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CRIME PAYDAY ARRIVES? Major Banks, Governmental Officials Target of $43 TRILLION Lawsuit!
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    4 PAYDAY ARRIVES? Major Banks, Governmental Officials Target of $43 TRILLION Lawsuit!

    Major Banks, Governmental Officials and Their Comrade Capitalists Targets of Spire Law Group, LLP's Racketeering and Money Laundering Lawsuit Seeking Return of $43 Trillion to the United States Treasury

    NEW YORK, Oct. 25, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Spire Law Group, LLP's national home owners' lawsuit, pending in the venue where the "Banksters" control their $43 trillion racketeering scheme (New York) - known as the largest money laundering and racketeering lawsuit in United States History and identifying $43 trillion ($43,000,000,000,000.00) of laundered money by the "Banksters" and their U.S. racketeering partners and joint venturers - now pinpoints the identities of the key racketeering partners of the "Banksters" located in the highest offices of government and acting for their own self-interests.

    In connection with the federal lawsuit now impending in the United States District Court in Brooklyn, New York (Case No. 12-cv-04269-JBW-RML) - involving, among other things, a request that the District Court enjoin all mortgage foreclosures by the Banksters nationwide, unless and until the entire $43 trillion is repaid to a court-appointed receiver - Plaintiffs now establish the location of the $43 trillion ($43,000,000,000,000.00) of laundered money in a racketeering enterprise participated in by the following individuals (without limitation): Attorney General Holder acting in his individual capacity, Assistant Attorney General Tony West, the brother in law of Defendant California Attorney General Kamala Harris (both acting in their individual capacities), Jon Corzine (former New Jersey Governor), Robert Rubin (former Treasury Secretary and Bankster), Timothy Geitner, Treasury Secretary (acting in his individual capacity), Vikram Pandit (recently resigned and disgraced Chairman of the Board of Citigroup), Valerie Jarrett (a Senior White House Advisor), Anita Dunn (a former "communications director" for the Obama Administration), Robert Bauer (husband of Anita Dunn and Chief Legal Counsel for the Obama Re-election Campaign), as well as the "Banksters" themselves, and their affiliates and conduits.

    The lawsuit alleges serial violations of the United States Patriot Act, the Policy of Embargo Against Iran and Countries Hostile to the Foreign Policy of the United States, and the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (commonly known as the RICO statute) and other State and Federal laws.

    In the District Court lawsuit, Spire Law Group, LLP -- on behalf of home owner across the Country and New York taxpayers, as well as under other taxpayer recompense laws -- has expanded its mass tort action into federal court in Brooklyn, New York, seeking to halt all foreclosures nationwide pending the return of the $43 trillion ($43,000,000,000.00) by the "Banksters" and their co-conspirators, seeking an audit of the Fed and audits of all the "bailout programs" by an independent receiver such as Neil Barofsky, former Inspector General of the TARP program who has stated that none of the TARP money and other "bailout money" advanced from the Treasury has ever been repaid despite protestations to the contrary by the Defendants as well as similar protestations by President Obama and the Obama Administration both publicly on national television and more privately to the United States Congress. Because the Obama Administration has failed to pursue any of the "Banksters" criminally, and indeed is actively borrowing monies for Mr. Obama's campaign from these same "Banksters" to finance its political aspirations, the national group of plaintiff home owners has been forced to now expand its lawsuit to include racketeering, money laundering and intentional violations of the Iranian Nations Sanctions and Embargo Act by the national banks included among the "Bankster" Defendants.

    The complaint - which has now been fully served on thousands of the "Banksters and their Co-Conspirators" - makes it irrefutable that the epicenter of this laundering and racketeering enterprise has been and continues to be Wall Street and continues to involve the very "Banksters" located there who have repeatedly asked in the past to be "bailed out" and to be "bailed out" in the future.

