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HEALTH Cure drink for cancer...
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    Cure drink for cancer...

    I can't tell you if it is true, but I believe if it does no harm & if it helps that is all the better. Hope this will help many people here at TB who have been dealing with cancer lately in their life of a relatives.....

    Miracle Drink Kills Cancer Cells Too
    Posted on March 30, 2013 by Gillian
    Before Itís News March 29 2013

    This miracle drink has been circulating for some time. A celebrity (Mr. Seto) swears by it. Mr. Seto had lung cancer. A famous herbalist from China recommended he take this drink. He drank it regularly for 3 months. Now his health is restored and he is ready to take a pleasure trip, all thanks to this drink. He is bringing the recipe to the attention of people who have cancer or otherwise would like to improve their health. The drink stops bad cells forming in the body and/or restrains their growth.

    According to Mr. Seto it is like a miracle drink! And it is simple.


    Combine one beet root, one carrot and one apple to make the juice! Wash the fruit and vegetables, cut into pieces with the skin on and put them into the juicer and immediately drink the juice.

    You can add lime or lemon for a more refreshing taste.

    This drink is effective for the following ailments:

    Prevents cancer cells from developing by restraining growth
    Prevents liver, kidney, pancreas disease
    Cures ulcers
    Strengthens the lungs
    Prevents heart attack and high blood pressure
    Strengthens the immune system
    Is good for the eyesight (eliminates red, tired eyes or dry eyes)
    Helps to eliminate pain from physical training, muscle ache
    Detoxifies, assists bowel movement, eliminates constipation making skin healthy and radiant.
    Is great for acne problems
    Improves bad breath due to indigestion, throat infection,
    Relieves bodily aches and pains
    Assists hay fever sufferers from having hay fever attacks
    There are absolutely no adverse side effects. Highly nutritious and easily absorbed. Very effective if you need to lose weight. Also, you will notice your immune system improves after taking for 2 weeks

    You must drink immediately after juicing for best effects.

    Original source

    Edited by Gillian Grannum
    God Bless Us & God Bless America!

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    I drink this everyday, and i dont even have cancer, but I usually add a couple of kale leaves. always juice organic or homegrown.

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    Pardon the ignorance here, but I'm not at all well-versed on the whole juicing thing. What exactly does it mean? Do you liquify the vegetables and then drink the entire "slurry" or do you strain them after processing and drink only the juice separated from the leftover pulp? TIA.

    Best regards

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doc1 View Post
    Pardon the ignorance here, but I'm not at all well-versed on the whole juicing thing. What exactly does it mean? Do you liquify the vegetables and then drink the entire "slurry" or do you strain them after processing and drink only the juice separated from the leftover pulp? TIA.

    Best regards
    The juicers that I have used strain most of the pulp. Yes you drink the entire slurry. I suppose a heavy duty, high horsepower blender could liquify the entire fruit/ veggie. I have alway use a juicer machine.
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    Where can you get beet root?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FloridaGirl View Post
    Where can you get beet root?
    That's my question too ;-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by FloridaGirl View Post
    Where can you get beet root?
    Quote Originally Posted by JF&P View Post
    That's my question too ;-)
    The beet is the root.
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    This is for "once a day" . . . right? The article doesn't say if you drink this more than once a day. Sounds good and healthy too.
    Beet root is like saying carrot root - I guess the sizes must be comparable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FloridaGirl View Post
    Where can you get beet root?
    Beet root = beets, as opposed to the green beet tops.

    Juice machines are designed to extract the contents of the plant cells and are more efficient at this than are most blenders.

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    Don't know how effective the drink is - but those ingredients are ALL good things to have in ones it wouldn't be surprising to find out
    that it IS a decent cancer fighting drink.

    Lots of evidence that sugar in all forms is not good to consume - so try to minimize that as well as the chemicals that the food industry
    insists on dumping into everything we buy.

