm a fully automatic Steyr Aug in NATO OD with a Trijicon ACOG 4X32 Tactical scope and two-point Vickers sling. The rifle was accompanied by seven of the 5.56mm X 45 NATO 42 round box magazines and one thirty. It was also fitted with a Gemtech suppressor. Jeff figured the unit would cost north of thirty thousand dollars maybe well north. The next was a Custom MOLOT VEPR-12 shotgun complete with folding stock and a sling. The shotgun had five, twelve-round magazines and one of the five round flush mount magazines. The last but least long gun was Lewis Machine Tool LM 308 SC custom with a 24-inch heavy match barrel and a DMR buttstock. They could only find two of the ten-round and three, twenty-round magazines in the truck.

    Three of the four handguns were just as impressive starting with two STI 9mm pistols one was a Marauder and the other was a full blown custom DVC Tactical. Jeff and Junior found four magazines for one and five for the other. The third was a beautiful Colt Python 357 with a four-inch barrel. The last was a plan Jane Springfield Arms XD (M) 4.5 9mm pistol with three high capacity magazines. They found ammo cans for the 5.56mm, the 9mm and a couple of hundred hand loads for the LM 308SS C and a full case of number four buck for the shotgun. The only other thing they took were a couple of cases of MRE's and a couple of back packs that were in the truck. One of the assailants had a had a large kukri attached to his belt in a kydex tactical sheath that had another knife and a survival kit of some kind made onto the custom sheath.

    Junior said, “I have always wanted one of these and I bet this is a custom job based on the sheath.”

    Jeff said, “Go for it man. Now get your truck turned around and heading back towards home. I will set these things ablaze. I think busting the oil pan and the fuel tanks will be enough to get the these to burn like crazy.”

    Jeff got started and Junior went to the truck and did a classic three-point turn as Jeff set a rag he had dipped in oil on fire and threw it at the truck and then repeated the process for the Mustang. The two vehicles were burning profusely as the pair headed back towards town and the farm.

    As Jeff and Junior were leaving the scene of the battle and taking the first right and a back way to the Farm Double J was driving down a long Pecan tree lined entrance road to the Farm house, or more like a three story Antebellum house. A plantation home that had been completely rebuilt at least twice and maybe three times in its hundred years plus life span depending on who you ask.

    The last time was just five years past, with the adding of central heat and air conditioning and complete Solar Power with backup Wind Generation and a fairly large diesel generator. The Generator had only been used so far one day every month for twelve hours to make sure it was functioning in case it was needed. The Cantrell farm was completely of grid including the small dairy and to the eye of Double J he would describe it one way “Old money.”

    His mind wandering Double J said to himself snap out of it big guy and get Ms. Tommie to the people who can help. As he came out of the Pecan lined drive the house was even bigger than he had thought originally and Julie and Janice and another older Lady were standing at the foot of the steps awaiting their arrival with what looked like a gurney. Pulling up he went past the awaiting Ladies to place the truck back doors in line with where they were standing. Setting the trucks parking breaks, he shut down the truck and eased out of the clutch holding his foot hard on the brakes to keep the big trucking from lurching forward and rocking. Double J jumped out of the truck leaving the door open and ran to the back to open the rear passageway on the big vehicle for the ladies.

    As Double J opened the doors the three Ladies like well-oiled machine ascended on the back of the truck and Tommie almost knocking Alex down in the process. After about thirty or forty seconds they said, “Let's load her on the gurney and get her in the house.”

    As Double J and Alex helped put Tommie on the rolling stretcher the youngest of the three ladies was putting an IV line into the hand of Tommie. Tommie was under an hour so she may just need blood if they could match her with a source here at the farm.

    A few minutes later Julie said, “She is Blood Type A positive do we have any one here with that type blood. That we know of already.”

    Janice replied, “Dave is A positive and I think Junior is also. Neither of which are here right now, Junior is still fifteen to twenty minutes away and Dad a little less, at the dairy barn.”

    Sticking her head out the door Julie said, “Hey, big guy what type of blood do you have, or do you know?” speaking to Double J who had just come in from moving his truck away from the front door.

    Double J said, “O negative, the universal donor. I just gave a couple of weeks ago though. They are always calling and asking me to give as soon as my time is up to give again.”

    Julie smiles a wicked smile of a health professional and said, “Come with me Big Guy. We have some important work to do to help your friend. She needs some blood right now and you are just the man for the job.”

    The would-be Napoleon grabbed Double J by the arm and tugged him inside the area that the Cantrell's had set up as an aid station many years before. Before Double J could protest he was sitting in a chair with fold up table on either side to place your arm while giving blood.

