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DISASTER 80 Car Pile Up I-275 Cincinnati, Oh: 50 Car Pileup On I-75 South Middletown Oh
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    80 Car Pile Up I-275 Cincinnati, Oh: 50 Car Pileup On I-75 South Middletown Oh

    Picutures and Videos are available at site.

    Separate crashes involving several vehicles have closed southbound I-75 in Middletown and I-275 near Hamilton Avenue.

    Multi-vehicle crashes closed I-75 and I-275 on Monday.Full Story >

    One woman was killed and 86 vehicles were involved in a crash on I-275 between Colerain and Hamilton Avenue. According to authorities, the female victim was outside of her car, either struck by another vehicle or median cables on scene.

    In addition, twenty people were taken to the hospital, with four in critical condition. Both directions of I-275 are shut down and it's unclear when it will open.

    A motor coach bus was brought in to keep those involved in the crash warm.

    Southbound Interstate 75 in Middletown is closed north of SR 63. The Lebanon Post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSP) says up to 50 vehicles were involved in the crash, but only minor injuries were reported.

    Drivers involved in the crash reported a sudden white out, then the roads became icy. An inch of snow in grassy areas was reported in Genntown, Ohio just after noon. OSP estimates I-75 could reopen as early as 3 p.m.

    The crashes occurred around noon.

    The snow showers are moving out of the FOX19 viewing area, but there could still be some slick spots on area roadways. Motorists are advised to use caution.

    FOX19 will update this story as we learn more. You can also get updates by clicking here.

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    Wow that is terrible! My son goes up and down I-75 all the time to visit fiancee in Louisville. His car is parked at the Northern Ky airport right now. I don't like driving 75 with the weather coming across it west to east. Maybe 20 yrs ago a friend of my son's came home from UC and about a half mile from his exit was a white out and multiiple cars crashed and burned. The friend did not survive. We are always so careful when there is weather and we are driving in it cause you never know with snow and wind.
    God is pro-life!

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    Very sad. Prayers going up for all involved. I was ALMOST in one of those many many years ago. Divine intervention happened in my case and I'm forever grateful.

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    Nov 2003
    Between Holy & Crap
    Quote Originally Posted by Vicki View Post
    Very sad. Prayers going up for all involved. I was ALMOST in one of those many many years ago. Divine intervention happened in my case and I'm forever grateful.
    Wow, I'd love to hear that story sometime, Vicki!

    So when's the Revolution? God or Money? Choose.

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    May 2001
    Northeastern PA, along the NY border
    I've been through a few snow events in those areas and the roads get treacherous thanks to traffic packing the snow into ice before plows can get out and salt/sand. Traffic doesn't bother to slow down and trouble ensues. The wind with this system probably didn't help, vehicles getting blown into the next lane would be a sure start to a chain reaction accident.

    Glad I wasn't there.

    Obama called the SEALs, they answered the call and Osama Bin Laden died.
    The SEALS called Obama, he refused to accept the call and the SEALS died.

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    These storms don't come out of nothing without warning. The roads can and should be pre-treated with deicing solutions. The roads can be treacherous, but the drivers on the road are a million times worse. I'm use to wickedly bad roads (Wildweasel, think across the Delaware in Sullivan County), but the drivers out here in the Cincinnati area have me keeping my car parked during inclement weather. Fortunately, if you don't like the weather out here it really does seem to change every 5 minutes. Just stick around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mzkitty View Post
    Wow, I'd love to hear that story sometime, Vicki!

    I did a search looking for an archived news report on it but couldn't find it. Maybe you'd remember it. It was back in the late 70's I think because I believe I was with my first husband when it happened. We were headed into Syracuse going east on Rt 690 and it was one of those nights where it was raining but on the verge of freezing. Snow on the ground already and we were cruising right along with the rest of the traffic. I remember a Police car passing us and just about that moment my ex decided to turn on his CB radio. A voice came on saying "if your eastbound on 690 get off NOW". Right then we were approaching Hiawatha Blvd and my ex took it.

    As we were coming up the ramp (before they changed those exits) there were two cars in front of us. The exit went left or right and the first car went straight, right into a telephone pole. It was total ice everywhere. The second car managed to slow down enough to just drop off the edge of the road and we made it to the top and got off the road ourselves. It was strange because being on the top of the ramp to Hiawatha we could see down 690 and we saw lights everywhere spinning around and around.

    Later that evening when we finally got home we turned on the TV to hear the news. The news broadcaster said there was a terrible 81 car pile up on 690 and many people were seriously injured and some had died. They showed scenes from it and there was two Police cars in the pile up quite close to the front of the mess. We would of been right behind them.

    I believe the synchronicity was just so that it had to of been Divine intervention to of happened the way it did. I remember thinking how nothing seemed to happen in real time really. It was slowed down. Everything seemed to slow down. Wouldn't that be wierd if that is how it happens too. It's all in the timing. Timing is everything.

    Do you remember hearing about that accident on the news Mz Kitty?

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    Nov 2003
    Between Holy & Crap
    Wow, Vicki. I'm glad you got the call on the CB. I don't really remember it, but back at that time I was working all day and out with my boyfriend every night, so I probably wasn't paying much attention to the news at that time. Scary stuff.
    So when's the Revolution? God or Money? Choose.

  9. #9 Columbus Ohio yesterday there was a accident that shut down I-270 with over 25 cars involved.

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    See this why we need to outlaw 4 wheel to 18 wheel cars and trucks! With in 10 minutes if all of them vehicles where outlawed we would save many lives!


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