    Avoid GMO (FrankenFoods) containing products if at all possible - the jury is still deliberating on this, but the evidence is damning.
    Last edited by blueridge; 03-30-2013 at 06:25 PM.

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    We drink this recipe without the carrot and plus ginger often.

    Our other favorite is green lemonade.

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    There are huge differences with what juicers can do.

    Welcome to Healing Cancer’s Juicers & Juicing Pages (1) !

    "Juice fasting can produce immediate and dramatic improvement. I have seen results producing a "cancer free" condition in as little as three weeks. I have no hard numbers to quote, but my observation and opinion is that those who diligently apply these principles have at least an 80% chance of complete remission in two months. ...Often a juice fasting procedure is all that is needed for successfully treating cancer. ...I have seen many people make complete recoveries from cancer by juicing alone."
    Bob Davis who healed his prostate cancer by colon cleansing/detox diet & juice fasting

    Tom Robbins jokes in "Even Cowgirls Get The Blues" that “human beings were invented by water as a device for transporting itself from one place to another”. And indeed, a large percentage of our bodies is water, and water, including that contained in fruit and vegetables, is The primordial element of life. Some (often successful) therapies for cancer and degenerative disease such as the Gerson therapy and the Breuss diet hinge or at least heavily lean upon the use of juicers to allow the liberal consumption of freshly squeezed vegetables and fruits.

    As cancer victor George Malkmus affirms, "many digestive systems are not functioning well and the sicker the person, the more difficult it is to digest and assimilate the nutrients in raw vegetables, because they contain the pulp or fiber. But with the pulp or fiber removed, the nutrients can pass directly into the blood stream and within minutes are feeding the cells and restoring the immune system." George Malkmus healed himself of colon cancer by switching to a vegetarian regime composed largely of raw fruits and vegetables, amending his lifestyle and ”drinking lots of freshly extracted carrot* juice“.

    “... [N]ot only was my cancer gone, but so were all my other physical problems. These included high blood pressure, severe sinus and allergy problems, hemorrhoids, hypoglycemia, fatigue, pimples... even body odor and dandruff!"

    George Malkmus writes that “... Our body is a living organism made up of living cells, and living cells require living food (raw food) to function properly ... the fastest way to restore the body to wellness is not through the eating of raw food alone, but also by consuming large quantities of raw, freshly-extracted vegetable juices. The juices do not heal. But what they do is provide the body with concentrated building materials so the body can heal itself. The first part of the body that will restore when given the proper nutrients is the immune system. As the immune system restores, then it seeks out the trouble spots throughout the body and starts to heal them. And it doesn't matter what the symptoms are, the body is self-healing when we stop the offense and provide the body cells with the proper building materials".

    * According to Dr. Raymond A. Shamberger’s “Study on role Vitamin A plays in building the Body’s Defense system” (Dept. of Biochemistry, the Cleveland Clinic, Ohio), “Vitamin A is one of the most important aids to the body’s defense system fighting and preventing cancer. When subjected to carcinogens, this vitamin has a remarkable ability to inhibit the introduction and/or retard the growth of both malignant and non-malignant tumors.” Carrots offer an abundace of carotene, the Vitamin A precursor which the body converts into Vitamin A in the presence of some fat. “The juice should be taken 15-30 minutes before your vegetable meal.” (

    While carrots seem to have great nutritional value, they also have a high glycemic index and might be best and most advantageously juiced in combination with greens. And unconfirmed voices add the warning to “make absolutely sure that any veggie is organic, especially carrots” since “buying non-organic root vegetables is a very bad idea. Root vegetables are known as ‘soil cleansers’ which means that they take up the contaminants in the soil. That's why there are high amounts of pesticides and other contaminants in potatoes, carrots, turnips, etc -- and other root crops.”
    Best juicers, especially for cancer patients

    Copyright © 2004 & 2005 Healing Cancer Naturally

    There is a bewildering maze of juicers on offer - and to help you find your way among them, here is a summary of my findings as to the question “Which are the ‘best’ juicers, especially for cancer patients?”