    Janice said, “Now Big Guy slide that chair right over here beside your friend and we can get started.” Double J did as he was told and not long after he had a hookup in his arm and they were testing his blood. Then they started feeding his blood directly into Tommie.

    Double J said, “I didn't think I was supposed to give this shortly after having given blood.”

    Janice replied, “A big guy like your self could probably give after a couple of days. We are not going to give more than a pint of your blood. Not that much if my husband or Junior will get here. A pint from you and a quart from one of the others will probably be enough. If not then we will have another whole quart in Junior, then if we have to you can give her the other pint. If you are good as soon as you give your blood, I will bring you a big piece of homemade pecan pie with a scoop of Butter Pecan ice cream again freshly churned last night and a glass of whole milk.”

    Double J said, “And to think I been giving at the Red Cross and the hospital when they call and all I ever get is a store-bought cookie and paper cup of OJ. Man have I been selling myself cheap.”

    Janice said, “You are a card, Big Guy, what is your name?”

    “Well Ma'am, my Christian name is Jeremiah James Stokley, everybody just calls me Double J for short I guess, don't know where or when it started,” truthfully answered Double J.

    Julie answered, “I am going to call you Jeremiah. A fine strapping man such as yourself should be called by his given name not a moniker. Jeremiah do you want one scoop or two. I am guessing two,” and smiled a Motherly smile at Jeremiah. As she continued to let the blood flow into his friend well past the pint level. Right beside Julie her Mother-in-law retired MD and her Daughter -in-Law Janice checked Tommie's vital signs and her wounds.

    As Julie was using her best bed side manor to get her way with Double J, Dave was heading from the dairy cattle barn and Dave Jr. and Jeff were making their way on the back roads of Alabama towards the sixth generation Cantrell home house.
    Dave arrived first and was quickly ushered into the spot Double J had been holding and setup to replace him in the process. Julie walked out with Jeremiah as she couldn't bear to stick her husband with a needle as he hated them so much. All stemming from inner ear infections an antibiotic injection as a kid. Walking out holding Jeremiah's arm the pair almost ran into a couple of field hands who had just came in from their chores for lunch. Joe Weaver who went by Weaver and Paul Simmons, they had ridden in from the dairy barn with Dave as he came on the John Deere ATV.

    Julie made quick introductions and told the two long time hands to take Jeremiah with them to the dining area and to tell Barbara Sue that there would be a couple extras for lunch today. She went straight back into the examination room and huddled with Francis and Janice who had been dealing more with the patient.

    Francis said and Janice agreed, “The arm wound is fine, we will allow it to drain. We have cleaned the wound and given her some antibiotics through her IV. The best we have, if I could get to the Pharmacy we could order more powerful medicines. The medicines aren't the problem, I used the only real diagnostic tool we have the Ultrasound and I am sure there are at least two pieces of either bullet or bone still floating around in the wound on her hip. They need to be removed and soon. I could get Dr. Adams to help he owes me, that is if he is alright after the attack on the hospital. He lives downtown so we would have to go in the other farm truck. We need to go now.”

    Dave hearing the conversation said, “Do we owe this girl all that?”

    “David Cantrell, your Father would turn over in his grave if he heard you turning down help to someone who can't help themselves. I am thinking of turning you over my knee myself. You and I both know that is not the way of the Cantrell's. Please, drop that nonsense right now,” said Francis.

    Dave Jr. who had come in the room and heard the conversation said, “If it is protection you need I say take the big guy, Double J, I think is his name. He shot Johnny Mcbee right in the head while he was holding the girl hostage. I was in the war and so was Alex and neither of us have ever seen anything like what he did. He didn't hesitate and he sure didn't miss.”

    “Okay Alex get Junior and the big guy to take Momma to see Doc Adams, you need to stay in case the lady needs more blood. We need to see if we can bring him here and his Daughter too. They aren't safe in town and they probably don't have two days’ worth of food in their house. They have been eating out every night for years,” said Dave.

    Alex said, “Yes sir,” and turned and headed towards the dining area knowing that would be where his brother would be found and probably the big guy, too.
    Finding the two eating he told them what was needed. Double J said, “I found some stuff in that Mustang that might make our journey a little safer. I want to go and get it before we leave.”

    Jeff said, “I have something you might like too, Double J. A couple of nice STI 9mm pistols with competition magazines, probably twenty rounders’ and a custom VEPR -12 and lots of magazines for the shotgun.”

