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    No confirmation for this story, and it is based on "reverse speech." I have
    no knowledge of "reverse speech" nor can I find any confirmation for this
    story. But it is interesting, and if you go to the web site you can hear a
    tape of the reverse speech. Sorcha Faal is a bit weird, but does cite
    sources for her articles. Ken Welch is a poor imitation, but may have
    something here. At any rate, we will know in a few weeks if "reverse
    speech" is accurate and dependable...and if Ken Welch actually has something
    here or is ready for a sleeveless shirt in a rubber room. This is a small
    web site on a small server, it had exceeded its bandwidth all night, so this
    story is getting a lot of attention.

    by Ken Welch in Houston Posted March 25, 2006

    During the summer of 2005 it was decided go ahead with plans for America's
    second 9/11.

    The decision was not made in a torch-lit cave in Afghanistan, nor in a
    nondescript safe-house in Iraq. Implementing the plan would involve the
    highest officials of the United States government. The centerpiece of the
    plan is a portable nuclear weapon manufactured in the former Soviet Union. A
    tame "terrorist", destined no doubt to be an eventual patsy, arranged for
    the bomb's transport by sea, and the ship carrying it entered Galveston Bay
    on January 25, 2006. At this time the device remains hidden on board the
    ship that brought it, a freighter docked in or near the port of Texas City,
    about thirty minutes south of Houston, and only ten miles from the island
    city of Galveston.

    Radiation monitoring teams from the Department of Homeland Security were on
    the beach at Galveston to make sure there was no radiation leakage from the
    ship that might register on monitors and give away the secret. After the
    vessel concluded it's normal business and was tied up at its final position,
    a team of experts inspected the device, determined that it was fully
    functional, and installed the triggering mechanism. They pronounced it ready
    to go, and released it to the White House on February 16th.

    The nuke has remained there up to the time of this posting, and will be
    detonated at some time during the Easter holiday, April 14-16, to maximize
    the illusion that the world is involved in religious conflict. This will be
    a spectacular media event involving the mass evacuation of three million
    people, already tested in the bizarre Rita stampede last November. Network
    cameras will be locked on Texas City, from a distance of course, to ensure
    the best possible pictures of the flash and rising mushroom cloud. Many
    Americans will die, and the once again the world will be changed forever.

    This is ultimate reality, life in the raw, far removed from the fairytales
    taught in schools and portrayed in mass media. It simply doesn't get more
    real than this. Within this report you will hear the voices of U. S.
    officials in reversed speech, a medium that reveals hidden thoughts, giving
    you the actual details about their little mushroom surprise for America and
    the world.

    You will hear with your own ears WHAT it is, WHERE it is, HOW it got here,
    WHO is responsible, and WHEN they intend to set it off.

    Perhaps, if you share this report with enough people, the plan will be
    changed. The nuke can be quietly recovered and they will take it somewhere
    else. However, events over the past decade clearly demonstrate that those
    who are calling the shots firmly believe that their control and corruption
    of the government and military is so complete that the American people are
    totally powerless. It simply doesn't matter how many people are aware of
    what is really happening. There is nothing they can do about it.

    I. January: Rumors Of A Nuke

    On January 25th, 2006, the same day that we now know the nuke actually
    arrived, journalist Greg Szymanski posted on his ArcticBeacon. com a story
    titled, "All Signposts Lead To Imminent Nuclear Attack In America". The
    story was mirrored the following day on Rense. com, where my eye was
    naturally attracted to the subtitle, which read: "Intel Army Capt. Eric May
    Issues 'Red Alert' For Next 9 Days For Texas City-Houston Area".

    That's where I live. Now, truth be told, Houston is a city that has
    virtually no detectable character and I doubt that the world would miss it.
    On the other hand there are a lot of people in Houston, some of whom I
    rather like.

    Szymanski wrote:

    The January air is again filled with rumblings about an imminent nuclear
    attack on American soil, as ominous signs are popping up all over the place
    indicating the "dropping of the real potato" is right around the corner.
    Sources inside the military and close to the action this week warned areas
    of "nuclear concern" within the next 10 to 90 days include Texas City, Tex.,
    the Houston metro area, Charleston, S. C., Los Angeles, Ca., and Kansas
    City, Ka.

