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The Storm - Part II of II
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    The Storm - Part II of II

    Be sure to see Part I first.

    The Storm - Part II of II

    Chapter 7.

    The small woodstove seemed to keep the rooms fairly warm. No doubt the roof high snow acted as great insulation. Thomas had no idea what the outside temperature was but the inside one registered 68 degrees. If he closed off the conference room he had no doubt that he could get it up much higher. But it was nice keeping the bed and bath rooms at a comfortable level. In spite of all the chaos, he still liked a warm bed. “Wimp” he thought to himself with a grin.

    He yelled out to Dana who was in the kitchen, “so what do we do now Hon”? She slowly walked out of the kitchen with a dishtowel in her hand and a puzzled look on her face…wha, what do you mean Thomas? Well, he stated, here we are in a very precarious position and 14 feet of snow is still out there. I need another Katherine Hepburn moment from you. She didn’t get the reference.

    He ticked through the list that he just went through in his mind. At some point we need to get more wood in. Then we need to consider the food situation. Do we have any more in the pantry? Maybe we need to start rationing? Fourteen feet of snow will not go away anytime soon he exclaimed…we are stuck here for awhile.

    She thought for a moment then remembered that there were boxes of rice and pasta in the garage food storage area. She used it when things went on sale and she needed the space. Oh…and what about all that freeze dried food that you bought after you read that wacky article on the web site 3 or 4 years ago? “Oh yeah” he said, he remembered the beating he took from Dana after spending so much on “cardboard food”. He quickly buried it deep in the basement so it was “out of sight and out of mind”.

    Ah Ha…he shouted! You just had another Hepburn moment! He had forgotten all about it. As he was heading toward the cellar door she wondered who Hepburn was? A trip to the basement and a few minutes digging through “junk” and he found the three large boxes he was looking for.

    We’re set for two or three months he thought. He then wondered how bad it would taste. Beef Stroganoff, Turkey Tetrazini, Chicken something, this is great! We live!

    Chapter 7.

    Both the Guard General and the Governor were getting reports back that the oversized plows were working out, at least in a primitive fashion. We need more they both thought. At least they were able to get some of the airport and main roads cleared so that a minimum of relief operations could start. Of course they were 20 miles from Thomas & Dana’s home.

    Thomas made a trip to the garage to check on the trench he made to the wood. Wow he thought, the walls were now about 11 feet high rather than the original 14 feet. It’s melting! It didn’t seem that cold either, maybe in the mid to high 30’s?
    His town’s Mayor had the local town trucks re-fitted with the larger plows and managed to get the High School football field cleared to accommodate relief helicopters. They were due in a day or so with pallets of MRE’s and water to supply the townspeople. By now the snow had melted/compacted enough to allow the snowmobiles to begin looking for the elderly and helpless that needed assistance. In most cases they had to stop on a roof and bang on it to get a response. In others with a second story, they simply knocked on the second story window to raise the people inside.

    When they got a response, they took names and what they needed to add to the list of survivors. When they didn’t get a response, that too was added to a different list. The non-survivors list. Many of these simply froze in their beds. There was no time to deal with the dead, only the living. It was triage at it’s extreme.

    It’s been three weeks since the thousand-year storm. Thomas and Dana had survived…even with the cardboard food. Which turned out to be not that bad. The Nettles did not. The snowmobile crew found them dead in their bed – frozen. Many of their neighbors had also failed to make it through the storm. Some had suffocated when they ran the fireplace with the chimneys blocked by snow. Some had tried to use a back yard grill inside for heat. Some needed medications that they ran out of. Some, he thought, simply gave up.

    Chapter 8.

    By now most of the main roads had at least one lane open, there were even a few gas stations opened. Markets had only just been re-supplied but they did have some food. For whoever could get to it.

    There was a good 5 feet of snow left on the ground. There had been no other storms to add to it. But it was still late February.

    Thomas & Dana had started to clean up where they could. The living room was totaled. He had a very large tarp that he nailed down over the collapsed section of the roof but the snow was still in the attic. It hadn’t melted yet. They shoveled out the snow in the living room but it was still wet and soggy in there.

    The driveway still had four feet of snow on it. Even if he cleared it, their road had not been plowed so they were still trapped. The snowmobile crew, most of who were volunteers, came by with food and news on what was happening. They also had spare batteries so they could at least get AM/FM news.

    It would easily be another few weeks before things got back to “normal”. But they were getting there. Thomas reflected on the events of the past four weeks. He decided that he would not have made it if he were alone. He needed Dana there to work for. He realized that he needed her and that she was a great wife. They were a team. He turned to her and with a shaky quiver in his voice he said…you are the best Hon!

    He quickly got up so she wouldn’t see the emotional tears that were leaking from his eyes. On the pretense of getting something, he went past the kitchen window and noticed that it was…snowing.

    Copyright 2011

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    Congratulations! Great short story! Lots to think about in this one.
    It's later than you think!
    (Fr. Seraphim Rose)

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    Great story! Thank you....

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    Alright, where is Part III, we're waiting

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    Definitely worth expanding ang continuing. Thanks!

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    Good story thank you.

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    I'm so glad you finally were able to post this story! It gives us a lot to think about - and, more importantly, act on. Hope you do continue it!
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    Great short story, thank you

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    Where is part 1? I can't find it.

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    Oct 2004
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    Good story, I've read both parts.

    You asked for feedback, so here you are. I would take out almost all of the 'Greats'. After about three they start to get old. You also repeat yourself when talking about the Nettles.

    I think your premise is very realistic and original - it could happen tomorrow. I think all you really need is to keep writting! Practice makes perfect and all that you know!


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    Jan 2007
    NW Arkansas
    I found part 1. Read them both and it was a very nice short story.

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    as someone who lives in the north east, i certainly appreciated this story. it is a good lesson that we should not just be prepared for zombies and nuclear war. but, mother nature as well.

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    Just found this story. It was great! It is also very possible... Thank you.

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    Can anyone tell me where part 1 is? and beginning of part 2? thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by hummer View Post
    Can anyone tell me where part 1 is? and beginning of part 2? thanks
    Here you go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hummer View Post
    Can anyone tell me where part 1 is? and beginning of part 2? thanks
    I tried to do a search and couldn't find it.

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    TY Kaydee

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    yakjax, Thanks for the story I really enjoyed it.

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    I enjoyed the story. I can remember having our rural road opened by a D8 cat years ago.

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    This was a great what if story for sure. And it could happen. Lots to think about. Thanks!

    Follow me to for all my craziness
    So say we all. . . .
    "If you value your lives, be somewhere else." Ambassador Delenn.

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    Some days this past winter I thought we might get into a mess like that, but didn't happen.

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    Finally found part II. God story , thanks!!

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    Nice! Thank you.
    The word Bipartisan usually means some larger-than-usual deception is being carried out. George Carlin

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    Read parts I and II. Enjoyed your story.


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