    A few minutes later Double J came back wearing the shoulder holster and carrying an ammo can. Double J said, “Those guys were raiders and thieves, look in this can.”
    Jeff, Dave Jr. and Alex looked in the can and it was full of cash and jewelry, some of the jewelry was of the very expensive type like the guns. Jeff said, “Yeah, Junior and I talked about the expensive guns on the way back and he is pretty sure whose collection they came from, a family of good friends of the Cantrell's and fellow local Farmer.”

    Jeff handed Double J the two STI 9mm pistols and said, “Give me the Taurus and the FEG the new pistols should fit in the same cheap holsters till we can find some kydex to make new ones and new magazine carriers.”

    Jeff took the two older pistols as Double J put magazines in the STI and chambered a round cocking the hammer and engaged the safety. This placed the weapons in Condition One, Cocked and Locked, ready to rock. Placing all four of the extra twelve-round VEPR magazines on his battle belt he hefted the AK cloned action and said, “Not a bad balance for an AK platform, like the AR action better one of those Turkish's deals would have been better. I do like this short barrel, I'm guessing fourteen and the flash hider.”

    Double J continued walking towards the front of the house saying, “Okay, point me towards this truck and let's get Momma Doc over to her friends and them back so they can fix little Ms. Tommie,” moving way faster than a man of his size and age should possible move.

    Walking out the front one of the farm hands had already pulled a four door F-450 Diesel with a cover on the back around to the front of the house. Double J walked to the truck, opened the front driver’s door and popped the hood. He checked the oil, water, transmission fluid, batteries and brake fluid levels before polling on the belts and looking at the hoses. Closing the hood with a big smile on his face, whomever took care of the Chastain vehicles did a good job and needed to be commended.
    The truck was probably seven or eight years old but everything under the hood was newer and well maintained. Starting the truck, the big Diesel fired right and ran smooth after waiting for the glow plug light to go off. Seeing Junior coming with his Grandmother, Double J jumped out to help the Grandmother and retired Doctor into the front seat. Opening the door and reaching to help Doctor Francis into the truck he was rewarded by a light smack on the hand and a verbal response from Dr. Cantrell telling him to get around to his side of the truck and drive she was able to get in by herself and time was a wasting.

    All the while moving to the driver's side to get in the vehicle Double J said, “Yes Ma'am. I am doing just that Ma'am. We are on our way, point and I will follow, Ma'am,” jumping into the truck and quickly buckling up, as the truck moved forward towards the tree lined driveway and town.

    Janice and Julie were discussing if they should give Tommie any more pain medicine and deciding that see was resting seemingly pain free, the duo agreed to wait at least a while longer. As they were finishing talking Tommie said, “Some water would be nice and I really need to tinkle.”

    The two healers went to her and started explaining and asking questions. Janice said, “We need to insert a catheter and that will take care of the tinkle problem.”

    Julie continued where Janice had dropped the conversation saying, “I will wipe your lips with a wet cloth and get you some ice chips. We are going to have to perform some surgery to remove some bone and bullet fragments from your wound. We will not be able to give you any fluids by mouth until this is completed.” As Janice was completing the catheter, and Julie was administering some ice chips, Tommie eased on back into a restful sleep, at least for now.

    Continued on next page

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    A Day late and a Dollar Short - Chapter 4 Segment 2

    Chapter - 4 continued

    A few minutes later Barbara Sue knocked on the door with a large serving platter with sandwiches and soup along with a pitcher of ice tea. Barbara Sue said, “A thought you ladies might need some refreshments and just how is our new house guest doing.” The Ladies got washed up and while eating explained to Barbara Sue that doing well now their guest would need more surgery and was not out of the woods, yet.

    Barbara Sue got up the food tray and left the tea pitcher saying, “I am going to say a special prayer for this fine young Lady,” and with that she was out the door and gone.

    As Barbara Sue was setting down the tray to clean and wash the dishes, Double J was easing through town. It wasn't quite as untouched as it had been a mere few hours ago. Several buildings were burning including the Town Hall and a gas station and the Town was unusually quiet and no one was at any of the buildings or on the streets. It had the look and feel of a modern-day Ghost Town.

    Double J said, “Junior, you ready to rock and roll back there. Go ahead and roll down both back windows and before you ask. We don't know when we will be able to get a replacement and it is going to get loud in here when it is time to play. It will be a little better if the windows are down, not much, just a little and every bit will help.”
    Junior said, “I am wearing my SureFire EP3 ear plugs from the National Guard. I am good on the hearing, problem.”

    “Good deal I am wearing the EP4 Sonic Defender Plus from SureFire. Some say they are a little better with the three rings. I wear them cause my head is big and they fit better, I wish I was in my truck I have lots of ear plugs in the truck. We use them for the crew. We buy them the good one’s half of them loose them in a week. Some keep these for six months then toss them and get new ones. I have some high dollar ones with hearing enhancement features that I guess I need to start wearing now, might save my big carcass from the bad guys,” laughed Double J.

