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CRISIS The End of Barak Obama?
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    Jun 2004
    Colville, Washington

    The End of Barak Obama?

    Dear Subscriber,

    Here’s something I definitely recommend you check out…

    Porter Stansberry is the founder of Stansberry Research.

    And recently, Porter has done some fascinating research. He says there’s an approaching BIG event in America, which could entirely ruin Barack Obama’s Presidency.

    Now I know at first glance this probably sounds a little outrageous.

    But keep in mind, that’s exactly how many people felt a few years back, when Porter predicted the collapse of General Motors, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Ganett Newspapers, just to name a few.

    The point is, Porter has a remarkable track record when it comes to this type of work.

    So I strongly encourage you to at least take a quick look at the research he’s done. Because even if he’s only half right, this big event will have a dramatic impact not only on Barack Obama, but also you, me, and everyone else in this country.

    We’ve posted Porter’s full analysis on our website. You can access it free of charge, here.


    George Rayburn

    Publisher, S&A Research

    Here's the link to the presentation

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    he takes way to long to get to the point, so whats the meat and potatoes?

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    May 2001
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    I would desire the end of Obama as much as I desire my next cheeseburger, my next breath, and another day with my elderly parents.

    But it is late and I have to clean out parent's frige tomorrrow, so what does he have to say?
    Every Time History Repeats Itself The Price Goes Up.

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    He is like a turd that you can't flush down a toilet. We can only hope.
    In God We Trust, Everyone Else Keep Your Hands Where I Can See Em.

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    Interesting but nothing really new to Timebombers that have been here for a year or two. You will need around one hour to listen to what he has to say or sign off and read it instead of listening.

    He maintains that the U.S. dollar will loose its place as the reserve currency and gives examples of this already happening. He is more or less saying that this will occur within the next 12 months.

    He says that more dollars will be printed causing big inflation on basic commodities.

    He recommends holding silver more so than gold.

    He supports all he says with good examples.

    He is selling some books on other recommendations.

    Oh, and he says Shithead has increased America's Debt by 100% since taking office.

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    Jan 2008
    WI - On the scene, like a sex machine.
    I had to use CTL-ALT-DEL to get away from the link in the OP.

    Use caution folks, could be malware.
    "The most intriguing point for the historian is that where history and legend meet."

    "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who think they are free."

    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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    Jun 2004
    Colville, Washington
    Major national monetary system collapse and normal way of life soon

    He goes on and on with stuff we already know about the economy

    The only thing that has saved us so far is the US Government's ability to print more money

    US Dollar is the world's reserve currency

    Govt. can print dollars to print for its bad debts

    US only country in world that doesn't have to pay for its imports in a foreign currency

    Germany bringing all its gold stored around the world back home. They are worried.

    Capital flight

    [I have to stop listening to it and taking notes now. Gotta go to bed, but I think you get the general picture]

    We can consume as much as we want without having to pay for it because our dollars are accepted everywhere in the world

    We haven't had to produce or export anything (for decades) to get the dollars we need to buy oil, etc.

    All we had to do is borrow or print more money; We are biggest debtor in the world

    We've had to begin paying these debts by printing trillions of new dollars

    He predicts debters will stop accepting dollars in payment or severely discount the value of the dollars

    China already taking steps to phase out the US dollar

    We will soon see the end of the US dollar standard

    Not if but when, and much sooner than most people think

    Countries get in debt when they consume too much and produce too little

    Same happened to Britain in the 1970s - gives history lesson

    The same thing that happened to Britain's sterling is happening to US dollar

    Exchange value of US dollar has fallen 10% since June 2010; rate of decline is accelerating

    Gas, Oil and other commodities will continue to skyrocket

    Our government cannot stop printing money because there is no possible way for us to actually afford our existing debts

    The government is radically devaluing the dollar but lying to everyone about what is really happening.

    As a result, interest rates, say for mortgages, will skyrocket

    Stock prices will likely plummet by 40% in a matter of weeks

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    May 2001
    Cow Hampshire
    Isn't this the human who last month was saying that Obama would be re-elected to a 3rd (and possibly a 4th) term? And that "Frack Oil" was going to save the US? And that you should buy stock in companies that oil drill, or supply the oil field industry, or do refining inside the US?

    That was another 1 hour vid IIRC. I stopped watching after the second repeat.

    And any human who has me by a tether, electronic or not, I don't like. Except for Owner, of course.

    I hinnire propter hoc ecce ego

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    I gave up on those presentations long ago. Close the page, and if it offers to let me read the text I'll scan it, but that's it.

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    Aug 2009
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    They lost me the first time I saw the name "Stansberry" in the original post. I've tried to wade through/sit through his infomercial before and can't waste that much time!
    Basically after an hour or so lead up he wants you to buy silver from him.

    His ideas are OK but he could get to the point in 10 seconds rather than waste an hour of your time.
    "If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went." (Will Rogers)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bud in WV View Post
    His ideas are OK but he could get to the point in 10 seconds rather than waste an hour of your time.
    It's a filtering mechanism. They want only the kind of people who will sit through an hour presentation that grinds along getting nowhere. You flunked, lucky you.

    Same as the Liberian inheritance letters with all the typos and errors. They want to weed out the people smart enough to see the flaws. They want only idiots.

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    Its like getting a free 3-day stay at a timeshare... but you have to sit completely through a 90 minute presentation, down to the second, with salesmen hounding you over and over trying to get you to sign the dotted line.

    My old collegue was a master at this. He would go there, and when a salesman came, told them flat out he wasnt interested, and marked his watch. At exactly 90 minutes, he told them the presentation was done, where is my 3 day gift, and stopped the salesmen cold.
    Why is owning pets better than owning kids? Because if they get pregnant, you can sell their children.

    The Daily Economist

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    Feb 2006
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    I hate that guy, if he wants me to buy silver from him he should just come out and say it. I've never been able to make it past 15 minutes of his BS. He has nothing new to offer, just rehashing what we already know. He's nothing more than a salesman.
    "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."
    --John F. Kennedy

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    Jun 2004
    Colville, Washington
    This is a promotion for his newsletter, but that doesn't negate the information. One thing I don't understand is when he says "As the dollar loses its place as the world's reserve currency, foreign countries will no longer need to maintain large holdings of dollars. This means we will no longer be able to print as much money as we want — because there will be fewer and fewer people willing to loan us large amounts of money."
    Why does less credit mean we can't print more money? I am sure the government will still have enough paper and ink for it.

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    If what he had to say was important, he would have taken the time to write it down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jazzdad View Post
    If what he had to say was important, he would have taken the time to write it down.
    It isn't important, but it is written down. Normally (depends on your browser) if you close the window it will ask you to confirm you want to leave. If you Cancel that action, the video stops and you see the transcript.

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    Jan 2013
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    Tells me nothing that I dont already know or suspect. Any sight that questions if you want to leave has definite malware potential. My advice, stay away. Just another pushy guru trying to peddle his wares for a fee.

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    Jul 2005
    Happy on the mountain
    Stansbury IS malware... not that what he is saying is wrong, of course, but it's pretty much public knowledge here. But it shouldn't take a freaking HOUR to say it, followed by a sales pitch for a product that no doubt delivers information at the same rate as the infomercial.

    Don't go there...
    The wonder of our time isn’t how angry we are at politics and politicians; it’s how little we’ve done about it. - Fran Porretto


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