    Juicers generally fall into three categories: triturating, masticating, and centrifugal. These have to do with the method of extracting and separating the juice from the pulp. To preserve the highest nutritional value of juices, juicers should be as low-temperature and low-speed as possible.

    The very best juicers for cancer patients seem to be the Norwalk and the K & K juicer, both “Grinder and Press” (two-step triturating) types. The Gerson Institute confirms that “[b]ased on many years of experience, the best juicers [for a Gerson patient] are the Norwalk and K&K juicers.” (More here).

    Second place appears to be taken up by excellent juicers such as the Green Power and Green Star (also of the triturating type), qualified as “excellent machines for the price” with “quality of juice far superior to centrifugal and masticating juicers” (more here for those looking for a “best” juicer for general health maintenance purposes).

    Next in quality seem to be the masticating juicers such as the New Omega Model 8002. Masticating machines operate at a faster speed than triturating juicers but at a slower speed than centrifugal ones. They chew the fibers and break up the cells of vegetables and fruits. This gives you more fiber, enzymes, vitamins and trace minerals. Masticating machines are in their turn profoundly better than

    Centrifugal juicers (which spin at high velocity e.g., Ruby, Santos, Miracle Growth) and which are definitely inadequate. Among other things, the high velocity kills enzymes. They seem to be coming in last for nutritional juice quality and are not recommended for cancer patients. Healthy people may also want to avoid them since they seem to destroy much of the healthful ingredients normally found in fresh and fully ripened vegetables and fruit (more here).

    From the Gerson Institute:
    ”Juicing is an essential component of the Gerson Therapy. To ensure reliable results, the Gerson patient will need to purchase an appropriate juicer. Dr. Gerson's research indicates that cancer patients must have a two-stage juicer with a separate grinder and hydraulic press. One-step juicers generally do not produce the same quality of enzyme, mineral or micronutrient content, and some patients have failed to experience results simply by using the wrong juicer.
    We do not recommend the use of any centrifugal-type juicers for Gerson patients. Other non-centrifugal juicers may be used for health maintenance or non-cancer diagnoses.”

    There are several options for patients that fulfill Dr. Gerson‘s requirement of a separate grinder and press to accomplish the best extraction and highest quality in juicing:

    Norwalk Juicer: Powerful Grinder and Automatic Hydraulic Press in a single unit. The grinder mechanism turns at a slow rate, and the separate, motorized hydraulic press extracts the juice from the ground pulp. Effortless to operate. Same machine used at Gerson approved Hospital. Costs $1995-$2095, works on 110 or 220 Volts. Available at the Gerson hospital from the local distributor (or see my Links page under “Juicers”).

    K & K GRINDER & PRESS: The K&K juicer is actually two separate units, one a grinder (connected to an electric motor) and the other, a manually operated press requiring some strength of the arm and shoulder. The K&K juicers are usually less expensive but more labour-intensive than Norwalk juicers. Available through Al Hasser, 14410 Big Canyon Rd, Middletown, CA 95461 Telephone 707-928-5970 (Shredder all stainless $750, Press $275 + shipping & handling or $1000 + S&H if ordered together). (See Updated Buying Information for K & K Grinder & Press.)

    Champion: Not used as a juicer but as a grinder only; plus for instance the K & K press (see above), Ito Juice Press or Welles press. (Also compare Updates and comments.)
    Superiority of the Norwalk Juicer

    General: The Norwalk triturating machine turning at a slower rpm employs a two-step process. The first step crushes the fruits and vegetables, while the second step wrings or presses the juice. This juicing process gives you more fiber, enzymes, vitamins and trace minerals. Pressing causes the least oxidation of the various juicing methods, i.e. ensures the best preservation of enzymes and nutrients, and produces a pulp-free juice, since the juice is strained through cheese cloth. This type of juicer juices fruits (especially soft ones) better than other types of juicers.