    Doc Francis said, “Son, you need to take the next left and then a quick right after one short block. His house is the third one on the left. We are going to pass a Beer, Liquor, and wine store on your side when you make the left, second building on your side, Jeremiah,” as the good Doctor pulled a Ruger Sp101 from her carry bag and a couple of speed strips.

    Double J checking the action on the VEPR-12 said, “Very nice weapon, .357 Magnum or .38 Special?” She replied, “.357 caliber it is loaded with .38 Special 158 grain semi-jacketed hollow points in plus P.”

    “Nice choice in weapon and ammunition. Doctor Cantrell can you drive a stick,” asked Double J.

    “Of course, I am country girl and had to drive a tractor and hay wagons before they were all automatics. Why do you ask,” she questioned?

    Double J said, “Because I may need you to shift the gears if I am busy firing this shotgun at the bad guys,” and smiled that famous Double J smile at Doc.

    She said, “Boy…. you think you are something, don't you? That may work on city folk and idiots. I am neither. I am here to get it done and if you need something just ask.”

    Double J said, “No disrespect meant Ma'am guess I been selling too long. I do have a bunch of money compliments of one Johnny Mcbee's crew that we might could put to good use if you know anywhere we can get stuff.”

    She said, “We will go to the feed and seed. The real one the one only us Farmers really know about after we get Doctor Adams and his daughter. Now make that turn and do you need to go to fourth or third,” and winked a wink of merriment at the Big Guy.

    “Third please and I will be back on it quick. Speed is life in the driving business. I am guessing you already knew all that though,” said Double J.

    “You have to get up yesterday to pull one on Granny,” said Junior from the back with a big, “You know that's right,” added by the Doctor.

    As they made the turn it was evident where the bad guys had assembled to blow off some steam. The local alcohol mart, with the parking lot haphazardly full of low riders and Whips, parked in all directions. Double J gunned the big truck gaining momentum quickly but smoothly as he made the turn and went by the Gang Bangers and making the next turn quickly.

    “Junior watch them are they following. Let me know if they do,” said Double J as he darted into the driveway and then let the Doctor and Junior get out before starting getting the truck heading back out of the driveway.

    After getting the Ford situated. He picked up his bag of tricks from his F-550 got out a double hand full of his homemade Caltrops and two smoke and teargas grenades, almost half of his supply. Jeff and he could make more; they had made these. He laid them in the back seat for Junior to use if they were needed. Double J was hoping the Gang Bangers were more interested in Alcohol than him and his new friends. Either way he was ready.

    Doctor Francis and Junior had disappeared into the house as soon as they knocked on the door almost. He hoped that meant their friends were still there and in one piece. The house had been something at one time. The once five thousand square foot mansion looked as if it was about ten plus years passed its prime.

    Double J reckoned the Doctor wife passing was probably the start of the houses demise. Doctor Adams was just not as concerned with the looks of the house for the once many guests as his wife had been. After what seemed like an hour but in reality, was only six or seven minutes Double J was about to leave the truck and go see what the holdup was. The door opened and Junior came out of the house with his hands full of two large duffel type bags. Seeing that Double J went and open the back cover and dropped the tailgate before going back to his post of watching for the Bangers.

    Junior said, “Thanks, going back for more. We will probably not be able to get all the medicines and diagnostic stuff the Doctor has accumulated over the years. Hopefully we can get the best and most useful and go out the other direction, without any rock and roll, as you like to say,” while heading back inside.

    At the door, he met a six foot one, tall drink of water with Ginger hair pulled back and a Roll Tide ball cap with the pony tail out the back. Double J guessed this Lady weighed in at least a buck seventy-five or better and probably played Softball or Volleyball at Bama. She wasn't built for basketball more the other two or a track and field athlete maybe the Hammer throw. She was carrying two duffels just like Junior had on his first run and threw them into the back of the truck and was gone as quickly as she appeared not saying a word. this procession back and forth of Junior and the Ginger went on for like eight more trips each.

    Junior finally said, “One more trip a piece for Bridgette and I and we will be ready to load up and ride. Be ready to drive we have a load of valuable stuff.”

    Double J said, “Send the Doctors on out and I can get them loaded up in the truck, while the two of you finish the loading of the goods.”

    A couple of more anxious minutes and the Cantrell's Ford truck was loaded to the gills and heading away from the Gang Bangers and the Alcohol Mart. Leaving the house in the opposite way from which they came Double J said, “Do I need to go up a couple of blocks and double back towards the main drag or is there a better way to get back to the Farm without losing too much time?”

