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ILL IMM So... How Bad is it in America? Even the Illegal Immigrants are Leaving!
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    So... How Bad is it in America? Even the Illegal Immigrants are Leaving!

    For first time since Depression, more Mexicans leave U.S. than enter
    By Tara Bahrampour, Published: April 23 The Washington Post

    A four-decade tidal wave of Mexican immigration to the United States has receded, causing a historic shift in migration patterns as more Mexicans appear to be leaving the United States for Mexico than the other way around, according to a report from the Pew Hispanic Center.

    It looks to be the first reversal in the trend since the Depression, and experts say that a declining Mexican birthrate and other factors may make it permanent.


    According to the report, the Mexican-born population, which had been increasing since 1970, peaked at 12.6 million in 2007 and has dropped to 12 million since then.

    The reversal appears to be a result of tightened border controls, a weak U.S. job and housing construction market, a rise in deportations and a decline in Mexican birthrates, said the study, which used U.S. and Mexican census figures and Mexican government surveys. Arrests of illegal immigrants trying to enter the United States have also dropped precipitously in recent years.

    Whether the reversal is temporary or permanent, it could have significant implications for the United States. Many Mexican immigrants work in agriculture and construction.

    One in 10 people born in Mexico live in the United States, and more than half entered illegally. Most live in California and Texas; about 120,000 live in the Washington region.


    Perhaps the decline is due to the big sign in Juarez: "NO WE CAN'T" <sarc>

    It is interesting that 10% of native born Mexicans live in the U.S. I never knew.

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    This proves that if they can't get jobs, they will leave.

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    Hasta La Vista

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    Quote Originally Posted by naturallysweet View Post
    This proves that if they can't get jobs, they will leave.
    I think it has become a little too much 3rd world for them. Too much crime, violence, and corruption. I bet they don't have drones and Eric Holder comin' down on 'em. Much better quality of life,

    I was trying to be sarcastic but it just doesn't seem to work.

    “Capitalism should not be condemned, since we haven't had capitalism.” --Ron Paul

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    Behind Enemy Lines
    F'em. Get the hell out you illegal bastards.

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    Ha, ha yeah and now unemployed America teachers are flooding the market for English teachers here in China resulting in dropping wages being paid as the new American arrivals are so desperate for work that they will take whatever they are offered.

    But hay after they get treated like shit by their Chinese bosses and find that their wages don't buy much they head home. I'm even trying to find a new job because of the way I'm getting treated due to the oversupply of Western teachers.

    Wages here now are only about 20% higher for foreign teachers than local teachers where I'm working in China.

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    The other possibility that I've heard raised is that the left leaning media wants to put this out there to appease voters who might vote against "The One" in light of his challenge of the AZ law and that there is no factual basis for the story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sy32478 View Post
    The other possibility that I've heard raised is that the left leaning media wants to put this out there to appease voters who might vote against "The One" in light of his challenge of the AZ law and that there is no factual basis for the story.
    I doubt it, it's been reported for several years now that this reverse has been taking place, this is not anything new.

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    So there's been a drop of 600,000 over the past FIVE YEARS. Whoopie. Five whole percent drop in the number of thieves. Let me know when it becomes a significant number.
    Μολών Λαβέ
    I'm willing to die to protect my Right to Bear Arms.
    Are you willing to die to take them away from me?
    Blessed be the LORD, my rock, who trains my hands for battle, my fingers for war;
    My safe guard and my fortress, my stronghold, my deliverer, My shield, in whom I trust, who subdues peoples under me. Psalm 144

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    naturally sweet
    This proves that if they can't get jobs, they will leave.

    Also proves they were enticed, that the 2 administrations prior to the current only pass laws against Citizens, they claim we are in danger daily - yet they encouraged illegal entry, which generally bankrupted several IOUSA states, while conversely enriching by MULTI BILLIONS the "owners" that enjoyed the illegal workers labor.

    I've never blamed anyone for risking their lives to feed themselves or their children, even if illegal, when the payee's invited them in.

    There are even a couple/few factual reports of IOUSA companies traveling to foreign nations to recruit hotel workers.

    Meanwhile MILLIONS of American Citizens desperate for a job.

    Almost everyone in IOUSA equates wealth with success or even "holiness" and generally the Illegal Slave or Citizen Slave is blamed instead of the Slave master, who plays both the illegal immigrant and the law abiding US Citizen.

    In the end we are all Slaves, some fare better than others, and the owner always wins.

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    In the end we are all Slaves, some fare better than others, and the owner always wins.
    Which is why it is wise to choose one's Master.

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    Where hiking boots go to die
    I may also prove that Americans are now so desperate they are willing to take the "Jobs Americans will not do" from these criminals to feed themselves and their families.
    "The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance." - Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 BC - 43 BC)

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    I've said it before on here, but the illegal population has fallen considerably in Arizona. The illegal community was raging out of control back around 2005-2007. A whole new shopping area of Mexican stores with Mexican names was built separate from the established shopping area. Every morning the illegals formed large crowds at designated spots, waiting to be picked up for work.

    The recession hit Arizona hard, plus Gov. Jan the Man Incompetano left us to serve her country, and also left the state's finances in a shambles. We are still paying the price for her malfeasance through an emergency supplemental 2% sales tax.

    I am sure that bad economic conditions encouraged many illegals to leave our state, but when SB1070 passed, it was like turning out the lights. They were no longer standing out at the corners waiting for work. You no longer saw them sneaking down back alleys and easements through residential areas. The newspaper noted that the county's prison population fell by a third, as many illegals completed their sentences and left for parts unknown. When outsiders imposed an anti-1070 boycott against the state, the joke was on them, as the state realized a net increase in finances because we saved millions upon millions of dollars in medical care and schools we didn't have to provide for the illegals.

    I know we still have a problem. It's very dangerous in that hundred-mile corridor along the border. But overall, I think Arizona has gained something from the one-two punch of a bad economy and SB1070. As my late brother used to say, "It's an ill wind that blows no good."
    "But my boss, Captain D, says, 'Just because you're getting gassed doesn't mean you can't rock!'"--Lt. Tom

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    Apr 2004
    Makes me wonder if they are flooding home because they know "something" is coming that they don't want to be behind enemy lines for?

    Liz Metcalf - TB's Avon Lady and doTERRA Essential Oils Wellness Advocate


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