    The Havens for the money laundering schemes - and certain of the names and places of these entities - are located in such venues as Switzerland, the Isle of Man, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Cypress and entities controlled by governments adverse to the interests of the United States Sanctions and Embargo Act against Iran, and are also identified in both the United Nations and the U.S. Senate's recent reports on international money laundering. Many of these entities have already been personally served with summons and process of the complaint during the last six months. It is now beyond dispute that, while the Obama Administration was publicly encouraging loan modifications for home owners by "Banksters", it was privately ratifying the formation of these shell companies in violation of the United States Patriot Act, and State and Federal law. The case further alleges that through these obscure foreign companies, Bank of America, J.P. Morgan, Wells Fargo Bank, Citibank, Citigroup, One West Bank, and numerous other federally chartered banks stole trillions of dollars of home owners' and taxpayers' money during the last decade and then laundered it through offshore companies.

    This District Court Complaint - maintained by Spire Law Group, LLP -- is the only lawsuit in the world listing as Defendants the Banksters, let alone serving all of such Banksters with legal process and therefore forcing them to finally answer the charges in court. Neither the Securities and Exchange Commission, nor the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, nor the Office of the Attorney General, nor any State Attorney General has sued the Banksters and thereby legally chased them worldwide to recover-back the $43 trillion ($43,000,000,000,000.00) and other lawful damages, injunctive relief and other legal remedies.

    James N. Fiedler, Managing Partner of Spire Law Group, LLP, stated: "It is hard for me to believe as a 47-year lawyer that our nation's guardians have been unwilling to stop this theft. Spire Law Group, LLP stands for the elimination of corruption and implementation of lawful strategies, and that is what we're doing here. Spire Law Group, LLP's charter is to not allow such corruption to go unanswered." Comments were requested from the Attorney Generals' offices in NY, CA, NV, NH , OH, MA and the White House, but no comment was provided.

    About Spire Law Group Spire Law Group, LLP is a national law firm whose motto is "the public should be protected -- at all costs -- from corruption in whatever form it presents itself." The Firm is comprised of lawyers nationally with more than 250-years of experience in a span of matters ranging from representing large corporations and wealthy individuals, to also representing the masses. The Firm is at the front lines litigating against government officials, banks, defunct loan pools, and now the very offshore entities where the corruption was enabled and perpetrated.

    Contact: James N. Fiedler 877-438-8766
    SOURCE Spire Law Group, LLP

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    Kevin Krim, CNBC’s general manager of digital content's children were murdered just after the release of this story!

    A deranged nanny savagely murdered a media executive’s two young kids inside a posh upper West Side apartment Thursday — and then slit her own throat in a botched suicide attempt, police said.

    The children’s mother, Marina Krim, walked into her W. 75th St. apartment about 5:25 p.m. and found a scene of unimaginable horror: her 6-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son lying motionless in a blood-soaked bathtub. Each had multiple stab wounds.

    On the floor beside them was the kids’ critically injured nanny, Yoselyn Ortega, and the kitchen knife she used to carry out the heinous attack, police said.

    Krim, who had just arrived home with another child, her 3-year-old daughter, immediately started wailing — her piercing shrieks echoing outside the eight-story building known as La Rochelle.

    “I could hear really loud, hysterical screaming — world-class screaming,” said an elderly neighbor, who lives down the hall from the Krim family on the second floor. “I didn’t want to go out of my apartment.”

    The neighbor said he eventually opened his door and spotted his super standing outside the family’s door.

    “He’s also screaming at the top of his lungs,” the neighbor said. “He said, ‘The kids are dead! The kids are dead! And the nanny has something sticking out of her throat!’ ”

    The children, Lucia and Leo, were pronounced dead at St. Luke’s Hospital. The 50-year-old Ortega, who was so close to the Krims that they spent time with her family in the Dominican Republic, was taken to Cornell Medical Center with wounds to her neck and throat. Ortega, who has not yet been charged, was listed in critical but stable condition.

    “It’s about the worst thing you can hear or imagine,” NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said.

    The children’s father — Kevin Krim, CNBC’s general manager of digital content — was on a plane from California when the kids were found. Krim, a Harvard grad who previously held high-level jobs at Yahoo and Bloomberg, returned home Thursday night.

    The Krims relocated to New York from California about three years ago and had a dog, a greyhound named Babar, neighbors said.

    Just three hours before she discovered her two kids dead, Marina Krim posted a tender message about little Leo on her blog — “Life with the little Krim kids.”