    Greater extraction and mineral yield: “The Bailey Report”, a comparative study of the operation and efficiency of machine "A", a leading centrifugal juicer; machine "B", described as being a juicer, grater and homogenizer; and machine "N", a Norwalk hydraulic press juicer established the following: the Norwalk produces a much greater amount of juice from a given sample than does either of the other juicers in much less time. The extremely fine pulp produced by the Norwalk and the very great pressure applied by the hydraulic press would appear to account for the greater yield of juice and the very marked superiority in the extraction of mineral content. (A similar result should be true for the K & K juicer.)

    Storability and reduced oxygenation (i.e. little nutrient and flavour loss when not immediately consumed): Norwalk juices are expressed gently with a minimum of air mixed into the juice (oxidation). This is why most properly prepared Norwalk juices may be refrigerated in sealed, serving size containers for up to three days with little, if any, apparent loss of color, flavor or nutrients (allowing the convenience of drinking juice from the refrigerator instead of having to make it each time).

    In addition, the Norwalk juices everything, the juice is pulp-free (while the pulp itself is dry and tasteless), it also chops, grinds cereals and nuts, makes baby food, ice cream etc.

    A cheaper solution to substitute for the Norwalk juicer would consist in using the Champion Juicer as a grater, and then the Ito Juice Press, Welles press or K&K press, which are operated manually to squeeze the juice out of the produce.
    Why liquefiers (blenders) and centrifugal juicers don’t work for cancer patients

    From the Gerson Institute: “Dr. Gerson said in his address to a group assembled in Escondido, California in 1956 (Appendix II, p. 406, A Cancer Therapy): ‘At first I thought that liquefiers would be the most wonderful thing. All the material was there, nothing was lost. But it didn't work.’ The rotating blade gives rise to a ‘dynamo effect’, causing electricity to be generated, thus killing enzymes. The same is true of centrifugal juicers. Juices must be made by grinding the vegetables first, mixing them, and then pressing them in a press. We have come across cancer patients who tried to heal themselves on the Gerson Therapy using a centrifugal juicer, but they experienced no improvement [but compare Anecdotal Case History: exclusive Gerson diet/therapy using centrifugal juicer leading to full recovery from terminal pancreatic cancer]. When they tried the Therapy with a Champion juicer, they did well. More seriously ill patients still need the grinding plus pressing type of juicer to properly heal. In response to a question from a patient about the two-step juicing process, Dr. Gerson wrote that ‘the malic acid (contained in the apples) mixed with the ground carrots helps to release the minerals from the carrots.’ In other words, it is necessary to first grind the apples and carrots together into a bowl, using a grinder. Norwalk, K&K or Champion juicers can all be used as grinders, but the Champion cannot be used as a press. The ground materials are mixed and then the mixture is placed in a press cloth and put under pressure in the Norwalk or K&K press. This process produces the best extraction, that is richest in minerals, and best in taste. Juice produced by the Champion juicer alone separates into a transparent liquid at the bottom and mush on top after a very short time. This juice is also harder for the patient to drink because of the particles, and is not as rich and homogeneous in nutrients. More recently the Green Power juicer was introduced. It does a better job of extraction than the Champion when used as a juicer, but it offers no way (as the Champion does) to block the juicing action. It is impossible to use the Green Power juicer solely as a grinder, as it does the grinding and juicing in one operation. While it extracts juice quite efficiently, it does not fulfill Dr. Gerson's requirement of mixing the ground apples and carrots thoroughly before pressing.” (The Gerson Institute also maintains a list of individuals with used juicers for sale.)
    Side note re liquifiers (blenders)

    In addition to Dr. Gerson’s caveat concerning the use of liquefiers, here is another advice to consider: if you're trying to detoxify or heal from cancer or another serious disease, simple liquifiers (blenders) may be totally inadequate because (1) by discarding the pulp and drinking only the liquid (which only a real juicer does), your stomach has room for much more juice, and (2) the nutrients are more concentrated in the juice (enabling you to ingest enormously more detoxifying and cancer-fighting enzymes and nutrients).