    Junior said, “Go up to the next major cross road and head back toward the main drag when you get to it just keep on going straight across. We will go a mile or so and then take a different road back to the main road a few miles out of town. That should be safer.”

    Ten minutes later as they turned onto the main road heading towards home, Double J was the first to spot the two cars blocking the road out of town. Double J said, “Everybody stays cool. I will handle this. I am going to get out of the truck and go and talk with these clowns. If anything goes south, Junior you hit those cars with all you got right in the middle, that is the easiest way through the roadblock. I know that doesn't sound or look right just trust me on this. Do not wait for me just get the heck out of here and back to the Farm as quick as possible. I will make sure they can't follow you at least,” as he slowed to a stop about fifty feet from the roadblock and got out walking towards the six Gang Bangers he could see manning the roadblock out of town.

    Staggering just a little and in his best drunken jive voice Double J said, “Where you boys been rolling, me, X, Red and Eight ball been looking for yawl clowns. We got our ride shot out from under us by some redneck, half breed, Momma loving, corn bread eating, pimple faced white trash back over by the I-20. We had to take their crappy truck after they shot ours up. Know what I mean. Now where's the Liquor and the Weed been out for a whole day and we's ready turn this place out.”

    Double J's talking had got all of the Gang members out from behind the rides but one. Figuring that these were as good of odds as he was going to get. He turned sideways left foot forward toward the bangers and bringing his shotgun up in a firing position went full throttle rock and roll with the VEPR-12. Dropping the twelve rounds out of the magazine in less than three seconds. Dropping three of the Bangers outright dead and destroying the engines and tires on the two low riders.
    Going for a New York reload, the MP9 under his left shoulder was the first weapon back on scene and ripping 148 grain 9mm rounds out before the echo of the VEPR had settled. As he sprayed the two remaining Gang members that were in front of their autos with six hundred rounds per minute of 9mm. Double J pulled the STI DVC Tactical with his right hand from its holster and started firing at the one guy who was still behind the cars and popping up every once in a while, to take a shot at him.

    When the Brugger & Thomet went dry he dropped it on its sling and reached for the STI Marauder with his left hand. All the while Double J continued to close the distance to the cars and the last remaining obstacle to getting back to the Farm and Tommie the Doctors. Four steps later he came around the 70's Impala with the thirties and the ten-thousand-dollar paint job. As he did, the would-be thug was just about to turn and run before two 9mms, one from each of his new toys hit center mass, dropping the thug where he crouched.

    Walking to the driver's door of the Impala he got in and tried to get the car to start for it to move. The motor caught with an awful noise and he threw it in reverse and gunned the engine. The car made it six feet before the motor died completely. Jumping out he ran to the other car which started immediately but was smoking like a freight train and he backed it up and motioned for Junior to come on through.
    Junior still in shock at the stone-cold killer that had gotten out of the truck and he had been having lunch with not two hours prior in his own house. Doctor Francis said, “Snap out of it Dave Jr. and get us on the other side of those cars. I think he wants to close the road back up if he can. Now drive, son.”

    As the Ford pulled through, Double J drove the car into the Impala re-blocking the road with the two autos. Sliding through and out the passenger side Double J ran and retrieved the eight Glocks from the six bodies and twelve extra magazines. Then he ran for the truck and got in the back seat saying, “Home Junior, now. These two fine Doctors have work to do on my friend.”

    Finally, almost back in the land of the living Junior nodded his head in the universal yes answer and put the truck in gear. A short fifteen-minute ride they were back at the Farm and Junior had a tail to tell about Double J and the gang bangers. To all his family and the Farm hands.

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    Whew! What a chapter! Bet I read faster than you write! I'll have to go back and read again for more details. LOL.
    Thanks for sharing your great story!
    What we are is God's gift to us.
    What we become is our gift to God.

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    I'm with you Kua. This was a hard chapter to read slowly... well, I don't think I could read it slowly, too much excitement.

    Thanks for thinking of us ,223. Oh, and we want Tommy to live.

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    Great chapter with lots of excitement!!

    I bet the family will love to have Double J and Jeff "on board" while Tommy is recuperating! I bet the guys there will even learn a thing or two or three from them!! I hope they ask Double J and Jeff for some "hints and tips" to protect the family when they and Tommy have to leave.

    Thanks!! And just have to add..........MOAR!! LOLOLOLOL!!
    "Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.
    In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths."
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    Another great chapter 223, thank you...



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    Darn it, I read it to fast...Now I get to wait for another entry, LOL! Thank you so much 223.
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    Woo-Hoo! Great chapters; Thanks!

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    The wait kills me.


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