    “Leo speaks in the most adorable way possible,” reads the 2:33 p.m. post.

    “Firstly, he speaks super clearly, so you can understand every word is (sic) he is saying. And he does things like, ‘(I) want a fresh bagel’ and ‘Dito (what he calls himself) wants cold milk’ and most adorable of all, ‘No thank you’ — he never uses ‘No’ alone, it’s always paired with ‘thank you.’ ”

    The blog is filled with pictures and videos of the Krims’ adorable children — picking pumpkins, playing outside phone booths and sleeping next to their toys.

    There’s a picture of 3-year-old Nessie, a navy blue bow in her hair, on her first day of school. There’s a beaming Leo, flanked by his sisters in matching striped pajamas, staring at a plate of cupcakes with pink frosting. And an image of the thee kids huddled inside a bright red bin.

    “I am very proud that the 3 kids absolutely love to play together and never seem to get bored at home,” the post reads. “They are constantly thinking up fun things to do in the house.”

    Ortega, who lived in Hamilton Heights, was described by shocked neighbors as a kind-hearted woman who loved taking care of kids.

    “She just seems like a calm, normal person,” said neighbor Kenia Gelao, 25. “She’s always very good with my kids. She’s never had no problems. I guess you never know what can happen. Sometimes, people just break.”

    The Krims spent several days with Ortega’s family in Santiago during a February vacation to the Dominican Republic.

    Marina Krim raved about the trip on her blog, posting photos of her kids with Ortega’s family and locals chopping down coconuts in their nanny’s sister’s backyard.

    She refers to Ortega as Josie.

    “We spent the past 9 days in the Dominican Republic,” she wrote on Feb. 28.

    “We spent half the time at our nanny, Josie’s sisters home in Santiago . . . We met Josie’s amazing familia!!! And the Dominican Republic is a wonderful country!! More pics to come!!”

    Police said Marina Krim discovered the bodies after she returned home from Nessie’s swimming practice.

    The apartment was pitch-black and dead quiet, prompting her to go downstairs and ask a doorman if he saw Ortega leave with her kids, NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly said.

    After the doorman said no, she went back upstairs, flicked on the light in the blood-spattered bathroom and started screaming.

    “I heard a lot of screams, wailings coming from inside,” said Johnny Din, 29, who lives on the block. “It was really loud and scary.”

    Neighbor Sandy Marcus said the mother “looked beyond frantic.”

    “She came home and found all of this,” said Marcus, who lives on the third floor, one floor above the crime scene. “She was very distressed.”

    “It’s just unbelievable,” said Charles Zimmerman, who also lives on the third floor.

    Hordes of cops stormed the building after the mother’s neighbor heard her screams and dialed 911. Marina Krim, who neighbors said may have worked as a pediatrician, was seen afterward being escorted into an ambulance, tightly clutching her surviving daughter Nessie.

    “She was mumbling words, incoherent,” said Stephanie Herman, 58. “I can’t imagine experiencing something like this.

    “This is a very family-oriented area. You see moms and their strollers a lot. Many people hire nannies here. This is everyone’s worst nightmare.”

    Sources said blood was found in the kitchen, suggesting that’s where the attack may have started or where Ortega might have first tried to take her own life.

    It was unclear how long Ortega had worked for the family or what might have set her off, cops said. The police would not say how many times the children had been stabbed.

    The prewar, 81-unit La Rochelle — boasting white-gloved doormen and a lobby bathed in marble — is less than a block from Central Park. Three-bedroom apartments rent for nearly $11,000 a month.

    The barbaric crime in one of the city’s wealthiest neighborhoods left neighbors horrified.

    “It’s awful. It makes me sick to my stomach,” said Jill Pace, 27, who lives in the area. “I can’t even look at the building. You have to wonder what goes through someone’s mind to do such a horrible thing.”

    Segundo Mores, 48, said the murders will likely make parents more vigilant when screening nannies.

    “Obviously, parents need to do criminal and even psychological background checks,” Mores said. “These are your kids. Your most precious possession. Oftentimes, people hire nannies from word of mouth. That is not going to be enough anymore.”

    With Joe Kemp, Denis Slattery and Rocco Parascandola


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