    (While the above advice seems to make sense, there are those on the other hand who claim that juice is a “processed” food and that one should preferably consume the entire liquefied vegetable to get its full nutrient content and spectrum in its natural complex...)

    While Dr. Gerson’s conclusions may seem to impose the use of a grinding-plus-pressing type of juicer (such as the Norwalk) for more seriously ill cancer patients to properly heal, there are others such as cancer victor Bob Davis who do not recommend any specific juicer while observing that “often a juice fasting procedure is all that is needed for successfully treating cancer. ...I have seen many people make complete recoveries from cancer by juicing alone”.
    From my own research, the winner among juicers in the general category is the Green Star: it clearly appears to be the best juicer overall for health purposes - so much so that I purchased a Green Star myself and have made it the only product (apart from certain books) that I expressly endorse and highly recommend on this extensive site. I am fully convinced of its unrivalled value for people wishing to include juicing as part of a health-promoting lifestyle. More on the Green Star including a testimonial from a former cancer patient here.
    Update August 2006 re purchase of the K&K juice press
    sent in by a visitor of Healing Cancer Naturally

    “I tried to contact Al Hasser with the phone number provided (707-928-5970) but it has been disconnected. I contacted the Gerson Institute and they referred me to One can purchase a hydraulic press very similar to the K&K press. It appears that the company that makes the K&K press is no longer in business. The Juice Press Factory also carry the champion juicer/grinder as well.”
    Comment January 2008 re quality of the Juice Press Factory press sent in by a visitor of Healing Cancer Naturally

    “I'd found [the above] reference to the Juice Press Factory on your page, and ordered two of these because the K&K is not available- two Champions, and two Juice Press Factory presses. One set for myself, and the second set for my aunt who is suffering from cancer.

    The Champions arrived in good order. A week later, one of the two juice presses arrived.

    I brought one of the Champions and the press to my aunt. Her brother rejected it outright, and suggested I take it home. So at home, I had a chance to try the Juice Press Factory press.

    I found it cumbersome and difficult to use. Set on a standard height countertop, you have to wrestle with it to pump the lower tray to the top. Even set on an 18" high table, there is no handle to grab onto and the unit must still be wrestled with .
    Eventually, I returned the juice press. A refund was sent, but less the expense of a re-stocking fee of $53.25 plus shipping both ways.

    I cannot recommend The Juice Press Factory juice press, especially for use by elderly senior citizens. I am a young 56 myself yet found the press cumbersome. It's my opinion that the Juice Press Factory press is simply not a well developed product.

    I haven't tried the Welles press. I will wait to see if the K&K returns into production.”
    Update May 2007: Answer to a question re using the pulp produced by a Greenstar juicer

    Recently, a visitor of Healing Cancer Naturally asked me the following: “As a cheaper alternative to the Norwalk, you recommend using a grinder (or Champion juicer) and then a juice press for the pulp; I use a Greenstar juicer; is there a need with this juicer to use a press afterwards?”

    As you can see from the above, personally I have the impression that it isn’t imperative to use a Norwalk, K&K etc. for a cancer patient to heal him/herself of cancer, for the simple reason that there are apparently a goodly number of former cancer patients on record, including those healed with the help of the Budwig diet and protocol, who healed themselves using other juicers, even centrifugal ones (or even without resorting to the help of a juicer though I’d recommend including a juicing routine in one’s health and recovery regimen).