    Szymanski's source, a Captain May, claims to have deciphered the secret code
    of special dates that determines when the bad guys stage their big stunts,
    and also to have friends in Army intelligence circles who were leaking
    information about a nuke. Websites related to May are basically
    incomprehensible. However, the references to "military sources" naming
    various cities had all the earmarks of a long series of internet Psyops
    designed to prepare the public for a nuclear event.

    If you don't understand this, pause for a moment and think. Why would people
    leak this? If they are really looking for a nuke, then they will be out
    there looking. What would be the point of blabbing about it? Sure, leaks
    happen, and often for very courageous reasons. But with no way to narrow
    down the location there is really nothing to leak. On the other hand, if you
    are trying to build a psychological framework to support a future event, or
    to distract people from some other program or event, then leak away - it's
    just one more tool in the propagandist's toolbox.

    Szymanski posted a follow up article a day later, this one also driven by
    information from Capt. May who claimed sources inside the Houston Police
    Department had confirmed that in recent weeks they had been taking part in
    nuclear disaster drills. I have no idea if this is true. The Arctic Beacon,
    however, listed this as one more piece of evidence that the city was being
    targeted by the Bush administration for a nuclear attack. A third article on
    January 28th and a fourth on February 3rd completed the coverage, noting at
    the end that there was in fact a training exercise for homeland security WMD
    teams in Galveston that week, with monitoring equipment set up on the beach.
    It was reported in a local newspaper.

    On February 4th, the blog "Christian Partners For Peace" jumped in with an
    article titled, "Whose Nuke is Coming to the US?" This piece referenced
    "intelligence sources" who now were hinting that the mystery nuke had been
    smuggled through the newly discovered Mexican drug tunnel. The article
    pointed out how unlikely this theory was, and echoed my own conclusion:
    there really was a nuke and the anonymous "sources" were simply laying the
    psychological foundation. This is a very common tactic which serves two

    First, when people are prepared for a big event over time, then when it
    actually happens their first thoughts are, "I just knew this was going to
    happen!" It's like being told for several years before 9/11 that terrorists
    would sooner or later come to America.

    This ensures that people are much more likely to accept the official story
    of what happened, because key parts of it are already lodged in the back of
    their mind. They whole story seems much more reasonable than it would if it
    were sprung on them all at once. Second, the voices that are sounding the
    "warning" gain in credibility afterward, and their value as a propaganda
    tool is enhanced. People will pay much more attention next time.

    One thing in the back of MY mind as I read each story in turn: Houston has
    already experienced a bizarre, pointless, and distinctly surreal evacuation
    of nearly three million people in connection with hurricane Rita, only a few
    months before. If the mystery nuke turns into a media circus so the whole
    world gets to watch like they did on 9/11, then all the kinks and problems
    that will arise as the population panics have already been mapped out from
    an exceptionally convenient test. What a coincidence.

    II. Second week of February: The Hunt Begins

    Although I was immediately suspicious of the nuke stories, it took four days
    of an increasing feeling of "wrongness" before I realized that I was going
    to have to do something. To find out quickly if there were grounds for my
    suspicions, I went to the website of the "World Economic Forum", an
    organization that meets annually in Davos, Switzerland. While others have
    their favorite "illuminati" organizations, my money says these folks, and
    the multinational corporations they represent, are the guys that are deeply
    involved in making things happen. They have a great public image, but
    reversed speech has shown they know way too much about the really nasty
    stuff to be mere observers. They brief each other in private, and then
    babble about it unconsciously when the microphones are on.

    On the 26th of January, U. S. Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice
    addressed the annual W. E. F. meeting via a video hook-up, presumably from
    Washington. The program was still available for viewing so I recorded the
    audio and went to work. I hit pay dirt almost immediately. Condi blabbed
    about the nuke.

    Click on the sound button below to hear the results, with a brief narrative
    that describes the process and format being used.

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    Damn! I'm North of I-10 now
    Could be you meant to post this in ALT or Unexplained?
    Tastes like chicken


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