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OT/MISC Has anybody had any experience with the 'circumnews' site? Online funds $ with no effort.
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    May 2001
    Buffalo, NY

    Has anybody had any experience with the 'circumnews' site? Online funds $ with no effort.

    Just curious,

    After finding this site, I did a google search to find out if it's a scam, so far, nobody has indicated that it is.

    Here's a quick comment from the 'living frugal' site on one of my searches:

    What is CircumNews and Is It Legit?

    Earlier today in our Facebook Group, I posted about a new site that was for earning income at home.

    The biggest question everyone asked was – Is CircumNews Legit?

    CircumNews is very new and they take up to 14 days to transfer the money to your PayPal. At this point, I have not yet received a payment from them. But I have cashed out – TWICE!

    You are paid $2.00 (or more) per item that they ask you to read. You must reach $100.00 in your account to cash out.

    While I have not yet been paid – there is nothing to lose by just trying it out! You are not required to give ANY personal information such as address or birth date. I simply put in my first name, last name, and PayPal email!

    How to Get Started:

    Visit CircumNews and Sign up for FREE
    Click “Read News”
    Click on the article that you want to read
    Read what is required
    Click Confirm
    Answer and type in what the two numbers add up to they show in the box and click confirm.

    Another note that I wanted to be sure and add is that when you are being asked for your PayPal account number – that is your sign in email.
    And from 'Yahoo questions':

    Has anyone used Circumnews?

    Sara B asked 5 days ago

    I'm trying to figure out if they're a scam or not but a google search turns up pretty dry.

    Answers (10)

    Answerer #1 answered 22 hrs ago

    It's actually pretty neat and the concept makes sense. Within 30 minutes, I cashed out $300, which now I make $2.60 per article read. Plus, referring others is a win win......

    Answerer #2 answered 22 hrs ago

    You get paid $2 per article, but they only give you a limited number of articles to read per day, and they don't pay you out until you have reached $100 in earnings. You can earn $30 the first day just by reading the articles. The best thing to do is get referrals! $9 per person plus 10% of their earnings. It's not too hard to make it to the $100 mark and get paid out. Definitely easy money. Give it a try, sign up!

    Answerer #3 answered 20 hrs ago

    I would recommend if you signed up with your EMAIL, create a different password then what your original email is. Or else they will have this info to FISH your account. Just a heads up for a website that is unsafe like this one especially being in different country.

    Really I just tried it, click on a article didn't even read it and got $2.00 on my account. This is too good to be true, don't you think? IF they want to boost client's website then wouldn't you have to click a link to their site, just bringing a legit question? (Any SEO tech people answer this?)

    I wouldn't be surprised if they ask for your PayPal account and Password to confirm so BE CAREFUL that is all I have to say until someone show proof bank statement or a check that this is actually true. I see it everywhere that they claimed to make $300 but SHOW ME YOUR PAYPAL SCREENSHOT!

    Answerer #4 answered 1 day ago

    The real way to make money is to get people to use your referral link when signing up. My friend who I signed up under has only read 2 articles herself but has gotten over 100 referrals in about 12 hours and has made around 1,000 already! ATTENTION! NOW YOU CAN GET PAID FOR READING NEWS ARTICLES! NO COST TO JOIN! NO PERSONAL INFORMATION NEEDED, NO CREDIT CARD #, ONLY AN EMAIL ADDRESS. USA & UK ONLY. GO

    Answerer #5 answered 2 days ago

    Ella or anybody, How do you get more mail to read on I only get like 4-5 a day and I read people is getting 300 in 2 and half days, how are they doing that?

    Answerer #6 answered 19 hrs ago

    Already tried and got money transferred to Paypal account.. It's works.. Feel Free to use this link

    Answerer #7 edited 23 hrs ago

    I am using it now! I love it and its legit! I made $300 in 2 1/2 days. Good luck

    Answerer #8 answered 22 hrs ago
    It works great

    Answerer #9 edited 1 day ago

    This seems both safe & too good to be true ~ this business is less than a month old so there is the urge to jump in early but I am concerned, for those of us who are going to try this lets be VERY careful with our passwords!

    Don't know how much longer it might be active as a site, but according to the ten minutes I read their linked articles in, I earned $30.00. How much simpler could it be?

    Vist the site, read the FAQ's here:

    As usual, if it seems to be too good to be true, then it probably is. But, hey I figured why not? Plus, I created a totally different account at 'Payza' so as to not include my 'paypal' account information.

    If you are going to join up, use this link: and I'll get a referral, and as a disclaimer, referrals put $ money into my account. If you find it easy and worthwhile and quite possibly profitable (who knows?), then share the link they provide you, for any referrals you might decide to pass on. Granted, it wouldn't hurt my feelings if you include my link instead, but you might as well have the funds in your account, rather than mine.

    Last edited by michaelteever; 11-06-2013 at 03:48 PM. Reason: Darn fingers, and use of correct words

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    Portland, Oregon
    Is it too good to be true? Is it something for (almost) nothing?

    If the answer to either question is "yes," then why would anyone want to get involved with it?

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    May 2001
    Buffalo, NY
    Quote Originally Posted by tanstaafl View Post
    Is it too good to be true? Is it something for (almost) nothing?

    If the answer to either question is "yes," then why would anyone want to get involved with it?
    Exactly my thoughts tanstaafl, but since I gave nothing more than my e-mail address and other innoculous information which wouldn't hurt me in any way, for example: account numbers for things, password for things, and such.

    I didn't see the harm, granted it may come back to bite me in the butt, who knows? But, so far, I've provided nothing more than a name and address, obviously personal info, not very hard to locate on the internet. Even by an amateur even like myself, believe it or not.

    No SSN required to actually make me concerned.

    I'll update this, as things move along.


    As an addendum, the information I provided was for the 'payza' account, not this site. Nothing other than my name and e-mail address was provided to the circumnews site.
    Last edited by michaelteever; 11-06-2013 at 07:10 PM. Reason: added info


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