    The Greenstar already provides you with excellent quality juice (in fact some of the best after the Norwalk and K&K, with much easier handling). If you additionally wish to ingest all the nutients which may remain in the pulp, it might be best to look for recipes allowing you to incorporate the pulp into other dishes (cooked/baked dish recipes with carrot pulp can be found for instance at Alternatively, a well-known internet physician suggests to stir the pulp back into the juice and to eat the resulting mush like a soup. .
    On the best or the least harmful fruit juices for cancer in general

    by Leonard (leonardleonard1 at

    Gerson therapy includes the drinking of organic (green/granny smith) apple (20 oz/day, mixed with carrot juice), but juice only 8oz at a time. I would also juice organic dark grapes (effective with lung & prostate cancer and leukemia), pomegranate, kiwi (with its peel), and lemon and lime (detoxes liver and kidneys).

    I would AVOID all fruit juice that's not fresh-pressed from a masticating juicer (except perhaps low-sodium tomato/V-8). I would even avoid fresh-pressed juice from fruits other than those above, unless they're very-low-glycemic fruit. Also, juice only a little bit of fruit at a time; drinking too much pure fruit juice at one time elevates blood sugar too quickly. The fruit juices most commonly consumed by people who have "spontaneous remissions" are fresh-squeezed grape and apple juices [compare The Grape Cancer Cure].

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    Five Top Juices For Patients With Cancer

    Cancer is an illness that has been found to be due to a lack of nutrients in our body. It is of prime importance to keep our body healthy otherwise, we are giving way to harmful bacteria and other elements that damages our immune system. Therefore, it affects our wellbeing. Cancer patients need a lot of fruits and vegetables to cleanse their body, flush out toxins and fight the cancer-causing agents thriving inside their body. There are studies suggesting benefits of drinking juices to fight cancer. Or, at least slow the growth of cancer cells, if cannot be cured totally. Let us have a closer look on the following juices that is beneficial to cancer patients.

    juices for cancer

    Carrot juice should be a part of a cancer patient’s diet, as it is considered high in anti-oxidants. It has minerals like calcium, potassium and vitamins B and C. It also contains beta-carotene which is antioxidant abundant. It is also believed that carrot juice may play a part in treating stomach, lungs and breasts cancer. Vitamins and minerals from carrot juice help us in many ways. Carrot juice has many health benefits like vitamin B that encourages metabolism; potassium that helps in heartbeat regulation; and vitamin C that reinforces our blood vessel. Try to incorporate a glass of carrot juice in your diet.

    Pomegranate juice is high in antioxidants, even higher than green tea and red wine. It slows down the development of prostate cancer. It also helps in preventing colon cancer and it has effects that are considered anti-tumorous. Do not forget to include pomegranate in your diet. They contain health benefits that you cannot obtain from other fruit juices.

    Orange juice is usually a part of a healthy diet for most of us. It has limonoids (not present in other vegetables and fruits) that are said to be effective in eliminating certain cancer cells. It is also rich in anti-carcinogens. Do not forget your daily dose of orange juice.

    Grape juice has resveratrol that prevents cancerization of normal cells. It is not just a thirst quencher but it relieves restlessness and promotes urination and digestion. Grape juice is also good for your heart. Not only you can enjoy its sweet taste, you can also get the health benefits.

    Strawberry juice has an anti-cancer effect that protects us from destructive carcinogens. It lessens the reaction of laryngeal and lung cancer patients to radiation. It moisturizes our lungs and it helps in getting rid of phlegm.

    Rich in antioxidants are the foods most needed by cancer patients. Antioxidants are known for their power to combat cancer. By eating foods that are antioxidant rich, we are protecting our cells to be affected by molecules that maybe cancerous. Moreover, in the process, we are ensuring our self being at low risk for cancer ailments.

    Fruits and vegetables in natural form are always best for our wellbeing. We should steer clear from processed foods that are likely to bring harm, than help. Cancer patients are especially in need of natural fruits and vegetable to smoothen the process of recovery from illness. They should be given foods that are high in antioxidant to regain their immunity.


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